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  1. Vimex WMC - SS24H01 NAT5 - Switch, slide. Contacts: DP4T.
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.50 As low as $0.69

    Vimex WMC - SS24H01 NAT5 - Switch, slide. Contacts: DP4T.

    Switch, slide. 10 Pin

    Contacts: DP4T.

    Contact Ratings: 50VDC 0.3Amp.

    Connection: PC terminals.

    Mech: Panel or PCB.

    Body: 1.167" (29.6mm) long x 0.377" (9.5mm) wide x 0.478" (12.1mm) above board.

    Similar to Tyco ALCOSWITCH - MSS 2450 at a much lower price.

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  2. Unidentified MFG - 100132-001 - Switch, slide. Contacts: DP3T. Package of 4.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: DP3T 0.080" spacing. Mech: PCB. Body: 0.5"L x 0.25" x 0.16" above board. Package of 4. Note: Miniature. Learn More
  3. TYCO/ALCOSWITCH - SL-660 - Switch, slide. 6-position.
    Switch, slide. 6-position, 6 pairs with sliding short, with detent. Mounting: PC Tails. Lever or Knob Actuator. Size: 1.58" x 1.38" x 1.38". Contact Rating: 250 mA @ 125 VAC, 150 mA @ 12 VDC. Initial Contact Resistance: 30 Milliohms max. Contact Timing: Break before make. Contacts: Silver plate over copper alloy. Case Material: Steel. Actuator Material: Polycarbonate. Terminals/Fixed Contacts: Silver plate over copper alloy. Terminal Seal: Epoxy. Dielectric Strength: 500 VAC. Actuation Force: 200-300 grams.Actuator Travel. 0.126� Life Expectancy: Up to 10,000 Cycles. Wiping Contact. Tyco 1-1437577-2 Learn More
  4. STACKPOLE - S-5022CD00-0 - Reversing slide switch. DPDT
    Special Price $0.59 Regular Price $1.00 As low as $0.39

    STACKPOLE - S-5022CD00-0 Switch, Slide.

    Reversing DPDT, 2 Position, non-rated.

    Solder Tabs

    Mounts with 2 screws on 1-1/8" centers on a flange that makes the part number close but incorrect - - large 3/8" tall black Slide - internally wired for reversing.

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  5. ALCO ELECTRIC - MHS90599F - Switch, slide. SP5T.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: SP5T (One pole, center common). Contact Ratings: 300mA. Connection: PC leads. Body: 24.4mm long x 6.2mm wide x 7.6mm high. Actuator: 4.5mm D x 10.3mm high. Note: Positive detents. Low profile, instrumentation grade. Leads are tarnishing. Learn More
  6. Unidentified MFG - 35ZF12 - Switch, slide. Contacts: SPDT. Package of 10.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: SPDT. Connection: 3 tiny solder terminals. Mech: PCB, SMD. Body: 7mm long x 1.4mm thick x 4mm above board. Note: MicroMiniature. Stamped with Roman numeral 2. Package of 10. Learn More
  7. UID - 3-777 - SPDT 2-Position Slide switch

    SPDT 2-Position Slide switch Slide is side pc mount.Body: 18.4mm wide x 10.2mm tall

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  8. SWITCHCRAFT - 3-778 - Switch, Slide. DPDT, 3 Position.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50 As low as $1.49

    SWITCHCRAFT - 3-778 Switch, Slide.

    Contacts: DPDT, 3 Position.

    Contact Ratings: 0.5Amp 125V AC/DC.

    Connection: 8 PC leads.

    Terminals: copper alloy, Silver Plated

    Therminal Board: Molded Thermoplastic

    Mech: PCB. 

    Life: 6000 cycles Minimum

    Panel Hole: 21.9mm long x 10.3mm wide x 8.0mm high.


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  9. STACKPOLE - 3-045 - Switch, slide, snap. DPDT-6A. Package of 5.

