Miniature Electric Motors

Electronic Surplus distributes miniature electric AC and DC motors. Depending on the powered needed to operate your equipment, you’ll want to decide which miniature electric motor works best for your needs. For instance, an AC motor replacement is ideal for someone who requires a powerful source of energy for an extended period of time. On the other hand, a DC motor is essential for those who need to adjust the level of power more regularly.  

If you’re unsure which small electric motor for sale is right for your needs, contact us. We’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you already know what suits your needs, take a look at our selection of surplus motors below.

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  1. MINARIK - MAC03-D240AC - Motor control, Variable Freq Drive
    Motor control, Variable Frequency Drive. Input: 115/230V. Output: 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, 400Hz. Learn More
  2. MAXON - 46.032.032-22.00-125 - 0.5-12, 24VDC? PM MagicMotor 32mm dia

    MAXON - 46.032.032-22.00-125


    Started turning at less than a Volt !

    APPROX 25RPM at 6VDC (nobody has a watch anymore)

    32mm dia x 113mm long plus 17mm long shaft w/flat 6mm diameter.

    Made in Switzerland

    Learn More
  3. Leeson - C4T34DC1B - C4T34DC1B 3 Phase motor
    1/2HP 3450/2850RPM JS56C.DP 208-230 volts 60/50 HZ cont duty Learn More
  4. KOLLMORGEN - 00-00917-050 U9M4/U6T - Type U9M4/U6T with PMI U6 Tachometer
    Motor. Type U9M4/U6T with PMI U6 Tachometer. Dimensions: 4.4" D x almost 6" long. Has 1.5"dia attachment to large shaft. 2-wires to motor, two-wires to TachoMeter. 3/4HP Learn More
  5. JOHNSON - HC315XLG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-24VDC.

    JOHNSON - HC315XLG Motor, DC.

    Reversible PM 6-24VDC.

    19,000 RPM

    Stall Torque 140.0 mNm

    Miniature, 0.09" shaft, 0.60" long with removable brass gear.

    Dimensions: 1.14" OD x 2.12" long with bushing, plus 0.6" long shaft.

    Note: PM = Permanent magnet.

    Learn More
  6. KG - Japan - TS3326NE14 - 135W AC Servo 3.3kg-cm
    135W AC Servo Torque 3.3kg-cm 2.27"D x 4.9"L plus 0.40"D splined shaft 0.6"L Mounts with two threaded holes 2.325" 60mm spacing. Has two 33" cables terminating in a 10-pin Male plug, with mating 10-pin panel mount receptacle, new - probably spares for a machine. weighs 2.8 pounds Learn More
  7. KG - Japan - TS3325NE14 - 60W 1.14kg-cm AC Servo Motor
    60W 1.14kg 1.66"OD x 4.5"L plus 8mm 0.315" splined Shaft 0.5"LongHas two 33" long cables to a 10-pin connector With mating receptacle, new. weighs 1.7pounds Learn More
  8. KG - Japan - TS3327NE11 - AC SERVO MOTOR 205W 10-pin
    2.28"d x 6.5"L 0.388"/9.8mm spline shaft 0.45"L New with long cable to 10-pin Male circular connector and mating panel mount SRON2A21-10S socket. 3.67-pounds Mounts with two threaded holes 0.192"ID 2.35"spacing. Learn More
  9. Honeywell/Microswitch - FMH1 with FMBA - Over / Under Speed Detector
    FMU1 Speed Detector, FMP1 power supply and FMA Amplifier cards inside the basic FMH1 Proximity Control Module, sitting atop a FMH1 with FMBA / FE-21030 DELTROL CONTROLS 1/6HP-120V / 1/3HP 230VAC Module. No 24VDC Octal Plug-in Relay. Learn More
  10. HURST - 3002-030 - 50Hz 20 RPM REVERSABLE MOTOR

    MODEL A 115V 50Hz 20 RPM 2.3 Oz-In REVERSIBLE PM SYNCHRONOUS INSTRUMENT GRADE MOTOR 115VAC 50 Hz. 2.5W Requires 0.25uF capacitor (and SPDT Switch) between Red and Black, 115/50Hz to Red and Blue CW, Black & Blue CCW. Drop-in replacement for pear-shaped gear cup motors. Die cast gear housing.

