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  1. Westinghouse - A200M1CAC - Contactor, motor control. NEMA 1, 110/120V 50/60Hz. Used.
    Contactor, motor control. NEMA 1, 110/120V 50/60Hz non-rev starter. Model J.3 POLE 30AMP. With attached BA13A, model B, thermal overload relay. Note: Used/Removed from equipment. Alt P/N: 6710C49G05. Non Cancelable Non Returnable (NCNR) part. Learn More
  2. Sylvania - KPM21A - Convertible Contact KIT for PM Relays 10Amp
    Relay Contact Kit - Overlapping - Vertical Mounting - N.Open HEAVY AC 10Amp 600V Pilot Duty / Standard DC Pilot Duty 0.7 x 2.0 x 2.7" Convertible Pole Kit - Closed Top Learn More
  3. SIEMENS - 3RT1034-1BB40 + 3RH1921-1FA40 - 3-Pole 32Amp 5-30HP 24VDC Contactor + Aux
    Sirius Motor Starters - Coil: 3RT1926-1BB00 24-48VAC / 24-70VDC. Contactor 3-Poles 40Amp N.Open 230V-10HP or 460V-25HP. With 4-pole 10Amp N.O. Auxilliary Contact Block. Removed from New equipment. CE CSA UL VDE Learn More
  4. AROMAT/MATSUSHITA - F20UAC240V - Size O 3-Phase 24A w/ FT20U-11 Current Adjust
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $95.87
    Size O 3-Phase 3-Pole 24Amp CONTACTOR with Press-to-Test AND w/ FT20U-11 Adjustable Current Manually Resettable 0.7 - 1.1Amp Auxiliary Relay. Learn More
  5. ARROW HART & HART - ACC330UM30 - Relay, Magnetic Contactor. 3P NO 40Amp 208/240VAC.
    Special Price $94.98 Regular Price $110.00

    ARROW HART & HART - ACC330UM30 Relay, Magnetic Contactor.

    Input: AC. 

    Contacts: 3PST NO.

    Contact Ratings: 40Amp.

    Coil Voltage: 208/240VAC 50/60Hz.

    Connections: Screw terminals with double 1/4" QC connectors.

    Mech Mtg: Panel.

    Weight: 1.2 lbs.

    Note: Model 86.

    Listed: UL/CSA.

    Alternate/Cross: Cutler Hammer C25DND330B, ABB DP30C3P-2, Allen Bradley 400-DP30NA3, Joslyn clark A77-309044A-2, Fasco 3M30-C, General Electric CR453AC3BAA, Square D 8910DRA33V03, Stevco 90165, Product Unlimited 3100-30U9

    Learn More
  6. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-N200A1 - Contactor, AC. 2NO 110V/120VAC. Used.
    Special Price $38.98 Regular Price $98.50

    ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-N200A1 Contactor, AC.

    2NO Coil: 110V 50Hz/120VAC 60Hz 300V max.

    Type N. Series B

    Mount: panel, open frame.

    Listed: UL/CSA.

    Used/Removed from equipment.

    Note: Sells new for $395

    Learn More
  7. Square D - NAX10 - AUX CONTACTS N.O. Inner SPDT
    Special Price $9.97 Regular Price $12.95
    AUXILLIARY CONTACTS N.O. INNER POSITION SPDT used with CLass-9421 Type N Disconnect Switches Series-A UL CSA MANUF IN ENGLAND Learn More
  8. SIEMENS - 3RT1044-1BB40 - Contactor, motor starter. 3P 90A.
    Contactor, AC. 3-Pole Ie AC-1: 100Amp 1000V 230V 1Ph 15HP - 200/230/460/575V 3-Phase: 20/25/50/60HP Break all Lines: 90A 600VAC IEC60-947 VDE-0660 UL/CSA-165C. Coil: 3RT1936-1CB00 24-48VAC 24-70VDC CE UL CSA. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  9. SIEMENS - 3RT1016-1BB41+3RH1911-1FA31 - 24VDC 3-Pole 20Amp + 4 Aux 15A Contacts
    Siemens Sirius 3RT1016-1BB1 is a very compact industrial motor starter contactor, suitable for starting 3-phase motors up to 3 HP @ 230 volts and 7.5 HP @ 575 volts. One normally-open auxiliary contact is included, and fused control. Dimensions: 106mmDeep x 45mmWide x 118mmHigh. Operating temperature: Min:-25 C Max:60 C. 3RH1911-1FA31 is a 15Amp Aux contact block mounted on top3-N.O. and 1xN.C. Plus a 3RT1916-1BB00 accessory varistor 24-48VAC/24-70VDC. Learn More
  10. MAGNECRAFT/S&D - A101XXH-28DC - 28VDC N.Closed 100Amp - New
    100A 1Pole .N.Closed 28VDC-coil switches 100Amps@ 30VDC/240VAC - new - enclosed 2"-mounting centers - made in U.S.A. Learn More
  11. CUTLER-HAMMER - C10EN3 A1 - Nema 3, 90 Amp contactor Used
    Special Price $179.95 Regular Price $239.00
    3 pole 30/50HP 120V/60Hz-Coil, used guuaranteed Learn More
  12. CURTIS / ALLRIGHT - SW200-19-110CO - 110VDC SPST-N.O. 200 Amps
    Coil:110VDC D.C. Contacts: 4.7mm apart, Normally Open - very large - 73mm x 60mm x 154mm - made in England Learn More
  13. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 140-MN-0250 - RFE Contactors - Manual motor starte
    RFE Contactors - Manual motor starter Seriec C. 1.6Amp to 2.5Amp Learn More
  14. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 199FSMA1 - B - New Surge Suppressor Series B 110-120V
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $24.50 As low as $10.98

