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  1. Hitachi - 2SC5251 - Transistor, NPN. 800V 12Amp 50W. New.
    Transistor, NPN. Max voltage: 800VCEO 1500VCBO. Max current: 12Amp. Dissipation: 50 watt. Package: TO-247 (TO-3PFM). New, bulk packaged. P/N: 2SC5251. Note: Silicon triple diffused planar. High voltage. Cross NTE2365. Must be used with insulating hardware, not included. Learn More
  2. Philips - 483513047118 - Transistor, NPN. High voltage. New.
    Transistor, NPN. High voltage. Case: TO-218. New. Note:Double marked 5H7-2. (Cross NTE2318. Must used with insulating hardware, not supplied). Learn More
  3. Universal Weber Gas Grill Igniter 88826 for Replacement /Upgrade of Numerous Grills.
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $29.95 As low as $8.98

    Universal Quad Spark Igniter. Replacement igniter for Weber, and numerous other grills.

    OEM Quality, Uses a Single 1.5V AA Battery, Has four (4) male spade terminals, Requires a 15/16" mounting hole. Easily convert nearly any grill requiring 1 to 4 ignition points. Push and hold button for continuous sparking. Includes Ignition Module, Push Button Lock Ring and Heat shield. 3.75X3.25X2.5 inches.  

    Note: Does not include wiring or electrode assembly.

    Alternate P/Ns 88826, 03341, MCM040334113, MCM03341, IGEIB9B, 040334113, SPM8781331523, SPM8990392123, ISH09-M994317, ALVB00L4, 567139586, 567280242,7628, 7629.  

    Direct fit for following Weber models:

    • Fits Weber 56514, 6511001, 6511301, 6512001, 6519009, 6519399, 6522301, 6531001, 6532001, 6532301, 6550001, 6570001, 6631001, 6631301, 6670001
    • Fits Weber E310, Genesis E330, Weber Genesis 330 gas grill not compatible with Genesis II series grills
    • Fits Genesis Series 2011 Grills with Front Mount Control Knobs. This kit is a perfect replacement for the 3-burner Genesis with the dials on the front.
    • Durable and Lasts Longer, Universal Spark generator BBQ Gas Grill Replacement
    • 4 Outlets "AA" Battery Push Button Ignitor (Battery not included)
    • Electronic ignition, Reignite an old grill

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  4. Varo - H477-1 - Diodes, High Voltage. 12KV 10ma.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $5.98

    Varo - H477-1 - Diode, High Voltage.

    Ratings: 12KV 10mA.

    Package: Axial Leads.

    Size: 25.5mm (1.007") long x 6.3mm (0.251") Diameter.

    Genuine Varo - New Old Stock- Slight Lead Tarnish does not impact Operation

    Alternate: HL1200

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  5. BEMAN - MP-6 1090 Meg 2% - Resistor, Ceramic. 1090 Meg Ohm, 6 Watt
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $16.95

    BEMAN - MP-6 Resistor, Ceramic.

    Resistance: Precision 1090Meg Ohm.

    Power: 6 Watt.

    Tolerance: 2%.

    Voltage: 30KV. Glass-like. Spiral Wound. Precision.

    Dimensions: 5/16" D x 6" long.

    Alternates: Heath Kit P/N 2-47, RCA WG-206, BE1090

    New Old Stock

    Additional Information: https://www.utm.edu/staff/leeb/Probe.pdf

    Application: Fits Heathkit Model 336 and RCA WG-289 or WG-297 High Voltage Probes and others.

    Note: Handle the 1090 resistor with care, very fragile.

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  6. AEG\TFK - DO.22/150X32 - Diode, assembly. 150,000V 220mA.
    Diode, assembly. 150,000V 220mA. Dimensions: approximately 1" D x 10" long. Large brass cathode & anode connections. Reverse current at 175KV is 2 MicroAmps. Forward Voltage Drop at 50mA is 165Vmax. Picker T80L-18 19 x Varo H468-9. Learn More
  7. Unidentified MFG - CS2223M1 - Power Supply Board, High Voltage, 15K VDC.
    Special Price $15.98 Regular Price $19.95

    CS2223M1 Power Supply Board, High Voltage, 15K VDC.

