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  1. OMRON - Z15HW4344B7CK - Switch, micro, lever. SPDT 10Amp 125/250VAC.
    Switch, micro, lever. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 10Amp 125/250VAC or 277VAC (1/8HP 125VAC, 1/4HP 250VAC). Connection: screw. Mech: panel, with two unthreaded mount holes at 1" centers. Body: 1.941" long x 0.685" wide x 1/162" high with lever extending 0.37" beyond switch body. Note: Very light pressure. Learn More
  2. Honeywell/Microswitch - GLBA02C - Switch, limit. Top roller plunger, 1NC 1NO SPDT
    Switch, limit. GLS: Top Roller Plunger, 1NC 1NO SPDT Snap Action, 0.5 in - 14NPT conduit. More info: Learn More
  3. Honeywell/Microswitch - GLBA02B - Switch, limit. Top plunger, 1NC 1NO SPDT.
    Switch, limit. Top plunger, 1NC 1NO SPDT Snap Action, 0.5 in - 14NPT conduit.More info: Learn More
  4. Honeywell/Microswitch - GLAA20C - Switch, limit. Roller Plunger, 2NC 2NO DPDT.
    Switch, limit. Top Roller Plunger, 2NC 2NO DPDT Snap Action, 0.5 in - 14NPT conduit. More info: Learn More
  5. Honeywell / Microswitch - GLAA01K8C - Switch, Limit. Wobble Stick 1NC 1NO SPDT.
    Special Price $79.98 Regular Price $109.95

    Honeywell / Microswitch - GLAA01K8C Switch, Limit. Wobble Stick - Cat Whisker, SPDT Snap Action. 

    Technical Specs

    • Limit Switch StyleGeneral Purpose Limit Switch
    • Basic Actuator Style - Limit SwitchWobble Stick
    • Actuator Style - Limit SwitchWobble Stick, Cat Whisker
    • Actuator Location - Limit Switch Top
    • AC Contact Rating - Limit Switch 10A @ 600V
    • DC Contact Rating - Limit Switch 10A @ 250V
    • Contact Form- Switches 1NC/1NO
    • Actuator Length - Limit Switch 5.50"
    • Body Height - Limit Switch 3.23"
    • Body Width - Limit Switch 1.65"
    • Body Depth - Limit Switch 1.65"
    • Boot Sealed Actuator - Limit Switch No
    • Mounting - Limit Switch Surface
    • Body Style - Limit Switch Standard
    • NEMA Rating 1, 4, 12, 13
    • Wiring Entry 1/2" NPT
    • Electrical Connection Screw Terminals
    • IP Rating 67
    • Movement Wobble
    • Travel Maximum Pretravel 18 Degrees, Differential Travel 8 Degrees
    • Series GLA/GLS
    • Operating Temp. Range -13 Degrees to 185 Degrees F
    • Mounting Hole Pattern - Limit Switch 4 Hole Rectangular
    • Mounting Hole Spacing - Limit Switch 2.36" x 1.18"
    • Mounting Hole - Limit Switch (4) 0.21" dia.
    • Stem Thread - Limit Switch No Stem
    • Body Materia lZinc Die Cast
    • Arm Material Stainless Steel
    • Operating Force 0.90 in.-lb.
    • Standards UL, CE, CSA, CCC. IEC 947-5-1, EN60947-5-1, UL508
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  6. Honeywell/Microswitch - 2CLSB1A1 - Duplex Cable Pull Limit Switch.

    Duplex Cable Pull Limit Switch. For emergency stop applications. Heavy duty (Right and Left) microswitch two eye hooks probable use with CLSZ50 cable assembly, conveyor systems/safety item. The direct acting control circuit contacts are held closed when the cables are under proper tension. If either cable is pulled, slackened or broken a cam will open the control circuit contacts. See Instruction sheet, included. Weight: 5 lbs.

