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  1. Unidentified MFG - 4-060 - Hardware. Timing belt pulley. COG pulley.
    Hardware. Timing belt pulley. COG pulley. Dimensions: 23.8mm D x 14.5mm with an additional shaft of 6.3mm. Overall 20.66mm high, shaft ID 6.2mm. (401-0097-01). Learn More
  2. Tektronix - 401-0097-2 - Timing belt pulleys.
    Timing belt pulleys. Dimensions: Outer ID 23.8mm D x 14.2mm high. Inner belt area is 17.3mm D x 10.9mm high max. will fit a 7.68mm (0.302") shaft. New. Note: Unit is missing one needed set screw. Learn More
  3. Unidentified MFG - 40LT-312 - Aluminum Timing Belt Pulley w/set screws
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $12.50 As low as $6.98

    40LT-312  Timing Belts/Pulleys w/set Screws

    Positive drive, no slip Maintain Constant Speed Ratio Aluminum Material For light-duty applications up to 1/4 HP Includes 2 hollow head setscrews and no keyway.

    Material: Aluminum

    Finish: Clear Anodized

    Set Screw: 2

    Outside Diameter: 26 mm diameter (1.026")  40 Teeth

    Bore Diameter: 6.3mm (0.25") 

    For use with 1/4" & 3/8" Belts (0.25" -0.33")

    Outside Flange Diameter: 31mm (1.25")

    (Overall Length 19.85mm high (0.78")

    Learn More
  4. BROWNING - 60612- OK30X1/2 - Pulley Wheel/Sheave for 1/2" Diameter Shaft, 3-1/4" OD.
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $24.50 As low as $12.98

    BROWNING - 60612 - OK30X1/2 - Mechanical Pulley/Sheave Wheel

    The Browning® brand is a world leader in V-belt drives and power transmission products used in a variety of industries providing high quality, reliable, and outstanding performance.

    Sheaves are Statically Balanced - All sheaves are statically balanced to assure smooth, vibration free performance.

    Close Grain Cast iron - Close grain cast iron allows Browning to machine our sheaves to the closest tolerances possible.

    Shaft Bore ID : 0.50"

    Pulley Overall OD is 3.16"

    V-Belt Slot at top is 0.55" Wide at top and 0.20" at bottom.

    Single Groove Fixed Bore

    Painted Gray

    Keyway Size: None, but with Allen Set Screw

    Genuine Browning Cast Iron

    New Old Stock

    Alternates: BK30X1/2, AK30X1/2, PT-263

    Learn More
  5. BROWNING - 3X769 (AK-28) - Hardware. Timing belt pulley wheel.

    Hardware. Timing belt pulley wheel, 1/2" bore OD 2.8". ( PD-A 2.6 ).(no keyway)

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  6. BIRD - 8891-033 - Hardware. Timing belt pulley wheel.
    Special Price $5.21 Regular Price $6.95

    Hardware. Timing belt pulley wheel. Material: teflon. Dimensions: 2.0" OD.

    Learn More
  7. BROWNING - 1VP62X3/4 M62W-12-3/4 - 6" Variable Pitch Single-Groove SHEAVE
    Durable SAE G3000 Cast Iron - Screw Flange - 6" diameter 2" overall width, for 3/4" shaft, standard keyway. Made by BROWNING in Nashville, USA for WHITE-RODGERS DIV P/N-M62W-12-3/4 Learn More
  8. Unidentified MFG - PT-084 - Hardware, Timing Pulley. COG.
    Special Price $0.89 Regular Price $0.98 As low as $0.49

    PT-084 Hardware, Timing Pulley. COG.

    Smooth transmission, with buffering and vibration reduction capabilities, and low noise.

    Easy maintenance, no need for lubrication, low maintenance cost.

    Material: Nylon White.

    Press-Fit, Two Flange Design

    Dimensions: Overall 0.518" (13.1mm) Diameter x 0.305" (7.7mm) wide

    Shaft: 0.191" (4.8mm) Diameter (ID of pulley).

    Will support timing belt 0.214" (5.4mm) maximim width.

    Note: Cogged.

    Applications: Light Duty Forward & Reverse movement

    New Old Stock

    Learn More
  9. Warner Electric - PHC-10R - Magnetic Particle Clutch
    24VDC Magnetic Particle Clutch MAX. Watts 52.8 Max. RPM1500 Learn More
  10. W M Berg - RX11-10 - Speed reducer. Ratio: 60:1.
    Speed reducer. Ratio: 60:1. Max. Output Torque : 65. Dual shaft 1/8" (3mm) to 1/8" (3mm). Rated output torque: 4.06 In-lbs (4.68 kg-cm). Direction rotation: Opposite. Bearing: ABEC : 5. Backlash: 0.5000 arcmin. Housing material: Anodized aluminum. Dimensions: 1.065" D x 1.571" high. More info: http://www.wmberg.com/catalog/pdf/METRICSectionC.pdf Learn More
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