    Learn More
  11. HURST - 3007-001 ABS - 12VDC 6-wire 15-degree Stepper
    12VDC 4.25W 6-lead Bifilar 15-degree Stepper Model #ABS Part #3007-001 Reduction: DD - Volts: 12DC Step Angle: 15-degrees. Mounts with two holes on 2.38" centers, pear shaped gear cup Instrument Motor 0.125" shaft half an inch long. Some instructions supplied. Learn More
  12. General Instruments - GI-29005-13 - Motor 115VAC "pancake"
    Motor, AC. Supply: 115V 60Hz 0.5A. Wire count: 2. Turns CW looking at the shaft. Mech. Mtg: 2 holes 1.9" spacing. Body Dimensions: "Pancake." 2.5" x 3" mounted on triangular plate. Shaft: 0.18"D x 1.0"L. Learn More
  13. FDK - E02A1ZD - Stepper Motor 4-Wire very thin 42x14mm
    42mm dia x 14.5mm thick, 2.9mm shaft 11mmL with 6.2mm 10-tooth brass Gear 4-hole plate, 35mm centers Stepper Motor 4-Wires, 19"long very thin 3.6oz Learn More
  14. ESCAP - 26 C28 210 1 - Motor, DC. Precision PM DC.
    Motor, DC. Precision PM DC. Made for Gould Brush Chart Recorders C282101. Dimensions: 1.022" OD x 1.230" high. Shaft: 0.079" (2.0mm) D x 0.379" (9.6mm) long). Seated 0.560" (11.7mm) long, from body. 2 Wire, 4.5" long. Learn More
  15. DYNAPAR / DANAHER - 62-CAEF-1200-A0 - Encoder, rotary. 1200PPR. Double ended.
    Encoder, rotary. 1200PPR. Double ended 1/2" shaft. Dimensions: 3.5" round. Overall 4-1/3" long x 3.5" wide x 4-1/4" high (including shaft). Plus one male military circular connector P/N: MS3102E14S-6P. New. MFG CD: C592907 0007. Date code: 9826. Learn More
  16. Eastern Air Devices - LA23BCK-47 - 6VDC 1.8degree 4-Ph 6-wire Stepper
    6VDC 1.25Amp 1.8degree 4-Phase 6-teflon 15"wires Stepper Motor 2.25"D x 3.0"L 4-hole mounting 1.85" spacing 0.25"D shaft 0.75"L New, Old Stock weighs 2-pounds Learn More
  17. Cramer - J27TADH2 2GB1VB18B-L - Motor, timing. 24VAC 50Hz.
    Motor, timing. Supply: 24VAC 50Hz. N/P Current: 2.7W. Speed: 1/2-Rev / Hour at 50Hz. Wire count: 12" teflon wire leads. Mech. Mtg.: Two mounting tabs 2.17"spacing. Body Dimensions: 47mmD x 33.7mmH. Shaft Dimensions: 0.25"D flatted shaft 0.5"L. Weight: 6 oz. Note: TYPE 117 Runs 20% Faster on 24V 60Hz. Learn More
  18. CUTLER-HAMMER - HMCP015E0C - Circuit breaker. Motor protection, 3P 15Amp 600VAC 250VDC.
    Circuit breaker. Motor circuit protection 3P 15Amp 600VAC 250VDC. Style 6601C87G05. Push to trip. Eight adjustable trip settings 45 - 150Amps. Mount: Panel. Dimensions: 4-1/8" wide x 6" high x 3-3/4" deep. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  19. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton.... - AF91AG0CG50D - Adj Freq Drive 1/2HP 380-480V 1.5A
    Adj Freq Motor Control Drive 1/2HP. Input: 380-480V 3-Phase 50/60Hz 2A. Output: 380-460V 3-Phase 1-360Hz 1.5A. In enclosure with front panel display and switches. Weighs under 3 lbs. UL CUL CE Style:G1F50CGODA Learn More
  20. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton.... - AF91AG0BF50D - Adj Freq Drive 1/2HP 208-240V 2.6A
    Adj Freq Drive 1/2HP Input: 200-240V 1- or 3-Phase 50/60Hz 5.8/3.4A. Output: 200-230V 3-Phase 1-360Hz 2.6A UL CUL CE Learn More
  21. Comptrol - 59-1231 - Axis Position Controller

    Axis Position Brushless Motor Controller. Terminal blocks: P1-P2: 24V I/O. Connectors: P3: Auxiliary Encoder. P4: Feedback Encoder. P5: Serial. P6: Servo. 115V/60Hz. 11 lbs.Manuf: Comptrol.

    Learn More
  22. BODINE ELECTRIC CO. - KCI-24 G04702 72 - Motor, AC. 1PH 115VAC 1200RPM 11W.
    Special Price $11.09 Regular Price $14.00

    Motor, AC. 1PH 115VAC 60Hz 1200RPM, 11 watt 1.8-OZ-IN. Continuous duty. Capacitor 1.2uF required not included. Note: Please see our capacitor 494-00048, SKU 146856 sold separately. Shaft: One side flattened. Overall diameter would be 0.191" (4.8mm) D x 0.659" (16.7mm) long.

    Learn More
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