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  7. Honeywell/Microswitch - BZ2R55A2S - Switch, micro, P/B. SPDT 15Amp 125VAC.
    Switch, micro, pushbutton. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 15Amp 125VAC, 250, 480VAC (1/8HP 125VAC, 1/4HP 250VAC, 1/2A 125VDC, 1/4AMP 250VDC). Actuator: momentary. Connection: screw terminals. Mech: panel, 2 hole mount 1" centers. Panel hole: 1.937" long x 0.686" wide x 0.940" high. Note: Recessed button. Limit switch. Learn More
  8. LICON - 76-1290 - Switch, limit with manual reset. Contacts: DPST.
    Switch, limit with manual reset. Contacts: DPST. Contact Ratings: 10A 125/250VAC. Actuator: two positions, maintained. Connection: four solder terminals. Mech: riveted on small plate. Body: 0.25" x 1.2"L x <1.0"H. Note: Has unusual mechanical reset once roller/lever is pushed and snaps.. Learn More
  9. Honeywell/Microswitch - LSU1A - 10Amp 600VAC Limit Switch Side Rotary
    10Amp 600VAC Limit Switch Side Rotary Factory New Manuf bx's.Limit Switch Switch Function:SPDT-1NO/1NC , Contact Rating:10A at 250VDC ,Operating Force Max:0.45N , Over Travel:5 ,Mounting Type:0.5in - 14NPT Conduit, Operating Force:0.45N , Pre-Travel:70 , RoHS - Yes (NO ARM) Learn More
  10. General Electric - CR174DBP1A1 - Photoelectric Proximity Limit Switch
    PICK UP ON LIGHT - 10-30VDC NPN sinks 200mA (Normally Open). 0.695"diameter x 2.3'' long with3-conductor cable. Made in W Germany for General Electric Learn More
  11. UNIMAX - AQ34A-W - Switch, micro P/B. SPST NC 15A 125V.

    Switch, micro P/B. Contacts: SPST NC. Contact Ratings: 15Amp 125-250VAC (3/4HP 125V, 1-1/2HP 250V). Actuator: On-On. Connection: 1/4" male QC terminals. Mech: PCB or Panel (2 hole mt or bushing). Body: 1.828" long x 0.633" wide x 0.643" high. Note: Threaded bushing: 15/32" x 0.425" long.

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  12. Pepperl & Fuchs - NJ40+U1+E2 - Inductive Limit Switch
    Inductive Limit Switch 40mm Sensing Range 10-30VDC 200 mA Non Flush Mountable - PG13.5 Conduit entrance - N.O. Output - PNP Learn More
  13. Honeywell/Microswitch - UM10A10B01 - Switch, micro, flat lever. Contacts: SPDT.
    Switch, micro, flat lever. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 0.1Amp 250VAC. Elect config: 3 solder leads. Mech: PCB. Body: 19.7mm long x 6.4mm wide x 11.0mm high. Note: Actuator length: 18mm. Very sensitive. Double marked 20806T. Listed: UL/CSA. Learn More
  14. Honeywell - Microswitch - YZ-RS-NT - Switch, micro, limit. SPST NO 15A 125V. Used.
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $12.95
    Switch, micro, limit. SPST-Normally Open. 15A-125-480VAC, 1/8-1/4HP. Standard Basic switch with Stainless steel plunger sealed with neoprene or elastomer, Phenolic case and cover. Mounting: 2 holes 1.0" spacing through side. Size:0.7"W x 1.95"L x 1.4"H including plunger. Less than 1mm travel for snap switch action, approx 3mm over-travel. Two Screw Terminals. Learn More
  15. Crouzet Corp - 831613-04 - Switch, limit. SPST-N.O.-12A
    Switch, limit. Contacts: SPST-N.O. Contact Ratings: 12A. Actuator: momentary - light force, snap action. Connection: 3/16" QC terminals with solder hole. Mech: two holes 1.0" spacing. Note: Verified for nine international standards. More info: Learn More
  16. Crouzet Corp - 83852304 - Switch, limit. 3 Position rod actuator.
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $75.89
    Switch, limit. Actuator: Mom-Ctr-Mom. Mech: Panel. Panel hole: Nema 4. Thermoplastic case with double insulation and metal actuator head. Note: Industrial miniature, with adjustable polyamide rod actuator. Adjustable length and pitch 7". Learn More
  17. Zoeller Company - 004892 / 004705 OEM Replacement Sump Pump Float Switch - Used in Zoeller Model 53, 55, 57, 59, 97, 98, 264 & 3098 Series Sump Pumps, DPST Mechanical Switch.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $38.95

