Thyristors, SCRs and Triacs

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  1. SEMIKRON - SKKT40/10C - SCR, thyristor. 40Amp 1000V.
    SCR, thyristor. 40Amp 1000V. Package: TO-240AA. Used/Removed from equipment. . Learn More
  2. SANREX - PD90F-120 - SCR. 1200V 90Amp. New.
    Special Price $189.95 Regular Price $242.00
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 1200V single phase 90Amp 3 watt. Package: 25mm module, electrically isolated. Learn More
  3. RCA - 2N6400 - SCR. 16Amp 50V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. Max voltage: 50V. Max current: 16 Amp. Dissipation: PG av 0.5 watt. PGM 20 watt. Package: TO-220. P/N: 2N6400. Note: Reverse blocking thyristor. Learn More
  4. RCA - 2N4205 - SCR. 900V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. Voltage: 900V. Package: TO-39. New, high voltage. Learn More
  5. RCA - 2N3670 - SCR. 12.5Amp 400V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 12.5Amp 400V. Package: TO-3 steel. Learn More
  6. RCA - S4060D - 400V 10Amp Power SCR's TO-220
    Special Price $1.88 Regular Price $2.50
    400V 10Amp Power SCR's TO-220 New sensitive. Learn More
  7. RCA - 40741 - HOUSE # SCR 6.3Amp 100V
    Special Price $3.75 Regular Price $5.00

    HOUSE # SCR 6.3Amp 100V SK3504 STUD NEW

    Learn More
  8. Powerex. - CD421240 - Diode/SCR. Dual 40A 1200V. Used.
    Diode/SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. Dual 40A 1200V. Package: Isolated Pow-R-Blok module. Used/removed from equipment. No hardware. Learn More
  9. Powerex. - 143302016 - SCR. 350Amp 1600V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 350Amp 1600V. New Inverter grade stud, no hardware. Learn More
  10. Powerex. - CD621615 - SCR. Dual 150Amp 1600V.
    Special Price $87.99 Regular Price $119.00
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. Dual, 150Amp 1600V. Note: Appears new, cosmetically perfect. No hardware. Learn More
  11. Powerex. - T9G0161203DH - SCR. 1200Amp 1600V. Sold as is.
    Special Price $150.00 Regular Price $170.00
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 1200Amp 1600V. Package: hockey puck. Double marked 5HL. Phase Control Disc. Note: parts are new, but were dropped and surfaces have been scratched. Sold as is. Learn More
  12. Powerex. - 117486-7 - SCR. House numbered 117486-7.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. House numbered, unknown specifications. Package: TO-200AB (E puck). Learn More
  13. Philips - BT151/650R - SCR. 12Amp 650V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 12Amp 650V. Thyristor. Package: TO-220. Learn More
  14. ON SEMI - MCR708AT4 - SCR. 4Amp 600V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 4Amp 600V. Package: D Pak SMD. Learn More
  15. NJS - 2N5445 - Triac. 40 Amp, 400V.
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $25.00 As low as $12.98

    NJS - 2N5445 Triac. 40Amp 400V.

    Low Switching Losses, Low on-state voltage at current levels, Low thermal resistance

    Package: Stud.

    Operating Temperature: -675 C to 110 C

    Note: Silicon.

    Learn More
  16. National Semiconductor Corp - 2N689 - SCR. 500V 16Amp.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. Max voltage: 500V. Max current: 16 Amp. Package: TO-48 stud 1/4-28UNF-2A with hardware. P/N: 2N689. Note: Double marked 410403-1Y. Learn More
  17. Motorola - SCR306 - SCR. 15Amp 50V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 15Amp 50V. Package: TO-39-2 leads. Learn More
  18. Motorola - SCR884-3 - SCR, silicon controlled rectifier.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. Specification unavailable. Case: Stud. Learn More
  19. Motorola - T6411N - STUD TRIAC 30A 800V
    Special Price $10.49 Regular Price $14.50

    Motorola Triac 30A 800V STUD TRIAC TO-48  NSN: 5961-01-066-2041

    Learn More
  20. Motorola - MCR218-4FP - SCR. 8Amp 200V.
    SCR, silicon controlled rectifier. 8Amp 200V. Package: TO-220. New. Learn More
  21. Motorola - MOC3063 - IC, optocoupler. Channels: 1.
    Special Price $0.79 Regular Price $1.00
    IC, optocoupler. Channels: 1. Isolation: 5300Vrms. Output type: triac. Input current: 20mA max. Operating temperature: -40C to +100C. Package: 6-dip. RoHS compliant. Learn More
  22. Motorola - MAC10-6 - Triac. Voltage: 400V. Current: 10Amp.
    Special Price $3.75 Regular Price $5.00
    Triac. Voltage: 400V. Current: 10Amp. Package: case 90-05. Note: Silicon bidirectional thyristor. Learn More
  23. Motorola - MAC228A6 - Triac. 8Amp 400V.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50

    Triac. 8Amp 400V. Package: TO-220AB. New. 

    Silicon Bidirectional Thyristors
    Designed primarily for industrial and consumer applications for
    full−wave control of AC loads such as appliance controls, heater
    controls, motor controls, and other power switching applications.
    • Sensitive Gate Triggering in 3 Modes for AC Triggering on
    Sinking Current Sources
    • Four Mode Triggering for Drive Circuits that Source Current
    • All Diffused and Glass−Passivated Junctions for Parameter
    Uniformity and Stability
    • Small, Rugged, Thermowatt Construction for Low Thermal
    Resistance and High Heat Dissipation
    • Center Gate Geometry for Uniform Current Spreading
    • These Devices are Pb−Free and are RoHS Compliant


    Learn More
  24. Motorola - MAC3030-025 - 25Amp 250V Triac New TO-220 bulk.
    Special Price $7.49 Regular Price $10.00
    25Amp 250V Triac New TO-220 bulk. Learn More
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