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  1. COTO - G2-2A03-TT - Relay, SSR. DPST-250mA DIP-8.
    Special Price $2.96 Regular Price $3.94
    Relay, solid state. Contacts: 15V 0.25A. Coil: 1.1-1.4VDC. Connection: 8 pin DIP. Electrical conf: DPST NO. Mech: DIP. Weight: 0.2 oz. Learn More
  2. OPTO 22 - G4OAC5MA - Relay, SSR. 5V digital.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $26.50

    OPTO 22 - G4OAC5MA  Relay, Solid State.

    Control: 5V digital.

    Current Rating: 3 A

    Input Current: 12 mA

    Operating Temperature: -30 to 70 °C

    Operating Supply Voltage: 5 V

    Output Current: 3 A

    Output Voltage: 140 V

    Throw Configuration: SPST

    Turn-On Delay Time: 8.3ms

    Dimensions: Depth 47.5 mm, Length 48.8 mm, Width 12.2 mm

    Compliance: UL, RoHS Compliant

    Load: 1.5A 12-140VAC with HOA / switch.

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  3. OMRON - G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24 - 10A 24~240VAC SSR 5~24VDC-control
    Special Price $48.00 Regular Price $49.87
    SSR DIN-Rail mount TRIAC Power Output Device Cartridge for G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24. Input 5-24VDC with heat sink, Switches 200VAC 10Amps - 2 screws or DIN rail mounting, RED power on LED and marked Temp Sensor. approved by UL CSA VDE CE and my mom. Learn More
  4. CROUSET GORDOS - OPTO 22 - IDC5BQ-256 - Relays, SSR.
    Special Price $28.98 Regular Price $38.50

    CROUSET GORDOS - OPTO 22 - IDC5BQ-256 Relays, SSR.

    The IDC5BQ is a 4-channel DC digital input. It accepts input voltage of 4-16 VDC and uses 5 VDC logic. It is compatible with Opto 22 Optomux, Pamux, and Mistic protocol brain boards and mounting racks, as well as racks using a direct cable connection to a computer. The IDC5BQ module is a fast-switching input module for signals produced by photoelectric switches, encoders, DC proximity switches, or TTL devices.

    Solid State Input Module

    Quad, 5-32VDC input

    Maximum output voltage, 30VDC.

    Maximum output current 50mA.

    Inputs and outputs are grouped in pairs and not totally isolated.

    Plugs into standard quad-pak 14-pin I/O board positions.

    New Old Stock

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  5. Crouzet Schneider GORDOS - 741A-7 - 24VDC SIP Dry Reed Relay, Solid State Relay, Normally Open Contacts.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $9.50 As low as $5.98

    GORDOS Reed Relay 741A-7,  74 Series SIP, Solid State Relay

    Features: These Gordos Relays are molded in semiconductor-grade molding compounds that meet Underwriters Labortories 94V-0 flammability rating.

    RF Characteristis 

    • Insertion loss 0.3 dBA from 1 to 500 Mhz 
    • Isolation: 30 dB min. from 1 to 600 Mhz.
    • Characteristic Impedance 50, or 75 Ohms

    Compatible with automatice insertion.

    Logic compatible.

    4 Pin PC Mount

    Nominal  Coil Voltage  - 24VDC

    Must operate Voltage - 18.0 VDC

    Must release Voltage -  2.4 VDC

    Maximum Voltage - 35 VDC140529-3

    Reed Relay SIP Dry SPST NO Contacts 1750 ohm coil

    Note:Outer pins are the contacts, inner pins are 1750 ohm coil.

