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  1. OAK INDUSTRIES - 243881-LK2 - Switch, Dual Rotary. Contacts: 2 pole-18 position.
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $15.95

    OAK INDUSTRIES - 243881-LK2

    Switch, dual rotary.

    Contacts: 2pole-18pos .

    Actuator: concentric. Elect config: shorting.

    Weight: 2.5oz. Both Inner and Outer sections are One pole 17-contacts and Off position.

    Inner: 0.122"D and Outer: 0.25"D shafts. 3/8" threaded bushing.

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  2. SWITCHCRAFT - 2523-304 - Switch, rotary leaf. 3-Position.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $4.95

    Switch, rotary leaf. 3-Position Old telephone style with two form C, 6 connections, Complete with knob. Contacts: precious metal. Dimensions: overall 4-1/4" long. Three positions (Arrow-Left45deg/Arrow-Vertical/Arrow-Right90deg) Contacts Pair Action: 1-2 (X-O-O); 2-3 (O-X-X); 4-5 (O-X-O); 5-6 (O-O-X).O=Open, X=Closed.

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  3. OHMITE - 111-5 - Switch, rotary. SP5P. Power Tap. 15A 120 VAC
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $29.95

    Ohmite Switch, rotary. Contacts: SP5P. Contact Ratings: 15Amp. 125VAC. 20vdc rating. Panel Mount w/solder lugs, Actuator: Non-Shorting - Flatted (6.35mm Diameter), actuator Length -12.70mm, Throw angle - 30 degrees, Contacts are Silver Alloy, Body: 2" OD with lugs. Weight: 2.3 oz. Note: Rotary power tap switch. Standard 3/8" bushing. Silver plated contacts beginning to tarnish. Circular panel cutout dimension -9.53 mm Diameter, Operting force 17-44 gfm. New old stock.

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  4. GRAYHILL - 44A30-01-1-06N - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P6T.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P6T. Contact Ratings: 1Amp 115VAC/VDC. Actuator: non-shorting. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: panel. Panel hole: 1.161" D, 3/8" threaded bushing 0.435" long. Shaft: 1/4" half flattened, 0.422" long. Note: 1 Pole/ 1 Deck 30 Degree. Learn More
  5. GRAYHILL - Switch 023 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: SP 2-Position. Used.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: SP 2-Position, one side is momentary. Mech: panel. Body: 1" Diameter. Note: Used/Removed from equipment. Still in very nice condition. Learn More
  6. GRAYHILL - 031-0413-00 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1 Pole 5 position.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1 Pole 5 position. Contact Ratings: 200mA. Actuator: threaded bushing 1/4" long, flattened 1/8' shaft. Mech: PCB 10 Pin. Body: Round 0.510" (12.9mm) D x 0.479" (12.1mm) high, overall with actuator 1.139" (28.9mm) tall. Note: More info:,51.pdf Learn More
  7. GEMCO - 404S32121YAA3 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T. Actuator: momentary each side. Mech: panel, 4 contacts. Mounts in a 0.85" hole, complete with 4 metal washers, one cork and one locating pin. Note: Selector switch with adjustable cam. Learn More
  8. General Electric - ASR4252-17 - Switch, rotary, heater control. 4 Position.
    Switch, rotary, heater control. Contacts: 4 Position. Contact Ratings: 20Amp 125/250VAC, 1HP-120V, 2HP-240V. Connection: 3-Terminal: L1, 1 and 2. Body: 2" x 1-1/8" (54mm x 29mm x 30mm behind panel). Note: Four 90 degree turns. Shaft: Half 1/4". Made in the USA. Learn More
  9. CLAROSTAT - G106210-6 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: SPDT.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 125mA@28V. Mech: 0.25" threaded bushing and gold plated leads. Note: 0.7" with leads x 0.51" square x 0.46" behind panel - 0.123" 3.1mm D shaft, half flat, nice, x 0.8"long. Precision rotary/Non-shorting. Learn More
  10. Centralab - PA2043 - Switch, rotary. 1Pole, 2 to 6 Positions.

    Centralab - PA2043 Switch, Rotary.

    Contacts: 1Pole, 2 to 6 Position.

    Contact Ratings: 0.5Amp 125VAC, 1Amp 28VDC.

    Connection: silver plated brass contacts (tarnishing).

    Elect config: Non-shorting. Dimensions: 1.47" D.

    Shaft: 1/4" D x 1.829" long.

    Note: Steatite Insulation.

    Ceramic. 60 Degree indexing.

    Vintage Component in New Manufacturer's Packaging.

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  11. Centralab - PA215-113 - Switch, rotary. 1 Pole 3 Position.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50 As low as $1.19

    Centralab - PA215-113 Switch, rotary.

    1 Pole 3 Position, non-shorting. 30 degree indexing.


    Contacts: 1P3T.

    Contact Ratings: 1A.

    Actuator: Very heavy indent, no mistakenly turning 0.24"D x 0.3"L knurled slotted shaft.

    Elect config: Make-before-Break.

    Body: 1.0" x 1.25"W x only 0.4"D behind panel.

    Panel hole: Standard 3/8" bushing mount, with washer & nut.