    Switch, slide. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 6A-125VAC 3A-250VAC 1A-125VDC. Actuator: snap-action slide. Connection: 6 solder terminals. Mech: panel mount. Body: Mount plate 48mm long x 14.0mm wide with 40mm mt centers. Overall beneath board 35.3mm long x 13.9mm wide. Package of 5. Note: 2 Position.

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  10. SEUFFER - 627 10-DIP - Switch, slide. Contacts: DP3T.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: DP3T. Actuator: 4 Position. Mech: PCB 10 dip. Body: Overall 0.789" (20.0mm) long x 0.420" 910.6mm) wide x 0.716" (18.1mm)high/above board. Note: Pin spacing: 0.115" (2.9mm). Learn More
  11. C & K Components - SD08H0K - Switch, dip. Contacts: SPST 8P.
    Switch, dip. Contacts: SPST 8P. Contact Ratings: Carry: 100 mA @ 50 V DC max. Switch: 0.1 mA @ 5 V DC min to 100 mA @ 25 V DC max. Actuator: Flush slide. Mech: PCB 16 Dip. Body: overall length 0.858". Learn More
  12. C & K Components - 1101M1S3CQE2 - Switch, slide. SPDT 6Amp 120VAC.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 6Amp 120VAC/3Amp 250VAC. Actuator: On-None-On. Connection: PC leads. Body: 12.9mm long x 6.8mm wide x 7.8mm high, with mount flange at 17.5mm centers. Note: Sealed contacts. Made in the USA. Learn More
  13. TYCO - 6-1437576-8 - ALCO ELECTRIC - MSS4200EG - Switch, slide. 4PDT. Gold Contacts, 125 VAC, 3A,
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50 As low as $0.98

    TYCO - 6-1437576-8 - ALCO - MSS4200EG Switch, Slide. 4PDT. Contact Ratings: 20VDC 0.4VA, 125 VAC .3A

    Connection: 12 PC leads.

    Voltage Rating: 125 AC, 300mA

    Mech: PCB, Miniature with Epoxy Sealed Terminals.

    Contacts: Gold Make-Before-Break 

    Operating Temp.: -20C to 85C

    Mechanical/Electrical Life: 15,000 Cycles 

    PC-mount gold leads telecom grade pin spacing the 6 pin spacing. See Diagram. 

    The unit can be PCB mounted with 4 indexing pins of 12.6mm x 8.3mm on center to keep it in fixed on the board.


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  14. WARMINSTER - 3-279 - Switch, slide. Contacts: 3PDT.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: 3PDT. Contact Ratings: 3Amp 125VAC, 125VDC. Mech: PCB 6 solder leads, with 1.101" mt ctrs (27.9mm). Body: 35.9mm long x 18.2mm wide. Note: CW Industries P/N: GF-861-0002G. Learn More
  15. Unidentified MFG - 3-189 - Switch, slide. DP3T.

    Switch, slide.

    Contacts: DP3T.

    Mech: PCB, 8 pin. Body: 0.948" (24mm) long x 0.305" (7.7mm) wide x 0.343" (8.7mm) above board, plus seated actuator 0.562" (14.2mm) long.

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  16. Unidentified MFG - 3-420-2 - Switch, slide.
    Switch, slide. Mech: PCB. Body: Overall 12.0mm long x 6.5mm wide x 5.9mm high. Note: Semi-enclosed spring loaded slide switch. Miniature. Learn More
  17. Unidentified MFG - 3-557 - Switch, slide. Contacts: 2P3T.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: 2P3T. Connection: 8 heavy PC leads. Mech: PCB. Body: 1.072" long x 0.366" wide x 0.849" high including contacts and frame. Note: No knob included. Learn More
  18. Unidentified MFG - 6-077 - Switch, slide. 2-position 125VAC

    2 position slide switch - 125VAC 3A AC, 5A DC. Connection: 6-solder terminals 2.5mm wide behind board x 13.8mm deep with 28.7mm mount centers.

