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  1. COTO - G2-2A03-TT - Relay, SSR. DPST-250mA DIP-8.
    Special Price $2.96 Regular Price $3.94
    Relay, solid state. Contacts: 15V 0.25A. Coil: 1.1-1.4VDC. Connection: 8 pin DIP. Electrical conf: DPST NO. Mech: DIP. Weight: 0.2 oz. Learn More
  2. OPTO 22 - G4OAC5MA - Relay, SSR. 5V digital.
    Special Price $25.98 Regular Price $34.95 As low as $19.98

    OPTO 22 - G4OAC5MA  Relay, Solid State.

    Control: 5V digital.

    Current Rating: 3 A

    Input Current: 12 mA

    Operating Temperature: -30 to 70 °C

    Operating Supply Voltage: 5 V

    Output Current: 3 A

    Output Voltage: 140 V

    Throw Configuration: SPST

    Turn-On Delay Time: 8.3ms

    Dimensions: Depth 47.5 mm, Length 48.8 mm, Width 12.2 mm

    Compliance: UL, RoHS Compliant

    Load: 1.5A 12-140VAC with HOA / switch.

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  3. OMRON - G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24 - 10A 24~240VAC SSR 5~24VDC-control
    Special Price $48.00 Regular Price $49.87
    SSR DIN-Rail mount TRIAC Power Output Device Cartridge for G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24. Input 5-24VDC with heat sink, Switches 200VAC 10Amps - 2 screws or DIN rail mounting, RED power on LED and marked Temp Sensor. approved by UL CSA VDE CE and my mom. Learn More
  4. CROUSET GORDOS - OPTO 22 - IDC5BQ-256 - Relays, SSR.
    Special Price $28.98 Regular Price $38.50

    CROUSET GORDOS - OPTO 22 - IDC5BQ-256 Relays, SSR.

    The IDC5BQ is a 4-channel DC digital input. It accepts input voltage of 4-16 VDC and uses 5 VDC logic. It is compatible with Opto 22 Optomux, Pamux, and Mistic protocol brain boards and mounting racks, as well as racks using a direct cable connection to a computer. The IDC5BQ module is a fast-switching input module for signals produced by photoelectric switches, encoders, DC proximity switches, or TTL devices.

    Solid State Input Module

    Quad, 5-32VDC input

    Maximum output voltage, 30VDC.

    Maximum output current 50mA.

    Inputs and outputs are grouped in pairs and not totally isolated.

    Plugs into standard quad-pak 14-pin I/O board positions.

    New Old Stock

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  5. Crouzet Schneider GORDOS - 741A-7 - 24VDC SIP Dry Reed Relay, Solid State Relay, Normally Open Contacts.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $9.50 As low as $5.98

    GORDOS Reed Relay 741A-7,  74 Series SIP, Solid State Relay

    Features: These Gordos Relays are molded in semiconductor-grade molding compounds that meet Underwriters Labortories 94V-0 flammability rating.

    RF Characteristis 

    • Insertion loss 0.3 dBA from 1 to 500 Mhz 
    • Isolation: 30 dB min. from 1 to 600 Mhz.
    • Characteristic Impedance 50, or 75 Ohms

    Compatible with automatice insertion.

    Logic compatible.

    4 Pin PC Mount

    Nominal  Coil Voltage  - 24VDC

    Must operate Voltage - 18.0 VDC

    Must release Voltage -  2.4 VDC

    Maximum Voltage - 35 VDC140529-3

    Reed Relay SIP Dry SPST NO Contacts 1750 ohm coil

    Note:Outer pins are the contacts, inner pins are 1750 ohm coil.

    Alternates: 62F4042, W117SIP-5, JWS-117-5, HE3621A2400, 3-1393771-5

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  6. Sensata -CRYDOM - D1D07 - Solid-State DC Relay, SPST NO 7A Load Voltage 0-100V.
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $54.50

    Sensata -CRYDOM - D1D07, Relay, Solid State. DC relay, Input Volatege 3.5-32 VDC. Switches: 100VDC 7A. 100 VDC maximum switching voltage. Maximum load current 7A, minimum load current 20mA. Maximum voltage drop under load 2VDC, , Input current 1.6 mA @ 5 VDC, 28 mA @ 32 VDC, switching time 100 uS. Inductive loads require suppression diodes. 1 Form A, Hockey Puck, Screw Terminals, Panel/Chassis Mount, Original boxes, with screws. 4oz Redeigned 4th Generation SSR's

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  7. CP CLARE - XCA111ES - Relay, SSR. DC NO N Channel MOSFET.
    Special Price $3.49 Regular Price $3.95 As low as $1.98

    CP CLARE - XCA111ES - Relay, SSR.

