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  1. Sola Electric - SolaHD 23-22-112-2 - Transformer, Constant Voltage. CVS Series A 120VA.
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    Sola HD 23-22-112-2 120VA CVS Voltage Regulator.

    Transformer, constant voltage. 120/240 VAC Primary: 95-130V x 190-260V 60Cycle. Secondary: 120V 60Cycle. 1Phase 120VA. Packed weight approximately 16 lbs. Height 8" (203.2mm), Width 4" (101.6mm), Depth 5" (127mm). 

    Superior voltage regulation of ±1% sets the CVS series apart
    from other power conditioning technologies on the market.
    Extremely tight regulation is accomplished by SolaHD’s ferroresonant transformer technology. The CVS recreates a well
    regulated sinusoidal waveform that is well isolated from input
    disturbances including:
    • Impulses • Swells
    • Brownouts • Sags
    • Severe waveform distortion
    No other power conditioning technology provides as
    complete a solution against these power quality
    disturbances. The CVS series is ideal for applications
    where even a small change in voltage level can lead to
    unscheduled downtime, misoperation, incorrect data or
    scrapped production.

    • Superior voltage regulation of ±1%
    • Surge protection tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41,
    Class A & B Waveform
    • Harmonic filtering
    • Hardwired
    • Acts as a Step-up/Step-down Transformer
    • Galvanic isolation provides exceptional
    circuit protection.
    • 25 year typical Mean Time Between Failure
    • No maintenance required

    • Industrial automation and control equipment PLCs
    • Analytical laboratory and factory automating
    • Photo processing equipment
    • Sound/recording systems
    • Photographic enlargers
    • Broadcast equipment
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  2. Sola Electric - 63-13-150 - 500W Line Voltage Regulator, 120VAC, 500VA
    Transformer, Constant Voltage. Power: 500 VA. Pri/Sec 95-130V to 120VAC. Secondary: 4.17A. from Two standard Outlets. Construction: enclosed. Connections: frayed power cord needs replacing. Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 16"D. MiniComputer Regulator MCR500. Used / Untested. Learn More
  3. JEFFERSON ELECTRIC - 356-1132 - Transformer, constant voltage. 1KVA.
    Transformer, constant voltage. 1KVA. Input: 95-130V/175-235V 60 cy. Output: 120/240V 1KV. Dimensions: 16" long x 8" wide x x 5.5" high. Weight: 60 lbs. Learn More
  4. Sola Electric - 23-22-150 - Transformer, constant voltage.
    Transformer, constant voltage. Input: 95-130X190-260 500VA. Output: 120 60HZ, Input: AMP 6. 3X3 .15 Learn More
  5. Sola Electric - 23-22-650-1 - 50Hz 120V 500W Constant Voltage Xfmr
    Transformer, Constant Voltage. 50Hz 500VA. Pri/Sec 95-130 x 190-260V to 120V 50Hz. Used. Learn More
  6. Sola Electric - 20-23-150 - 190-260 / 380-520V to 118V 500VA Constant Voltage
    Transformer, Constant Voltage. Power: 500 VA. Pri/Sec 190-260 / 380-520V to 118V. Secondary: 4.24A. Construction: enclosed. Type CVS Learn More
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