    Alternates: 62F4042, W117SIP-5, JWS-117-5, HE3621A2400, 3-1393771-5

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  6. Sensata -CRYDOM - D1D07 - Solid-State DC Relay, SPST NO 7A Load Voltage 0-100V.
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $54.50

    Sensata -CRYDOM - D1D07, Relay, Solid State. DC relay, Input Volatege 3.5-32 VDC. Switches: 100VDC 7A. 100 VDC maximum switching voltage. Maximum load current 7A, minimum load current 20mA. Maximum voltage drop under load 2VDC, , Input current 1.6 mA @ 5 VDC, 28 mA @ 32 VDC, switching time 100 uS. Inductive loads require suppression diodes. 1 Form A, Hockey Puck, Screw Terminals, Panel/Chassis Mount, Original boxes, with screws. 4oz Redeigned 4th Generation SSR's

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  7. CP CLARE - XCA111ES - Relay, SSR. DC NO N Channel MOSFET.
    Relay, SSR. Input: DC. Contacts: Normally Open (NO). N Channel MOSFET. Contact Ratings: 350V 0.1Amp. Connections: SMD T/R. Mech Mtg: PCB, gull wing. Size: 9mm 7mm x 7mm high. Note: Optional E. Lot: 5234. Type: OPTCO-06. Learn More
  8. THETA-J - JTB1210-1 - Relay, solid state, Triac-based. NO 20VAC, 10A output switch. Input control 9VDC.
    Relay, solid state, Triac-based. Normally open 20VAC, 10A output switch. Input control 9VDC. Mount: PCB or Panel flange. Dimensions: 20.7 mm square x 14.7mm high including flange base. Flange base is 35.8mm long x 21.0mm wide. Note1: PowerBloc. SSR. New. Note2: Flange base maybe tarnishing. Learn More
  9. THETA-J - OFA-1202 - Relay, SSR. SPST-NO. 120VAC 1.5A out.
    Relay, SSR. SPST-NO 4-8VDC-In 16mA. 120VAC out. Turn on 1.5A 400V peak (zero volt cross) 400V 1.5A. Viso Max.(V) Isolation Voltage=4.0k. Part reads OptoFilm. Dimensions: 13x22x6mmH. Mount: PCB. Weight: 0.1oz. Learn More
  10. THETA-J - MA-1201 - Relay, SSR. Control: 3-7VDC.
    Relay, SSR. Contact Ratings: 0.75Amp. Coil Voltage: 90-140VAC. Control: 3-7VDC. Connections: 4 Pin. Mech Mtg: PCB. Packaging: Enclosed. Size: 1.105" long x 0.602" wide x 0.426" high. Note: 100 watts @ 125VAC. Learn More
  11. OPTO 22 - G4IDC5K - 5Volt Logic Module
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $12.98

    OPTO 22 - G4IDC5K I/O Module

    Signal Input Type:2.5 to 16VDC,

    Number of Outputs:1,

    Number of Analog Inputs:1,

    Number of Digital Outputs:1,

    Output Current:50mA,

    Supply Voltage Max:16VDC,

    PCB Mount

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  12. OPTO 22 - 480D10 - Relay, SSR. 480VAC 10Amp. Used.
    Relay, SSR. Control voltage: 3-32VDC. Output: 480VAC 10Amp. Hi Voltage. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  13. OPTO 22 - 240D25-40 - Relay, SS. 3-32VDC or TTL. Used.
    Relay, solid state. Coil: 3-32VDC or TTL. Contact ratings: 25A at 240VAC. Built-in snubber, zero-voltage switching. Turn on time of one half cycle. UL/CSA. The -40 is an extra certification. Standard 1.75 x 2.25 x 1.17"H with four 1/4" male QC terminals. Weight: 2.8oz. Learn More
  14. IR - PVA3354 - Relay, Solid State. SP 130ma 0-300V AC/DC. 4 DIP.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $7.95 As low as $4.98

    IR - PVA3354 Relay, SSR. Bosfet Photovoltaic.