    Status: Discontinued

    Input: DC.

    Contacts: Normally Open (NO).

    N Channel MOSFET.

    Contact Ratings: 350V 0.1Amp.

    Connections: SMD T/R.

    Mech Mtg: PCB, Gull Wing.

    Size: 9mm 7mm x 7mm high.

    Note: Optional E. Lot: 5234.

    Type: OPTCO-06.

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  8. IXYS Corp - THETA-J - JTB1210-1 - Relay/Switch, Solid State, PowerBLOC Triac-based. NO 20VAC, 10A output switch. Input control 9VDC.
    Special Price $48.98 Regular Price $84.50 As low as $42.98

    IXYS Corp - THETA-J - JTB1210-1 - Relay/Switch, Solid State, PowerBLOC Triac-Based.

    Normally Open 20VAC

    Peak Blocking: 400V

    Output: 10A Output Switch/120 V

    Isolation: 2500V Isolation

    Input Control 9VDC.

    Mount: Panel Mount or PCB.

    Dimensions: 20.7 mm square x 14.7mm high including flange base.

    Flange Base is 35.8mm long x 21.0mm wide.

    New Old Stock - Slight tarnish on base does not affect Operation.

    Alternate:  OFB2410-1

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  9. THETA-J - OFA-1202 - Relay, SSR. SPST-NO. 120VAC 1.5A out.
    Relay, SSR. SPST-NO 4-8VDC-In 16mA. 120VAC out. Turn on 1.5A 400V peak (zero volt cross) 400V 1.5A. Viso Max.(V) Isolation Voltage=4.0k. Part reads OptoFilm. Dimensions: 13x22x6mmH. Mount: PCB. Weight: 0.1oz. Learn More
  10. THETA-J - MA-1201 - Relay, SSR. Control: 3-7VDC.
    Relay, SSR. Contact Ratings: 0.75Amp. Coil Voltage: 90-140VAC. Control: 3-7VDC. Connections: 4 Pin. Mech Mtg: PCB. Packaging: Enclosed. Size: 1.105" long x 0.602" wide x 0.426" high. Note: 100 watts @ 125VAC. Learn More
  11. OPTO 22 - G4IDC5K - 5Volt Logic Module
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $12.98

    OPTO 22 - G4IDC5K I/O Module

    Signal Input Type:2.5 to 16VDC,

    Number of Outputs:1,

    Number of Analog Inputs:1,

    Number of Digital Outputs:1,

    Output Current:50mA,

    Supply Voltage Max:16VDC,

    PCB Mount

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  12. OPTO 22 - 480D10 - Relay, SSR. 480VAC 10Amp. Used.
    Relay, SSR. Control voltage: 3-32VDC. Output: 480VAC 10Amp. Hi Voltage. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  13. OPTO 22 - 240D25-40 - Relay, SS. 3-32VDC or TTL. Used.
    Special Price $9.98 Regular Price $14.50

    OPTO 22 - 240D25-40 - Relay, solid state.

    Coil: 3-32VDC or TTL.

    Contact ratings: 25A at 240VAC.

    Built-in snubber, zero-voltage switching.

    Turn on time of one half cycle. UL/CSA.

    The -40 is an extra certification.

    Standard 1.75 x 2.25 x 1.17"H with four 1/4" male QC terminals.

    Weight: 2.8oz.

    Proudly Made in USA

    Note: Usde / Removed from Equipment

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  14. IR - PVA3354 - Relay, Solid State. SP 130ma 0-300V AC/DC. 4 DIP.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $7.95 As low as $4.98

    IR - PVA3354 Relay, SSR. Bosfet Photovoltaic.

    Circuit   SPST-NO: (1 Form A)      

    Output Type:     AC, DC  

    Voltage – Input:1.2VDC

    Voltage – Load: 0V ~ 300V           

    Load Current:    130mA 

    On-State Resistance (Max):         24 Ohms             

    Termination Style:           PC Pin  

    Package / Case  8-DIP: (0.300", 7.62mm), 4 Leads             

    Supplier Device Package:              8-DIP Modified

    Alternate, Replacment, or Supercession:  PVA33N

    More info:

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  15. IDEC - RSSDN-25A - Relay, SSR. SPST NO 25Amp 4-32VDC Control.
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $24.50

    IDEC - RSSDN-25A - Relay, SSR.

