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  1. Hitachi - 2SC5251 - Transistor, NPN. 800V 12Amp 50W. New.
    Transistor, NPN. Max voltage: 800VCEO 1500VCBO. Max current: 12Amp. Dissipation: 50 watt. Package: TO-247 (TO-3PFM). New, bulk packaged. P/N: 2SC5251. Note: Silicon triple diffused planar. High voltage. Cross NTE2365. Must be used with insulating hardware, not included. Learn More
  2. Philips - 483513047118 - Transistor, NPN. High voltage. New.
    Transistor, NPN. High voltage. Case: TO-218. New. Note:Double marked 5H7-2. (Cross NTE2318. Must used with insulating hardware, not supplied). Learn More
  3. Universal Weber Gas Grill Igniter Module 88826 / 7929 for Replacement /Upgrade of Numerous Grills.
    Special Price $13.98 Regular Price $26.95 As low as $8.98

    Universal Quad Spark Igniter. Replacement igniter for Weber, and numerous other grills.

    This genuine OEM sourced ignition Module is specially designed for Weber grills. The electrode is used to create an electric arc on the burner and this ignites the fuel that is emitted by the burner. 

    OEM Quality, Uses a Single 1.5V AA Battery, Has four (4) male spade terminals, Requires a 15/16" mounting hole. Easily convert nearly any grill requiring 1 to 4 ignition points. Push and hold button for continuous sparking. Includes Ignition Module, Push Button Lock Ring and Heat shield.

    When using as a replacment for other grills, check below dimensions to ensure clearance. 

    Dimensions: 3.75" Depth X 3.25" Width X 2.5" Height.  (Entends 1.9" deep behind front panel minus connecting cables)

    Module has four (4) outputs. Use 1, 2, 3 or all four.

    Alternate P/Ns 88826, 66836, 03341, MCM040334113, MCM03341, IGEIB9B, 040334113, SPM8781331523, SPM8990392123, ISH09-M994317, ALVB00L4, 567139586, 567280242,7628, 7629.  

    Direct fit for following Weber models:

    • Fits Weber 56514, 6511001, 6511301, 6512001, 6519009, 6519399, 6522301, 6531001, 6532001, 6532301, 6550001, 6570001, 6631001, 6631301, 6670001
    • Fits Weber Genesis Series 300 gas grills
    • Fits Genesis Series E310/E320/E330 Grills (2011 and Newer) with Front Mount Control Knobs.
    • This kit is a perfect replacement for the 3-burner Genesis with the dials on the front.
    • Durable and Lasts Longer, Universal Spark generator BBQ Gas Grill Replacement
    • Requirers "AA" Battery (Battery not included)
    • Electronic Ignitor Module, Reignite an old grill

    Dose not fit following Weber models:

    • Not compatible with Genesis II series Grills having side-Mount Control panel. 

    Note: External wiring, AA battery or electrode igniter assemblies purchased separately.

    Learn More
  4. Varo - H477-1 - Diodes, High Voltage. 12KV 10ma.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $5.98

    Varo - H477-1 - Diode, High Voltage.

    Ratings: 12KV 10mA.

    Package: Axial Leads.

    Size: 25.5mm (1.007") long x 6.3mm (0.251") Diameter.

    Genuine Varo - New Old Stock- Slight Lead Tarnish does not impact Operation

    Alternate: HL1200

    Learn More
  5. BEMAN - MP-6 1090 Meg 2% - Resistor, Ceramic. 1090 Meg Ohm, 6 Watt
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.95

    BEMAN - MP-6 Resistor, Ceramic.

    Resistance: Precision 1090Meg Ohm.

    Power: 6 Watt.

    Tolerance: 2%.

    Voltage: 30KV. Glass-like. Spiral Wound. Precision.

    Dimensions: 5/16" D x 6" long.

    Alternates: Heath Kit P/N 2-47, RCA WG-206, BE1090

    New Old Stock

    Additional Information: https://www.utm.edu/staff/leeb/Probe.pdf

    Application: Fits Heathkit Model 336 and RCA WG-289 or WG-297 High Voltage Probes and others.

    Note: Handle the 1090 resistor with care, very fragile.

