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  1. Sylvania - KPM21A - Convertible Contact KIT for PM Relays 10Amp
    Relay Contact Kit - Overlapping - Vertical Mounting - N.Open HEAVY AC 10Amp 600V Pilot Duty / Standard DC Pilot Duty 0.7 x 2.0 x 2.7" Convertible Pole Kit - Closed Top Learn More
  2. SIEMENS - 3RT1034-1BB40 + 3RH1921-1FA40 - 3-Pole 32Amp 5-30HP 24VDC Contactor + Aux
    Sirius Motor Starters - Coil: 3RT1926-1BB00 24-48VAC / 24-70VDC. Contactor 3-Poles 40Amp N.Open 230V-10HP or 460V-25HP. With 4-pole 10Amp N.O. Auxilliary Contact Block. Removed from New equipment. CE CSA UL VDE Learn More
  3. AROMAT/MATSUSHITA - F20UAC240V - Size O 3-Phase 24A w/ FT20U-11 Current Adjust
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $95.87
    Size O 3-Phase 3-Pole 24Amp CONTACTOR with Press-to-Test AND w/ FT20U-11 Adjustable Current Manually Resettable 0.7 - 1.1Amp Auxiliary Relay. Learn More
  4. ARROW HART & HART - ACC330UM30 - Relay, Magnetic Contactor. 3P NO 40Amp 208/240VAC.
    Special Price $94.98 Regular Price $110.00

    ARROW HART & HART - ACC330UM30 Relay, Magnetic Contactor.

    Input: AC. 

    Contacts: 3PST NO.

    Contact Ratings: 40Amp.

    Coil Voltage: 208/240VAC 50/60Hz.

    Connections: Screw terminals with double 1/4" QC connectors.

    Mech Mtg: Panel.

    Weight: 1.2 lbs.

    Note: Model 86.

    Listed: UL/CSA.

    Alternate/Cross: Cutler Hammer C25DND330B, ABB DP30C3P-2, Allen Bradley 400-DP30NA3, Joslyn clark A77-309044A-2, Fasco 3M30-C, General Electric CR453AC3BAA, Square D 8910DRA33V03, Stevco 90165, Product Unlimited 3100-30U9

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  5. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-N200A1 - Contactor, AC. 2NO 110V/120VAC. Used.
    Special Price $38.98 Regular Price $98.50

    ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-N200A1 Contactor, AC.

    2NO Coil: 110V 50Hz/120VAC 60Hz 300V max.

    Type N. Series B & C

    Mount: panel, open frame.

    Listed: UL/CSA.

    Used/Removed from equipment.

    Note: Sells new for $395

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  6. Square D - Schneider Electric - NAX10 - Auxilary Contacts, Normally Open, Inner SPDT, Disconnect Switch , 600VAC, 30/60, IEC
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.00

    Square D - Schneider Electric - NAX10 - Auxilary Contacts Normally Open

    Inner Position SPDT, 600VAC, 30/60A

    Used with Class-9421 Type N Disconnect Switches Series-A 


    UPC 10785901138577

    New Old Stock

    UL CSA

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  7. SIEMENS - 3RT1517-1AB00 - 3-Pole 10Amp 24VAC New contactor.
    Special Price $78.98 Regular Price $124.50

    SIEMENS - 3RT1517-1AB00 - Contactor

    Siemens, Sirius line, type 3RT15, 4P, 3PH, 12A AC-3, 600V, 7.5HP @ 460V, complete with 24V 50/60Hz AC coil, 2NO/2NC contacts, screw & snap connection onto 35mm mounting rail, AC magnetic contactor, suitable for use with 3RT series motor control systems

    Status: Discontinued

    Family: Sirius

    Type: 3RT15

    3-Phase, 4 Pole 10Amp 24VAC

    Contactor, AC-3, 5.5 kW / 400 V AC-1, 22 A, 24 V AC, 50/60 Hz 

    2 NO + 2 NC, Size S00 Screw Terminal

    Alternate: UPC 754554430966, SIRIUS 3RT2 

    New Contactor.