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  12. C & K Components - MG00L1NZQD - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P12T.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P12T. Contact Ratings: 125VAC (or 28VDC) 250mA, carry 6Amp. Connection: solder. Elect config: non-shorting. Mech: PC, vertical. Body: Bushing 0.25" D x 0.243" long. Body: 0.511" D x 0.374" high. Note: Shaft: flattened 1/8"D x 0.391" long. Note: M Series: Half-inch Rotary Switches. Learn More
  13. OHMITE RCL - SW-3244 - 01686 - Miniature Rotary Switch, 8-Position 1-Pole, Non-shorting.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $7.95

    OHMITE RCL SW-3244 - 01686 Miniature Rotary Switch

    8-Position 1-Pole,

    Non-shorting, (Break before make)

    Miniature PCB mount rotary switch.

    Gold Plated PC Terminals

    Body, 0.5" diameter x 0.5" long

    Ignore the 10 positions implied by the photograph.

    New individually packaged.

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  14. Square D Schneider Electric - 9001TS6 - Selector switch operator 30mm.
    Switch, rotary. Selector switch operator, 30mm. Heavy Duty 3-Position, Type T, Series A. Foundry 3 Position Cam F Black Manual Return. Learn More
  15. OAK INDUSTRIES - 171-102 - Switch, rotary. 3P3T shorting.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 3P3T. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: 1-1/4" D. Shaft: 1/4" D flattened shaft 3/4" long. Bushing length: 0.337". Note: 3 Separate circuits/3 position Shorting. No noise between positions, brief contact instead. Rotary wafer. Learn More
  16. Ohmite - 111-A-4 - Switch, rotary. 4 Pos 15Amp 125VAC. Rotary tap.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 4 Position. Contact Ratings: 15Amp 125VAC. Connection: Has 5 male 1/4" quick connect terminals. Mech: Bushing 0.484" long with shaft 1/4" D x 1.869" long. Note: Rotary tap Switch. Model 111 / 59704. Ceramic body. Listed: UL. Learn More
  17. GRAYHILL - 71ADF30-12-2-AJN - 2Pole 12Position Mini Rotary Switch
    Subminiature two deck rotary switch. Sealed against moisture, shock, salt spray, explosion and stop strength req's of MIL-S-3786. 3.18mm dia shaft. One Inch behind panel depth. Has solder & PC pin terminations. Twelve Positions, Two poles. Learn More
  18. EECO - 2A210012GV - Switch, rotary BCD. Dual 0-9.

    Switch, rotary BCD. Contacts: 1P Dual 0-9. Mech: PCB 5 pins each. Panel hole: 1.591" long x 0.771" wide x 0.427" high, plus rotary actuator. More info:

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  19. CTS - 1080-124B - Switch, Rotary. Series 227, SPDT, 1P2T.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $6.50 As low as $2.49

    CTS - 1080-124B Rotary Switch, Series 227, SPDT, 1P2T. 

    Series 227 Features:

    Hill and valley detent.

    Enclosed diecast detent plate

    Printed circuit terminals

    Molded stator prevents solder from flowing into the circuit.

    SPDT, 1P2T.

    Indexing: Double bump spring hill and valley detent with 30° indexing

    Voltage and Contact Rating UL Rating: 3/4 amp at 125 VAC

    Contact Resistance .015 ohm max. when measured from adjacent terminals

    Stop Strength: 15 in-lb (17.3 Kgf-cm)

    Detent Rotational Life 25,000 cycles

    Materials Shaft: Aluminum, Bushing: Zinc diecast, Detent Spring: Stainless steel, Detent Plate: Zinc diecast

    Rotor Contacts, Stator Contacts and Terminals: Silver plated brass standard

    Stator Insulator: Glass reinforced thermoset material

    Shaft Trim: Plain round with flat. 

    Custom order for a specific company.

    Cross: CTS P/N #04473.

    RoHS Compliant


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  20. Centralab - PA2030 - Switch, rotary. 10P3T, shorting.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 10P3T (10 Pole 3 Position). Connection: solder terminals, tarnished. Material: Ceramic. Mech: Panel. Body: 1.452" D (max) x 1.376" behind panel. Threaded bushing 0.546" long (seated). Shaft: 0.253" D x 1.867" long. Note: Shorting. Ceramic, 2 tier (2 wafer). Note2: Shipped as 2 position from factory. Learn More
  21. C & K Components - 3-374 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P 3 Position.

    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 2P 3 Position. Contact Ratings: 12Amp 125VAC, 6A 250VAC, 1A 125VDC. Note: Bushing: 3/8: threaded. H Series. Note: The nature of the switch is inherently non-shorting and operates according to the table below. It cannot emulate the identical operation of a 2-wiper, 3-position switch. This design was necessary to achieve the current ratings of the switch. PairLeftCenterRight 1-2 Open Open Closed1-8OpenClosed Open 7-8ClosedOpenOpen 3-4ClosedOpenOpen 4-5OpenClosedOpen 5-6OpenOpenClosed

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  22. ALLEN BRADLEY - AB - 800MS-JX5U - Switch, rotary. 3 Pos. 1 side mom.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 3 Position. One side momentary. Contact Ratings: 300VAC max. Mech: panel mount. Note: Series A, selector switch, non-illuminated. Double marked 800M-XA. Learn More
  23. Challenger - 1889-DP-1 - Rotary Canopy Switch, SPST, 1 A 250V, 3A 125V
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $6.50

    Challenger Canopy Switch, Contacts: SPST. Contact Ratings: 3Amps 125VAC( 2Amp 125VT, 1Amp 250V, 3Amp 125V).  Connection: (2) 6 inch leads. Mech: Panel, threaded bushing. Body: 0.9" x 0.79" x 0.30" high, plus bushing 0.660" seated.

    Great for Lamp 0n - Lamp Off.



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