    ALLEN BRADLEY  by Rockwell Automation - AB - 199FSMA1 - B  New Surge suppressor Series B.

    Used with 700-P -H -CF -M Relay Coils

    Coil voltage:  12 - 120VAC

    Frequency Rating: 50-60 Hz

    Used with: 700-P -H -CF -M Relays


    Learn More
  15. Square D - 9999SX7 - Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter.
    Contactors. Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter. Series B. Learn More
  16. Phoenix Contact - TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC ST - Termitrab/Surge Protector. Plug 2788391
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $20.00 As low as $12.98

    Phoenix Contacts - TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC ST, Plug 2788391

    The TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC-ST Series is a protective plug with varistor to plug onto base element TT-UKK5-T-BE. (Termitrab). The TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC-ST can be used in the signal circuits of electronic controllers. Screw connection, surge protection connector with a Siemens S14K25 varistor. ST-BE, 2802316.

    Status; Discontinued - Replacement 2906841

    IEC test classification/VDE requirement class: C1, C3

    Nominal voltage UN: 24 V DC

    Maximum continuous voltage UC: 31 V DC, 25 V AC

    Rated current: 26 A (40 °C)

    Operating effective current IC at UC: ≤ 150 µA

    Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs (line-line): 350 A

    Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) µs: 350 A

    Max. discharge current Imax (8/20) µs maximum (line-line): 1 kA

    Nominal pulse current Ian (10/1000) µs (line-line): 25 A

    Residual voltage at In (line-line): ≤ 130 V

    Response time tA (line-line: ≤ 25 ns

    Capacity (line-line): typ. 4.6 nF

    Impulse durability (line-line): C1 - 500 V / 250 A, C3 - 10 A

    Dimensions: Height 52 mm X Width 6.2 mm X Length 41.5 mm

    Weight: 8.120 g (0.960 Ounce)

    Operating Temperature: -40 C to 60 C, IP20

    Country of Origin: Greece

    Alternate/Replacement/Supercession: 2906841

    Learn More
  17. CUTLER-HAMMER - CE15CNS2AB - Contactor, AC. Size C, 2P Open type.
    Contactor, AC. Size C, 2P Open type, Aux: 1 NO-side. Coil: 110/120VAC 50/60Hz 12Amp. Max HP 0.5 at 115V, 2 at 230V. Learn More
  18. CUTLER-HAMMER - ECE09C1AHA - Enclosure. Control box.
    Enclosure. Control box with one CE15CNS3 contactor and one No. 86-5359 A600 switch. Series A1. Contactor and overload assembly are good. Internal pushbutton assembly is broken. Learn More
  19. Allen Bradley - AB - 195FA11 - Contact block. For contactors.
    Contact block. For contactors. Pushbutton, 2P 1 NC, 1 NO, 10A 660V. Series A, type F. Contacts; screw. Note: plastic housing is light gray or beige. Made in the USA. Learn More
  20. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-PC40 - Contactor. 3rd Level adder deck, 4P NO 10Amp.
    Contactor. 3rd Level adder deck, 4P NO 10Amp. Type P. Series A. Open frame. Learn More
  21. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-R060A1 - Contactor, AC. 301-600VAC. Enclosed.
    Contactor, AC. 301-600VAC 1800VA make, 180VA break. 125-300VDC 138VA make/break. Series B. Fully enclosed, 9" long x 4-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" high. Learn More
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