    Circuit   SPST-NO: (1 Form A)      

    Output Type:     AC, DC  

    Voltage – Input:1.2VDC

    Voltage – Load: 0V ~ 300V           

    Load Current:    130mA 

    On-State Resistance (Max):         24 Ohms             

    Termination Style:           PC Pin  

    Package / Case  8-DIP: (0.300", 7.62mm), 4 Leads             

    Supplier Device Package:              8-DIP Modified

    Alternate, Replacment, or Supercession:  PVA33N

    More info:

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  15. IDEC - RSSDN-25A - Relay, SSR. SPST NO 25Amp 4-32VDC Control.
    Relay, SSR. Input: DC. Contacts: SPST NO. Contact Ratings: 25Amp. Coil Voltage: Control 4-32VDC. Input 48-660VAC. Mech Mtg: PCB or Panel. Packaging: Module. Note: Rohs compiant. Note: Zero switching. Learn More
  16. GORDOS/CROUZET - GB15210-7 - Relay, SSR. 10Amp 270VAC.
    Relay, SSR. Input: 90-270VAC. Output: 10Amp 120VAC. Solid state relay. Learn More
  17. GORDOS/CROUZET - M-IDC5F - Relay, SSR. I/O Module. 5VDC Logic.
    Special Price $6.71 Regular Price $8.95

    Relay, SSR. I/O Module. 5VDC Logic. 50mA 30VDC out. 3.3-32VDC in. Note: Miniature module for M-series mounting boards. F= fast switching 47-63Hz. Listed: UL/CSA.

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  18. GRAYHILL - 70S2-04-B-12-S - Relay, SSR. Input: DC. SPST-NO.
    Relay, SSR. Input: DC. Contacts: SPST-NO. Control: 3-30VDC. Operating voltage: 24VAC to 140VAC. Coil current: 12Amp. Connections: screw. Mech Mtg: Mount flange 2.2" (55.9mm) long, with 1.864" centers. Size: 1.225" long x 1.019" wide x 0.860" high. Note: Zero crossing. Complete with hardware. Learn More
  19. GORDOS/CROUZET - GB15000-120 - 5VDC switches 240VAC 10A SSR
    10Amp-120/240VAC 5VDC TTL control - Zero turn-on Zero voltage turn off SSR2.25" x 1.75" x 1/3" high. Screw terminals or dual 3/16" QC for control and dual 1/4" QC load. specially "preconditioned." UL CSA VDE Learn More
  20. CRYDOM - D1202 - SSR SPST-NO (1 Form A) Input 3-32VDC Used
    SSR SPST-NO (1 Form A) Input 3-32VDC, Switched output 2.5A 120VAC DCRFE/Used Chassis mount Learn More
  21. Sensata - Crydom - H12CA4850 - Relay, SSR. SPST NO 50A 660VAC.
    Special Price $56.98 Regular Price $68.50 As low as $48.98

    Sensata - Crydom - H12CA4850 Relay, SSR.

    Status: Discontinued

    Contacts: SPST NO.

    Operating voltage: 48-660VAC.

    Current: 50Amp.

    Control voltage: 90-140VAC.

    Packaging: Hockey puck.

    Mech: Hole and slot 1.7" spacing.

    Body: 1.8 x 2.3 x 1.0"H.

    Weight: 3.5 oz. UL CSA VDE.

    Includes hardware.

    More info:

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  22. CRYDOM - D2402 - Relays, SSR. 240VAC 2.5 Amp Out. 3-32VDC In.
    Relays, SSR. 240VAC 2.5 Amp Out. 3-32VDC In. Mount: panel. Learn More
  23. CONTINENTIAL IND - ODC5 - 5VDC input 3A 3-60VDC out
    Special Price $6.75 Regular Price $9.00
    I/O Modules 5VDC input 3A 3-60VDC out Red SS Relay 1 Form A (SPST NO) 1-11/16" wide x 5/8" deep x 1-1/4"high.The ODC5 output module is used for controlling or switching DC loads of 5-60 VDC. Each module provides 4000 volts (transient) of optical isolation between the field devices and the control logic. Learn More
  24. WRC/Western Reserve Controls - WRC4-SWIN - I/O SPDT C.Off Switch, 5-24VDC OUT
    Special Price $21.95 Regular Price $29.00
    I/O Relay MODULE 5-24VDC OUT With 3-Position Center Off switch & LEDMade in the USA Learn More
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