    Input: DC.

    Contacts: SPST NO.

    Contact Ratings: 25Amp.

    Coil Voltage: Control 4-32VDC.

    Input 48-660VAC.

    Mech Mtg: PCB or Panel.

    Packaging: Module.

    Note: Rohs compiant.

    Note: Zero switching.

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  16. GORDOS/CROUZET - GB15210-7 - Relay, SSR. 10Amp 270VAC.
    Relay, SSR. Input: 90-270VAC. Output: 10Amp 120VAC. Solid state relay. Learn More
  17. GORDOS/CROUZET - M-IDC5F - Relay, SSR. I/O Module. 5VDC Logic.
    Special Price $36.98 Regular Price $50.00


    I/O Module.

    5VDC Logic.

    50mA 30VDC out.

    3.3-32VDC in.

    Note: Miniature module for M-series mounting boards.

    F= Fast Switching 47-63Hz.

    Listed: UL/CSA.

    New Old Stock

    Proudly Made in USA

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  18. GRAYHILL - 70S2-04-B-12-S - Relay, Solid State Relay, SSR. Input: DC. SPST-NO.
    Special Price $32.98 Regular Price $42.50 As low as $28.98

    GRAYHILL - 70S2-04-B-12-S - Relay, Solid State Relay, SSR.

    The 70S2 Series relays have excellent thermal performance and are designed for medium-power loads. Its compact size makes it ideal for designs where space is limited. The design incorporates a triac output for AC loads and MOSFETs for DC loads. Optical isolation protects the control from transients. Ideal for tight designs, wide choice of design options, input isolated from output, reduced current surged for most loads, excellent transient protection.

    Input: DC.

    Contacts: SPST-NO.

    Control: 3-30VDC.

    Operating voltage: 24VAC to 140VAC.

    Coil current: 12Amp.

    Connections: Screw.

    Mech Mtg: Mount flange 2.2" (55.9mm) long, with 1.864" centers.

    Size: 2.20-" long x 1.00" wide x 0.860" high.

    Note: Zero Crossing.

    Alternate: Scheider Electric /Magenecraft 70S2-04-B-12-S


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  19. GORDOS/CROUZET - GB15000-120 - 5VDC switches 240VAC 10A SSR
    10Amp-120/240VAC 5VDC TTL control - Zero turn-on Zero voltage turn off SSR2.25" x 1.75" x 1/3" high. Screw terminals or dual 3/16" QC for control and dual 1/4" QC load. specially "preconditioned." UL CSA VDE Learn More
  20. CRYDOM - D1202 - SSR SPST-NO (1 Form A) Input 3-32VDC Used
    SSR SPST-NO (1 Form A) Input 3-32VDC, Switched output 2.5A 120VAC DCRFE/Used Chassis mount Learn More
  21. Sensata - Crydom - H12CA4850 - Relay, SSR. SPST NO 50A 660VAC.
    Special Price $56.98 Regular Price $68.50 As low as $48.98

    Sensata - Crydom - H12CA4850 Relay, SSR.

    Status: Discontinued

    Contacts: SPST NO.

    Operating voltage: 48-660VAC.

    Current: 50Amp.

    Control voltage: 90-140VAC.

    Packaging: Hockey puck.

    Mech: Hole and slot 1.7" spacing.

    Body: 1.8 x 2.3 x 1.0"H.

    Weight: 3.5 oz. UL CSA VDE.

    Includes hardware.

    More info:

    Learn More
  22. CRYDOM - D2402 - Relays, SSR. 240VAC 2.5 Amp Out. 3-32VDC In.
    Relays, SSR. 240VAC 2.5 Amp Out. 3-32VDC In. Mount: panel. Learn More
  23. CONTINENTIAL IND - ODC5 - 5VDC input 3A 3-60VDC out
    Special Price $6.75 Regular Price $9.00
    I/O Modules 5VDC input 3A 3-60VDC out Red SS Relay 1 Form A (SPST NO) 1-11/16" wide x 5/8" deep x 1-1/4"high.The ODC5 output module is used for controlling or switching DC loads of 5-60 VDC. Each module provides 4000 volts (transient) of optical isolation between the field devices and the control logic. Learn More
  24. WRC/Western Reserve Controls - WRC4-SWIN - I/O SPDT C.Off Switch, 5-24VDC OUT
    Special Price $22.98 Regular Price $32.50
    I/O Relay MODULE 5-24VDC OUT With 3-Position Center Off switch & LEDMade in the USA Learn More
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