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  6. AEG\TFK - DO.22/150X32 - Diode, assembly. 150,000V 220mA.
    Diode, assembly. 150,000V 220mA. Dimensions: approximately 1" D x 10" long. Large brass cathode & anode connections. Reverse current at 175KV is 2 MicroAmps. Forward Voltage Drop at 50mA is 165Vmax. Picker T80L-18 19 x Varo H468-9. Learn More
  7. Unidentified MFG - CS2223M1 - Power Supply Board, High Voltage, 15K VDC.
    Special Price $15.98 Regular Price $19.95

    CS2223M1 Power Supply Board, High Voltage, 15K VDC.

    Approx 15,000VDC no load.

    Current: Unknown.

    Input: 120VAC.

    Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 1" tall.

    Red & Black #22 XLPVC Leads good for 20KVDC.

    Note: Very nicely made.

    Learn More
  8. Perkin Elmer - FY-912A - Diode Pac.
    Diode. High voltage diode stack, encapsulated in gold-anodized aluminum shell/heatsink. Dimensions: approximately 2.75" x 1" x 1.2" with two wire leads, three threaded holes. Learn More
  9. HV COMPONENT ASSOC - HDB7.5 - Diode. 7.5KV 1.4Amp.
    Diode, standard recovery. Voltage: 7.5KV. Current: 1.4Amp. Max forward voltage drop: 6V. Max reverse current: 0.5uA. Max surge current: 150Amp. Package: 17-HD 1/2-28 thread. Note: Hi-Bel glass passivated rectifier assembly. High Voltage. Learn More
  10. VICTOREEN - VINC408 16Meg Ohm x10 Ladder - Resistor, Ladder. 160Meg Ohm (x 10).
    Special Price $19.98 Regular Price $32.50

    VICTOREEN - VINC408 Resistor, Ladder.

    Resistance: 160 Meg Ohm (x 10).

    Power: 5 Watt.

    Tolerance: 2%.

    Package: Flat with Radial Leads, Assembled on a PCB.

    Dimensions of board: 10.8" x 2.4" x 1.2".

    Note: Voltage Divider.

    High Voltage.


    Learn More
  11. Microsemi - R3000B - High Voltage 200mA 3000V axial diodes
    Rectifiers - High Voltage 200mA 3000V axial diodes DO-35 Learn More
  12. Joslyn Hi Voltage Corp - 3217A5400P1 - Automatic Reset Actuator.
    Special Price $109.99 Regular Price $133.00
    Automatic Reset Actuator. Has trip and reset coil leads. Dimensions: 2.25" D 5" long including threaded shaft. 4 Wire leads, approximately 26 inches long. New. Made in the USA. Learn More
  13. CPS INC - 5001P/R Option R - 10KVDC 250uA HV Power Supply
    Modular sealed Laser Power Supply, 115v 60Hz-Input. 9" long plus special threaded coaxial connector with mating plug & cable into red sealed rubber mystery network on top. terminal strip, fuse holder x 5.5" x 2.5"plus accessories on side. Red. 12-pounds Learn More
  14. ST MICROELECTRONICS - STTH208 - Diode. 2Amp 800V. Ultra fast.


    2Amp 800V.

    Ultra fast.

    Package: DO-15 Axial leads.

    Note: High Voltage.

    Learn More
  15. RCA - 2N4240 - Transistor, NPN. 300V, 2A, TO-66
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $8.50

    RCA - 2N4240 Transistor, NPN.

    Max voltage: 300V.

    Max current: 2 Amp.

    Dissipation: 35 watt.

    Package: TO-66 aluminum.

    Note: High voltage.

    Learn More
  16. Powerex. - KD221K05 - Transistor, dual darlington. P/N: KD221K05.
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $55.00
    Transistor, dual darlington. Max voltage: 1000V (1KV). Max current: 50Amp. P/N: KD221K05. Note: High Voltage. Used/Removed from equipment. No hardware. Learn More
  17. Philips - HiDiv-1 - ECG High Voltage Divider
    ECG High Voltage Divider, 35kV Maximum Input. Total Resistance 240 Meg. tapped at 40 Meg from low end. Ratio 6:1, Maximum Power Dissipation 4 watts. Learn More
  18. Murata Erie - DEBF33D222ZA2B - Capacitor, ceramic. 2200pF 2KV.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 2200pF 2KV. E3. Tolerance: -20, +80%. Package: disc 7mm, radial short leads. Lead spacing: 5.0mm. Rohs compliant. Operating temperature: 85 Deg C. Learn More
  19. Motorola - 2N4240 - Transistor, NPN. 300V, 2A, TO-66 Aluminum w/Gold Leads
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $8.50 As low as $5.49

    Motorola - 2N4240 Transistor, NPN.