    Zoeller Company - 004892 / 004705

    Float switch. Contacts: DPST Mechanical Switch. Rating: 12Amp 125VAC, 1/2HP / 6Amp 250VAC,  Actuator: On-Off. Body: Approximately 2.7" long x 1.3" x 1.2". New Switch without mounting hardware or gasket. Sears Item #SPM8978516729, Model #SIDOBQREHU.  UPC 053514006006, Used on Numerous Sump pumps including Zoeller Series M53, M55, M57, M59, M97, M98, D98, M264 & M3098 Sump Pumps. Mfr # 004744

    Zoeller OEM replacement switches allow you to give new life to your sump pump without having to replace the entire unit. Zoeller replacement sump pump switches are among the most reliable and sensitive switches on the market. You can always rely on Zoeller sump pump switches to ensure your pump to kickstart the dewatering process in the event of rising water levels even with loss of power.

    Note: Switch without gasket or screws. 

    Note: Some installations use same  switch but have a different terminal. In those instances slice wire connection. See close-up picture of two slide on connector types. 


    Learn More
  18. ACRO - 2MC31A - Switch, SPST-NC 10A Snap, momentary. Pin plunger
    Switch, limit. 10Amp 125Vac NC. Momentary snap switch, small pin push button. 6.9 x 41mmL x 23mmH. Learn More
  19. OMRON - D4A-0001N - Switch, limit. Head and switch body only.
    Switch, limit. Head and switch body only. For Omron heavy duty limit switches, standard side. Learn More
  20. MICRO SWITCH - UX30C10C01 - Switch, lever. SPDT-1A. Package of 100.
    Switch, lever. Contacts: SPDT-1Amp at 125VAC. Operation: Very light-26-gram force. Momentary Subminiature. package of 100. Also sold 10/$4.80, see SKU39188. Learn More
  21. Honeywell - Microswitch - BZ-3YST - Large Basic Snap Action Overtravel Pin Plunger Switch. Contacts: SPDT with Isolated NO & NC contacts.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $46.98

    Honeywell Industrial Premium Large Base Switch, BZ Series. Contacts: SPDT with same common w/N.O. & N.C. contacts. Rating: 5A 250VAC. Contact material - Silver. Actuator: Pin plunger with 0.03" (0.76mm) Pre-Travel and 0.06" (1.52 mm) overtravel. Connections: Five screw terminals. Hardened Steel Plunger. Mech: two 0.13" holes 1" spacing. Body: 0.69" x 1.95"L x 1"H plus 0.55"H plunger. (49.28 X 17.45 X 44.45mm). Connection - Screw terminal, Operating Temp -67F to +185F (-55 - 85C) Through Hole Chassis Mounting. Force to Operate  - 26 oz (7.22 N). Construction - Phenolic. Split Contact Construction allowing Two Isolated Circuits. Mechanical Life - 20,000 cycles.  Weight 1.04 oz. RoHs Compliant  BZ-3YST-ND, BZ3YST, 480-4707, 785-BZ-3YST 

    • Building controls and equipment
    • Doors and lifts
    • Semi-trucks and trailers
    • Valves
    • Industrial timers
    • Communication systems
    • Foot switches
    • Commercial and industrial food service equipment
    • Agriculture irrigation equipment
    • Medical instrumentation

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  22. Honeywell/Microswitch - LSK1A-8A - Flexible Actuator Limit Switch
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $90.00
  23. Cutler-Hammer / Eaton.... - C-H Switch sample kit - Switch assortment Kit 23-piece

    23-piece Switch assortment kit used by Cutler Hammer salesmen. 24 pc counting the attractive black carrying case.

    Learn More
  24. Arco Electric - Aero Snap RC7-102T - Switch, micro, p/b. SPST NC 10A 125V.
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $12.50

    Arco Electric - Aero Snap RC7-102T Switch, micro, pushbutton.

    Contacts: SPST NC.

    Contact Ratings: 10Amp 125VAC, 5Amp 250VAC.

    Connection: screw terminals.

    Mech: Panel, with 2 holes at 1" (25.4mm) centers.

    Panel hole: 1.945" (49.4mm) long x 0.691" (17.5mm) wide x 0.820" (20.8mm) high.

    Note: Arco-snap.

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