    Made in Germany

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  8. SIEMENS - 3RT1044-1BB40 - Contactor, motor starter. 3P 90A.
    Contactor, AC. 3-Pole Ie AC-1: 100Amp 1000V 230V 1Ph 15HP - 200/230/460/575V 3-Phase: 20/25/50/60HP Break all Lines: 90A 600VAC IEC60-947 VDE-0660 UL/CSA-165C. Coil: 3RT1936-1CB00 24-48VAC 24-70VDC CE UL CSA. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  9. SIEMENS - 3RT1016-1BB41+3RH1911-1FA31 - 24VDC 3-Pole 20Amp + 4 Aux 15A Contacts
    Siemens Sirius 3RT1016-1BB1 is a very compact industrial motor starter contactor, suitable for starting 3-phase motors up to 3 HP @ 230 volts and 7.5 HP @ 575 volts. One normally-open auxiliary contact is included, and fused control. Dimensions: 106mmDeep x 45mmWide x 118mmHigh. Operating temperature: Min:-25 C Max:60 C. 3RH1911-1FA31 is a 15Amp Aux contact block mounted on top3-N.O. and 1xN.C. Plus a 3RT1916-1BB00 accessory varistor 24-48VAC/24-70VDC. Learn More
  10. MAGNECRAFT/S&D - A101XXH-28DC - 28VDC N.Closed 100Amp - New
    Special Price $189.97 Regular Price $249.98
    100A 1Pole .N.Closed 28VDC-coil switches 100Amps@ 30VDC/240VAC - new - enclosed 2"-mounting centers - made in U.S.A. Learn More
  11. CUTLER-HAMMER - C10EN3 A1 - Nema 3, 90 Amp contactor Used
    Special Price $179.95 Regular Price $239.00
    3 pole 30/50HP 120V/60Hz-Coil, used guuaranteed Learn More
  12. CURTIS / ALLRIGHT - SW200-19-110CO - 110VDC SPST-N.O. 200 Amps
    Special Price $89.98 Regular Price $125.00

    CURTIS / ALLRIGHT - SW200-19-110CO - 110 Volt High Amperage Solenoid

    The SW200 has been designed for direct current loads, including motors as used on electric vehicles such as industrial trucks.  Developed for both interrupted and uninterrupted loads, the SW200 is suitable for switching Resistive, Capacitive and Inductive loads. The SW200 features single pole single throw, double breaking main contacts with silver alloy tips, which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity.  The SW200 has M10 stud main terminals and 6.3mm spade coil connections.  It can be mounted via M5 tapped holes or mounting brackets – either supplied fitted, or as separate items.  Mounting can be horizontal or vertical, when vertical the M10 contact studs should point upwards. 


    Current Rating: 250A or 400A, Single Pole Single Throw (SPST), Normally Open

    Contacts: 4.7mm apart,

    Normally Open - very large - 73mm x 60mm x 154mm

    Made in England

    Additional Information:




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  13. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 140-MN-0250 - RFE Contactors - Manual motor starte
    RFE Contactors - Manual motor starter Seriec C. 1.6Amp to 2.5Amp Learn More
  14. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 199FSMA1 - B - New Surge Suppressor Series B 110-120V
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $24.50

    ALLEN BRADLEY  by Rockwell Automation - AB - 199FSMA1 - B  New Surge Suppressor Series B.

    When the circuit to a DC operating coil is opened, the inductive energy stored in the coil can generate very high transient voltages. With the addition of the appropriate surge suppressor, the stored energy is absorbed and dissipated limiting the voltage spikes.

    Used with 700-P -H -CF -M Relay Coils

    Coil voltage:  12 - 120VAC

    Frequency Rating: 50-60 Hz

    Internal 220 Ohm Resistor and 0.39uF Capacitor

    Used with: 700-P -H -CF -M Relays


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  15. Allen Bradley - 800H-4HZ4R - Heavy Duty Pushbutton Enclosure, 4Hole with 1-3/4in Diameter.
    Special Price $129.98 Regular Price $200.00

    Allen Bradley - 800H-4HZ4R - CUTLER-HAMMER Heavy Duty Pushbutton Enclosure.

    The AllenBradley Bulletin 800H 30.5 mm push button product lines are in a class by themselves. They are designed and constructed to perform in the most demanding industrial environments. In terms of sealing and switching performance, you will not find a more dependable push button offering. AllenBradley delivers more styles and options of operator types and contact blocks, offering flexibility to meet the most demanding specifications in the world’s toughest industrial environments.