    Approx 15,000VDC no load.

    Current: Unknown.

    Input: 120VAC.

    Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 1" tall.

    Red & Black #22 XLPVC Leads good for 20KVDC.

    Note: Very nicely made.

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  8. Perkin Elmer - FY-912A - Diode Pac.
    Diode. High voltage diode stack, encapsulated in gold-anodized aluminum shell/heatsink. Dimensions: approximately 2.75" x 1" x 1.2" with two wire leads, three threaded holes. Learn More
  9. HV COMPONENT ASSOC - HDB7.5 - Diode. 7.5KV 1.4Amp.
    Diode, standard recovery. Voltage: 7.5KV. Current: 1.4Amp. Max forward voltage drop: 6V. Max reverse current: 0.5uA. Max surge current: 150Amp. Package: 17-HD 1/2-28 thread. Note: Hi-Bel glass passivated rectifier assembly. High Voltage. Learn More
  10. VICTOREEN - VINC408 16MegOhm x10 Ladder - Resistor, ladder. 160Meg Ohm (x 10).
    Resistor, ladder. Resistance: 160Meg Ohm (x 10). Power: 5 watt. Tolerance: 2%. Package: flat with radial leads, assembled on a board. Dimensions of board: 10.8" x 2.4" x 1.2". Note: Voltage divider. High voltage. Learn More
  11. Microsemi - R3000B - High Voltage 200mA 3000V axial diodes
    Rectifiers - High Voltage 200mA 3000V axial diodes DO-35 Learn More
  12. Joslyn Hi Voltage Corp - 3217A5400P1 - Automatic Reset Actuator.
    Special Price $109.99 Regular Price $133.00
    Automatic Reset Actuator. Has trip and reset coil leads. Dimensions: 2.25" D 5" long including threaded shaft. 4 Wire leads, approximately 26 inches long. New. Made in the USA. Learn More
  13. CPS INC - 5001P/R Option R - 10KVDC 250uA HV Power Supply
    Modular sealed Laser Power Supply, 115v 60Hz-Input. 9" long plus special threaded coaxial connector with mating plug & cable into red sealed rubber mystery network on top. terminal strip, fuse holder x 5.5" x 2.5"plus accessories on side. Red. 12-pounds Learn More
  14. ST MICROELECTRONICS - STTH208 - Diode. 2Amp 800V. Ultra fast.


    2Amp 800V.

    Ultra fast.

    Package: DO-15 Axial leads.

    Note: High Voltage.

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  15. RCA - 2N4240 - Transistor, NPN. 300V, 2A, TO-66

    RCA - 2N4240 Transistor, NPN.

    Max voltage: 300V.

    Max current: 2 Amp.

    Dissipation: 35 watt.

    Package: TO-66 aluminum.

    Note: High voltage.

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  16. Powerex. - KD221K05 - Transistor, dual darlington. P/N: KD221K05.
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $55.00
    Transistor, dual darlington. Max voltage: 1000V (1KV). Max current: 50Amp. P/N: KD221K05. Note: High Voltage. Used/Removed from equipment. No hardware. Learn More
  17. Philips - HiDiv-1 - ECG High Voltage Divider
    ECG High Voltage Divider, 35kV Maximum Input. Total Resistance 240 Meg. tapped at 40 Meg from low end. Ratio 6:1, Maximum Power Dissipation 4 watts. Learn More
  18. Murata Erie - DEBF33D222ZA2B - Capacitor, ceramic. 2200pF 2KV.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 2200pF 2KV. E3. Tolerance: -20, +80%. Package: disc 7mm, radial short leads. Lead spacing: 5.0mm. Rohs compliant. Operating temperature: 85 Deg C. Learn More
  19. Motorola - 2N4240 - Transistor, NPN. 300V, 2A, TO-66 Aluminum w/Gold Leads

    Motorola - 2N4240 Transistor, NPN.