    Max voltage: 300V.

    Max current: 2 Amp.

    Dissipation: 35 watt.

    Package: TO-66 Aluminum, Gold leads.

    Note: High voltage.

    Learn More
  20. Ohmite - Kanthal Global - CESIWID - 890SP501K - Resistor, Ceramic. 500 Ohm 375W. Non-inductive.
    Special Price $189.98 Regular Price $280.00 As low as $169.98

    Ohmite- Kanthal Global - CESIWID - 890SP501K - Ceramic Tubular Resistor 500 Ohm, Non Inductive. 

    800 Series Type Type SP Tubular High Voltage Power Resistor for great A-C power handling capability, whether it be at power frequency or many megahertz.

    High-Power / Non-Inductive - High Voltage.

    Resistance: 500 Ohm +/- 10%

    Power: 375 Watt.

    Maximum Voltage: 16KV.

    Dimension: 1" D x 18" Length.

    Weight: 0.6 lbs.

    Applications: Rod and Tube style ceramic resistors are used in circuits requiring high voltage and non-inductance with surge energy. Select for higher average power, such as R.F. combiners, De-Qing, dummy loads, transmitters and modulators. These are used where the tube configuration provides more effective convection cooling. Other applications include: Anti Parasitic Elements in the grid and anode circuits of power valves in induction heaters.Impulse Voltage Generator, Electric-arc Furnace Damping, Pulse Modulator, Radar Pulse Circuit, ARC Suppression Circuit of Capacitor, High Voltage Buffer, X-ray/head Portrait Equipment and EMI/ Lightning Suppression, Ham Radio, High End-Stereo.

    Ohmite formerly Kanthal Globar - CESiWID INC.

    Proudly Made in USA


    Learn More
  21. ST Microelectronics - 2N6545 - Transistor, NPN. P/N: 2N6545.
    Transistor, NPN. Max voltage: 400VCEO, 850VCEV. Max current: 8 Amp. Dissipation: 125 watt. Package: TO-3 (TO-204AA) steel. P/N: 2N6545. Operating temperature: -65 to 200 Deg C. Note: Silicon, switchmode series. High Voltage. Learn More
  22. CRANE POLYFLON - RP-VC85-6-05 - Capacitor. 85PF 6KV. Adjustable.
    Special Price $198.98 Regular Price $275.00

    CRANE POLYFLON - RP-VC85-6-05 - Capacitor.

    RF Variable Capacitors (0.8 - 125 pF) . Non-Magnetic. High Voltage. High Power. High "0"
    Screwdriver Adjust Non-Rotating Piston Series.

    PTFE anode and mount surfaces are metalized with electrodeposited copper. Polyflon's proprietary plating process eliminates the possibility of air being trapped between the PTFE and copper interface which could break down under voltage stress.

    Capacitance: 85PF

    Volatage: 6KV. Adjustable.

    Housing: Teflon (TPFE) and Silver Plated.

    Dimensions: 1.5" D x 3.264" long.

    Bushing length: 0.251" long.

    Shaft: 0.50" long.

    Note: High Voltage.

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  23. JOSYLN - 2029-47-B - Circuit Protection. Spark Gap. 2 Pole, Miniature Gas Discharge Tube.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $9.00

    JOSYLN - 2029-47-B Circuit Protection, Miniature Gas Discharge Tube..

    Spark Gap.

    2 Pole Gas Discharg Tube.

    DC Sparkover: 420V

    Operating Temperature: -55 C to 250C

    Package: Axial Leads.

    Surge Capabilities 8 X 20uSec: 20,000

    Dimensions: Overall length is 3-1/8", body is 1/4" x 5/16".

    High Voltage.

    Genuine Vintage Josyle - New Old Stock - Difficult to find

    Applications: Telecommunications, Industrial Electronis, Commercial Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Automotive

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  24. General Electric - PV-02A-12-15A20 - Power Vac, Vacuum Interrupter Circuit Breaker
    Special Price $1,198.98 Regular Price $1,250.00

    General Electric - PV-02A-12-15A20 Power Vac. Circuit Breaker

    Vacuum Interrupter used in the GE® V1B-15.5 20000-1 vacuum circuit breaker.

    Rated 1200 A, 15.5kV and 20 kA

    20KA Max 15.5 KV max.


    GE OEM New-Old-Stock

    Alternate: RVI-PV-02A-12-15A20

    MADE in USA

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