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  1. CALEX - 5D15.150 - DC/DC Converter. Dual Out: +/-15V 150mA 4.5W.
    Special Price $18.98 Regular Price $24.50 As low as $16.98

    CALEX - 5D15.150 - DC/DC Converter.

    The versatile 5 Watt Dual Output converter is particularly suitable for use in microprocessor systems where 5 Volts is the primary power source, and where a low noise plus and minus output voltage is required.

    Status: Discontinued April 2020

    • Low Input/Output Noise Operation
    • Low Profile Case (0.40”)
    • Isolation Capacitance of 50pF
    • Extended Operating Temperature Range of -40ºC to +100ºC.
    • Fixed Frequency Operation

    Input: 5V.

    Dual Output: +/-15V 150mA 4.5 watt.

    Mount: 5 Pin Module PCB.

    Dimensions: 2" Square x 3/8" High.

    Proudly Made in the USA.

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  2. ASTEC - AA20B-012L-033S - DC-DC Converter. (9 to 36) V to 3.3 V.
    DC-DC Converter. Input: 9 to 36V. Output: 3.3V at 4.5Amp. Dissipation: 15 Watt. Package: PCB 6 pin module. Learn More
  3. ERICSSON - PKG4410PI - DC/DC 3.3VDC 14A OUT,38-72V-IN 3"X2.5"
    Special Price $24.95 Regular Price $39.00

    DC/DC 3.3VDC @ 13.6Amps 45W OUT -=- 38-72VDC-Input 3"X2.5"

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  4. Burr Brown - DCP011515DBP-U - DC/DC Converter. Dual 15V.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $14.50

    Burr Brown - DCP011515DBP-U - DC/DC Converter.

    Input: 15V.

    Dual Output: 15V.


    Dissipation: 1 Watt.

    Package: 7 pin in a SOP-14 gull-wing package.

    Burrt Brown is now Texas Instruments

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