    Max voltage: 300V.

    Max current: 2 Amp.

    Dissipation: 35 watt.

    Package: TO-66 aluminum, Gold leads.

    Note: High voltage.

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  20. Ohmite - Kanthal Global - CESIWID - 890SP501K - Resistor, Ceramic. 500 Ohm 375W. Non-inductive.
    Special Price $189.98 Regular Price $280.00 As low as $169.98

    Ohmite- Kanthal Global - CESIWID - 890SP501K - Ceramic Tubular Resistor 500 Ohm, Non Inductive. 

    800 Series Type Type SP Tubular High Voltage Power Resistor for great A-C power handling capability, whether it be at power frequency or many megahertz.

    High-Power / Non-Inductive - High Voltage.

    Resistance: 500 Ohm +/- 10%

    Power: 375 Watt.

    Maximum Voltage: 16KV.

    Dimension: 1" D x 18" Length.

    Weight: 0.6 lbs.

    Applications: Rod and Tube style ceramic resistors are used in circuits requiring high voltage and non-inductance with surge energy. Select for higher average power, such as R.F. combiners, De-Qing, dummy loads, transmitters and modulators. These are used where the tube configuration provides more effective convection cooling. Other applications include: Anti Parasitic Elements in the grid and anode circuits of power valves in induction heaters.Impulse Voltage Generator, Electric-arc Furnace Damping, Pulse Modulator, Radar Pulse Circuit, ARC Suppression Circuit of Capacitor, High Voltage Buffer, X-ray/head Portrait Equipment and EMI/ Lightning Suppression, Ham Radio, High End-Stereo.

    Ohmite formerly Kanthal Globar - CESiWID INC.

    General Information: https://www.kanthal.com/globalassets/kanthal-global/downloads/resistors-and-capacitors/selecting-a-non-inductive-bulk-ceramic-resistor.pdf 

    Proudly Made in USA


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  21. ST Microelectronics - 2N6545 - Transistor, NPN. P/N: 2N6545.
    Transistor, NPN. Max voltage: 400VCEO, 850VCEV. Max current: 8 Amp. Dissipation: 125 watt. Package: TO-3 (TO-204AA) steel. P/N: 2N6545. Operating temperature: -65 to 200 Deg C. Note: Silicon, switchmode series. High Voltage. Learn More
  22. POLYFLON - RP-VC85-6-05 - Capacitor. 85PF 6KV. Adjustable.
    Capacitor. 85PF 6KV. Adjustable. Housing: teflon and silver plated. Dimensions: 1.5" D x 3.264" long. Bushing length: 0.251" long. Shaft: 0.50" long. Note: High Voltage. Learn More
  23. JOSYLN - 2029-47-B - Circuit Protection. Spark Gap. 2 Pole, Miniature Gas Discharge Tube.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $9.00

    JOSYLN - 2029-47-B Circuit Protection, Miniature Gas Discharge Tube..

    Spark Gap.

    2 Pole Gas Discharg Tube.

    DC Sparkover: 420V

    Operating Temperature: -55 C to 250C

    Package: Axial Leads.

    Surge Capabilities 8 X 20uSec: 20,000

    Dimensions: Overall length is 3-1/8", body is 1/4" x 5/16".

    High Voltage.

    Genuine Vintage Josyle - New Old Stock - Difficult to find

    Applications: Telecommunications, Industrial Electronis, Commercial Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Automotive

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  24. General Electric - PV-02A-12-15A20 - Power Vac, Vacuum Interrupter Circuit Breaker
    Special Price $498.98 Regular Price $1,250.00

    General Electric - PV-02A-12-15A20 Power Vac. Circuit Breaker

    Vacuum Interrupter used in the GE® V1B-15.5 20000-1 vacuum circuit breaker.

    Rated 1200 A, 15.5kV and 20 kA

    20KA Max 15.5 KV max.


    GE OEM New-Old-Stock

    Alternate: RVI-PV-02A-12-15A20

    MADE in USA

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