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  19. Unidentified MFG - 6-074 - Switch, slide. SPDT 0.5Amp 125VAC. Package of 2.

    Switch, slide.

    Contacts: SPDT.

    Contact Ratings: 0.5Amp 125VAC.

    Connection: solder.

    Mech: PCB, flange 25.4mm long, with two hole mount at 20.0mm centers.

    Panel hole: 16.1mm long x 10.2mm wide x 7.2mm behind board, plus connections.

    Package of 2.

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  20. UND LABS - 3-773 - Switch, slide. Contacts: SPDT - 2 Position. 1A 125 VAC, 1/2 Amp. 125 VDC. Package of 2
    Special Price $1.59 Regular Price $2.00 As low as $1.29

    UND LABS Switch, Slide.

    Contacts: SPDT - 2 Position.

    Contact Ratings: 1Amp 125VAC, 1/2A 125VDC.

    Actuator: On-Off.

    Connection: PCB Terminals.

    Mechanical: Panel or PCB.

    Panel hole: 1.002" (25.4mm) long x 0.432" (10.9mm) wide x 0.478" (12.1mm) behind board including contacts.

    Package of 2

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  21. TYCO -TE Connectivity - ALCOSWITCH - STS230PC - Miniature Switch, Slide. DP3T (3 position). 300 mA @ 125 VAC.
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.50 As low as $0.59

    TYCO - TE Connectivity - ALCOSWITCH - STS230PC Miniature Slide Switch, Low Profile.

    Status: Discontinued

    Contacts: DP3T (2 pole 3 throws). Material: Copper Alloy, Silver over Nickel Plate

    Contact Timing: Make before Break

    Mounting Style: THT

    Contact Rating: 300 mA @ 125 VAC

    Electrical Endurance: 10,000 Operations

    Connection: 8 PC leads.

    Operating Temp: - 15 to 60 C 

    Mech: PCB. 

    Panel Hole: 15.7mm long x 6.2mm wide x 5.1mm high, plus actuator.

    Alternate P/N: 1825 163-2, 64-STS-230-PC-025, 7-1437577-5 


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  22. SWITCHCRAFT - 247432 - Switch, slide. Contacts: DPDT.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 3Amp 125VAC. Mech: PCB 6 leads, with 1-1/8" mt ctrs (28.7mm). Body: 35mm long x 13.5mm wide.[Note: DPDT (signifying double-pole, double throw) slide switches have 6 contacts lined up in two length-wise groups of three. Each group of three, commonly referred to as a "pole" has a center tab that operates as the connection to the wiper that connects to one or the other of the two ends when the upper slide handle is at one or the other end of physical travel. The two slider work in unision, so that the two poles exchange contacts together.] Learn More
  23. STACKPOLE - 3-074 - Switch, slide. DPDT, 2 pos. Package of 4.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $4.99

    STACKPOLE - 3-074  Switch, slide. DPDT, 2 position.

    Long handle.

    Termination: 6 solder terminals, very slight tarnish.

    Mount: Panel.

    Dimensions: Mount plate 1" long x 0.426" wide with 2 holes 0.760" centers.

    Behind panel: 0.633" long x 0.429" wide.

    Actuator: Overall from plate is 0.715" high.

    Package of 4.

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  24. STACKPOLE - 3-099 - Switch, Slide. DPST. 125VAC/6A, 250VAC/3A, 125VDC/1A, Package of 2.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $5.00

    STACKPOLE - 3-099 Switch, Slide.

    Contacts: DPST.

    Contact Ratings: 6Amp 125VAC, 3Amp 250VAC, 1Amp 125VDC.

    Actuator: One Side Momentary.

    Mech: (4) Solder Terminals.

    Body: Mount plate 35mm long x 13.7mm wide with 28mm mt centers.

    Overall beneath board 22.4mm long x 13.8mm deep x 7.2mm high.

    Package of 2.

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