    Manufatures: Rockwell Automation - 4 Button Station Enclosure, Type 4/4X/13

    4 Hole with 1-3/4" Diameter.

    Width: 3-13/16 In. (96.8mm) WIDE

    Depth: 3-31/32 In. (100.8mm) DEEP

    Additional Description: w/1 - 3/4 In. BOTTOM CONDUIT ENTRY

    Height: 11-31/32 In. (304mm) HIGH

    Mtg Hole Size: 30.5mm MTG. HOLE

    Number Of Holes: 4 holes

    Color: Gray

    Environmental Protection: Watertight and Corrosion Resistant

    Includes AB 1490-N0 3/4 Inch Conduit Hub195 

    Recommended Tightening Torque: 1.0 ... 1.2 Nm (9 ... 11 lb-in.)

    Size: 800H (30.5 mm)

    Material: Rosite Glass Polyester Type NEMA 4/4X/13

    UPC: 781180581823

    NIIN: 5930-01-355-7336

    Approvals: CE,CSA,CUL,KC,MARINE,UL

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  16. Square D - 9999SX7 - Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter.
    Special Price $49.98 Regular Price $64.50

    Square D - 9999SX7 Contactors.

    Auxiliary contact 1NC for size 00-7 starter.

    Series B.

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  17. Phoenix Contact - TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC ST - Termitrab/Surge Protector. Plug 2788391
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $20.00 As low as $12.98

    Phoenix Contacts - TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC ST, Plug 2788391

    The TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC-ST Series is a protective plug with varistor to plug onto base element TT-UKK5-T-BE. (Termitrab). The TT-UKK5-T-V-24DC-ST can be used in the signal circuits of electronic controllers. Screw connection, surge protection connector with a Siemens S14K25 varistor. ST-BE, 2802316.

    Status; Discontinued - Replacement 2906841

    IEC test classification/VDE requirement class: C1, C3

    Nominal voltage UN: 24 V DC

    Maximum continuous voltage UC: 31 V DC, 25 V AC

    Rated current: 26 A (40 °C)

    Operating effective current IC at UC: ≤ 150 µA

    Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs (line-line): 350 A

    Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) µs: 350 A

    Max. discharge current Imax (8/20) µs maximum (line-line): 1 kA

    Nominal pulse current Ian (10/1000) µs (line-line): 25 A

    Residual voltage at In (line-line): ≤ 130 V

    Response time tA (line-line: ≤ 25 ns

    Capacity (line-line): typ. 4.6 nF

    Impulse durability (line-line): C1 - 500 V / 250 A, C3 - 10 A

    Dimensions: Height 52 mm X Width 6.2 mm X Length 41.5 mm

    Weight: 8.120 g (0.960 Ounce)

    Operating Temperature: -40 C to 60 C, IP20

    Country of Origin: Greece

    Alternate/Replacement/Supercession: 2906841

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  18. EATON CUTLER-HAMMER - 9-2741-6 - Contactor, coil. 24VAC 50/60HZ.
    Special Price $42.98 Regular Price $65.00

    EATON CUTLER-HAMMER - 9-2741-6 Contactor, coil.

    24VAC 50/60HZ.

    Learn More
  19. CUTLER-HAMMER - CE15CNS2AB - Contactor, AC. Size C, 2P Open type.
    Contactor, AC. Size C, 2P Open type, Aux: 1 NO-side. Coil: 110/120VAC 50/60Hz 12Amp. Max HP 0.5 at 115V, 2 at 230V. Learn More
  20. CUTLER-HAMMER - ECE09C1AHA - Enclosure, Control box w/86-5359 A600 switch.
    Special Price $89.98 Regular Price $200.00

    CUTLER-HAMMER - ECE09C1AHA Enclosure.

    Control box with one CE15CNS3 contactor and one No. 86-5359 A600 switch.

    Series A1.

    Contactor and overload assembly are good.

    Internal pushbutton assembly is broken.

    Learn More
  21. Allen Bradley - AB - 195FA11 - Contact block. For contactors.
    Contact block. For contactors. Pushbutton, 2P 1 NC, 1 NO, 10A 660V. Series A, type F. Contacts; screw. Note: plastic housing is light gray or beige. Made in the USA. Learn More
  22. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-PC40 - Contactor. 3rd Level adder deck, 4P NO 10Amp.
    Contactor. 3rd Level adder deck, 4P NO 10Amp. Type P. Series A. Open frame. Learn More
  23. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 700-R060A1 - Contactor, AC. 301-600VAC. Enclosed.
    Contactor, AC. 301-600VAC 1800VA make, 180VA break. 125-300VDC 138VA make/break. Series B. Fully enclosed, 9" long x 4-1/2" wide x 4-3/4" high. Learn More
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