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  1. Unidentified MFG - 5-161 - CD Optical Laser Assembly.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $8.50

    Vintage CD Optical Laser Assembly.

    New Old Stock

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  2. RAINBOW-Sinsei Shoji Co - S10x11MEA - AV Equipment/Video. Lens / TX zoom, fast f1:1.6 C-mount 11-110mm.
    AV Equipment/Video. Lens / TX zoom, fast f1:1.6 C-mount 11-110mm, 6-12VDC input power. Lens size: Large 3" D opening. Electrically operated with cable and connectors. Dimensions: approximately 7.25" L x 4" x 5". Cross: Picker P/N T10-J374-001. Learn More
  3. TAIWAN - ML-44 - #44 - Miniature Bulb, 6.3V 250mA. T-3-1/4, Package of 10.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $6.50 As low as $2.49

    TAIWAN - ML-44 Lamps & Lights.

    #44, 6.3V 250mA.

    Size: T3-1/4 Bayonet.

    Base: Miniature Bayonet (BA9S) Brass

    Bulb Housing: Glass

    Lumens: 11

    Filament Shape: C-2R

    Power: 1.6 Watt

    Approximate Life: 3000 hours

    Bulb Diameter: 0.4" Length: 1.190", Center Length: 0.780"

    Applications: General Purpose and commonly used in pinball machines and coin-operated video games.

    Package of 10.

    From: 100/box.

    Cross References: 21U517, 2FMP2, 40716, GE 25450, BC3255, B0026GYAM0, 25-010, 38C9280, 33459

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  4. Unidentified MFG - 5-092 - Item 567 - Vintage Power Cheater Cord. Polarized 2 Prong Conductor, 2 Foot Length.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.95

    Unidentified MFG - 5-092 - Item 567 Vintage Power Cord.

    Polarized cheater cord with one 2 Prong Conductor (Female) Molded End, 2 Foot, Brown.

    Female to Femal Centers are approximately 0.3125" (8.1mm) apart.

    18/2, 7 amp, 125v

    Used with vintage Radio and TVs. - Difficult to find.

    One Contact Area is 3.5mm Diameter and the other is 2.4mm Diameter.

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  5. Unidentified MFG - 7-115 - Connector, Terminal Strip. 4 Position, Bakelite / Phenolic Screw Type
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50 As low as $1.49

    Connector, Terminal Strip.

    Termination: 4 Position, Quad Screw.

    Mount: Panel or Chassis.

    Material: Bakelite / Phenolic.

    Rear Contacts are Solder Lugs.

    Dimensions: 2.561" long x 0.627" wide.

    Two Hole Mount, 2.16" Centers.

    Vintage - New Old Stock - Bulk Packed Mixed Brown & Black

    Made in USA

    Applications: Repair / Restoration - Vintage Antenna / Speaker Connections.

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  6. SYNERTEK - SY2128L-4 - IC, Memory. SRAM 2048 x 8, 200nS, MOS PDIP24.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $6.00 As low as $1.98

    SYNERTEK - SY2128L-4 - IC, Memory. SRAM 2048 x 8, 200nS, MOS PDIP24.

    SY2128-3 is a 16,384 bit static random access memory organized, 2048 words by eight bits and is fabricated using Synertek's new scaled n-channel silicon gate technology.

    200ns operating current 100ma standby current 20mA.

    Package: 24 PDIP.

    General Purpose Static Ram where applications include use in Video Arcades.

    SYNERTEK is a subsidiary HONEYWELL

    Used/Perfect Socket Pulls.

    (Check your data sheets for more specifics, The -4 version is faster than SY2128L-1, -2, -3). 

    Alternates, Substitutions, Replacements:

    Hitachi HM6116, HM6116L, Fujitsu MB8416A, NEC uPD446, Mitsubishi 5M5517, M58725, Mostek MK4802, Motorola MCM4016, MCM65116, Texas Instruments TMS4016, Toshiba TC5517, TMM2016, OKI MSM5128, MSM2128, Sony CXK5816, Sieko/Epson SRM2016, Sharp LH5116  

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  7. Ampex - XVR-80 - VPR-80 - NTSC - 1" Video Recorder NTSC.
    Special Price $2,898.00 Regular Price $3,500.00

    Ampex - XVR-80 - VPR-80 - NTSC - 1" Video Recorder NTSC.

    The XVR-80 is a wideband VTR intended for use in medical applications. It is nearly identical to the VPR-80 studio model. 

    Third Generation C Format Machine, PAL Reel-to-Reel Video & Audio Recorder

    With all the manuals and schematics, 1 Reel tape and take up reel. Remote XRC-2. NIB.

    The VPR-80 was designed for everyday recording and playback done at TV stations and teleproduction facilities. In a way, it was a throwback to the type A days in that it uses only one head for record and playback. However, this head also has AST capabilities, and it is capable of the same slo-mo performance as the VPR-2B. This machie has thoroughly modern electronics, such as power MOSFET reel motor drivers (Very trouble free compared to the VPR-2B!), and Ampex's first microprocessor digital servo. Next to the VPR-2B, this is probably Ampex'es most popular 1 inch machine. 

    Approximate weight 235 lbs. 

    New Old Stock - Rare

    Proudly Made in USA

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  8. Ampex - 196-0320gg - Ampex 1" Magnetic Tape.
    Ampex 1" Magnetic Tape C, B format Video tape. Learn More
  9. PANASONIC - AG-1960 PRO - S-VHS Recorder Jog & Shuttle Editing

    Multiplex Video Cassette Recorder - Jog and Shuttle search for accurate editing - Flying Erase Head system - HiFi MTS Broadcast Stereo

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  10. SYNERTEK - C014806-03 - Atari Sally CPU, DIP40, NEW
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $18.50

    SYNERTEK - C014806-03 - Atari Sally CPU, DIP40

    The Hobbyist's Microprocessor (Atari, Apple IIe, VIC, Artwork, ChipScapes, Commodore C64, Pet)

    Atari Sally Enhanced 6502 CPU

    Used in Atari 8 Bit Computers (2600) and others 

    40 Pin DIP

    Genuine Vintage - Launched 1974  Nearly 50 Years Ago - Rare - New Old Stock- Quite rare now.

    Alternate: Atari 6502C



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  11. Macom ColorMax - SM-701 - AB-2 - A-B Coxial Type F Manual Switch.
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $25.00 As low as $12.98

    MACOM Industires - ColorMax - SM-701- AB-2 - A-B Manual Switch

    Three Coaxial Type F Jacks. The 2-Way Manual Switch Box is an easy way to share one jack with two devices. Simply run a cable from your jack into the switch box and cables from the switch box to your devices. This switch box is great for sharing a data line with a PC, telephone, credit card machine, printer, and more. 

    Share Two Devies w/ One Port

    Cable TV A-B Switch with "F" (Coaxial RF) Connectors.

    Flanges for mounting with thru holes.

    Durable Extra Heavy Duty Toggle Switch

    Frequency: 54-1000 MHz

    Color: Brown PVC

    High Quality Switch - New Old Stock

    Note: A switch allows you to connect multiple video sources to 1 display. A splitter allows you to take the video from one source and then display it on multiple displays depending on how many outputs the splitter has.

    Made in Taiwan

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  12. JVC - RS-110U - Remote control unit. Mount: Rak 19".
    Remote control unit. Mount: Rak 19". Dimensions: 19" long x 10-1/2" wide x 1.75" high. Powers up looks in good condition. Learn More
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