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  1. LEMO - FFA.1S.303.CNAC42 with ERA.1S.303.CNL - Connectors, mating-pair, 3-contacts.

    Connectors, mating-pair, 3-contacts, panel-mount receptacle ERA.1S.303.CNL and FA.1S.250. Hermaphrodite (split-gender) design. Locking: must pull shell back of cable clamp to extract. Application: high-end instrument inputs.

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  2. LEMO - ERA.1S.303.CNL - Connectors, 3-contacts, Female Receptacle with Male Pins, Panel-mount.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $28.50 As low as $14.98

    LEMO - ERA.1S.303.CNL Connector.

    Series 1S

    Connector Type  - Receptacle, Female Sockets and Male Pins 

    Number of Positions - 3 contacts,

    Shell Size 303

    Mounting Feature - Bulkhead Rear Side Nut

    Termination - Solder Cup

    Fastening Type - Push-Pull

    Orientation - Keyed

    Shell Material - Brass

    Shell finish - Chrome

    Contact Finish Mating - Gold

    ingress Protection - IP50 - Dust Protected

    Current Rating  - 10 Amps

    Operating Temperature  -55 to 250C

    Insert Material - Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

    RoHS Compliant 

    Panel-mount receptacle ERA.1S.303.CNL.

    Hermaphrodite (split-gender) design.

    Application: High-end Instrument inputs.

    Mates to FFA.1S.303.CNAC42, not included.

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  3. LEMO - FE-1304-NYL-S/5.7 & RAE-1.304-NYL - Lemo. 4 pin set.

    Connectors, lemo. Miniature hermaphrodite 4 pin set, 400VAC 600VDC 10Amp, Max wire size 24AWG. One each FE-1304-NYL-S/5.7 plug (12mm D x 42.4mm long) and one RAE-1.304-NYL socket (about 15.7mm D) plus hardware nut and rubber washers.

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  4. LEMO - PCA.2S.302.CNLC82 - New 2-pin M&F 8.2mm-cable plug
    Special Price $21.95 Regular Price $29.00
    Connector, cable. 8.2mm (cable) 14.7mmOD Plug. Hermaphrodite-type: 1 Male pin and 1 Female socket. Size 2. Learn More
  5. LEMO - Swiss 3 - Connector, circular. LEMO, 8 position. Cable.
    Special Price $19.95 Regular Price $25.00

    Connector, circular. LEMO, 8 position. All in one body 4 female and 4 male contacts. Metal housing. Mount: Cable. Dimensions: overall 58.0mm long with an OD of 17.8mm and 14.9mm max ID (on the contacts end). New. Swiss made.

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  6. JUPITER JBX - JBXFD0G05MCSDS - Connector, Lemo. Male 5 Pin - Lemo style. Kit.
    Connector, Lemo. Male 5 Pin - Lemo style. Straight plug size-0, 5-pins x 0.7mm. Kit. One per ind pkg complete. Learn More
  7. LEMO - 5-363-1 - Lemo. 5-pin cable plug 3F and 2M.
    LEMO hermaprorodite connectors. Instrumentation use, 5-pin set. 3 -Pin female and 2-pin male. Shell size 2. Learn More
  8. LEMO - FGG.OB.307 & EGG.OB.307 Connectors set. Only 5 contacts in use.

    Connectors, set. Straight 7 position male FGG.OB.307 and a 7 position female EGG.OB.307. Male end has attached 6 foot, 5 conductor black silicone rubber cable with only 3 conductor braid shielded and and 2 conductor.

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  9. LEMO - EGG.0B.307 - Connector, lemo. Fixed 7 pos F.
    Connector, lemo. Fixed receptacle 7 position female. Mates to FGG.0B.307 male, not included. Learn More
  10. AMP INC - 640453-6 - Connector, header. M 6 pin.
    Connector, header. Housing gender: plug. Contact gender: male. Circuit count: 6 Pin. Mounting type: PCB, RA. Pin spacing: 0.1" (2.54mm). Note: MTA-100 Wire to board. Learn More
  11. LEMO - ECG.1B - Connector, lemo. Female 10 position.
    Connector, lemo. Female 10 position, on a 9 conductor teflon unjacked cable. Learn More
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