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  1. THERMAX - HMS2-1480/3-16BSJ-2 - Cable, military. 16-3C. (16 AWG 3 Conductor).
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $18.50 As low as $12.98

    THERMAX - HMS2-1480/3-16BSJ-2 Cable, Multiconductor, Stranded Silver Plated.

    Special Purpose Cable.

    16-3C. (16 AWG 3 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: Stranded Silver Plated.

    Cross Sectional Shape: Twisted.

    Shielding: Braided.

    Jacket Insulation: Teflon, TFE Tetrafluoroethylene

    Note: Shield and Inner Conductors are Silver Plated.

    Temperature: -65 C to +200 C

    White-jacketed with internal Conductor Colors of Red, White and Black.

    OD 0.20". (All 3 conductors are twisted within the braid shield and jacket).

    Priced by the foot, Minimum order Length: 10 Feet.

    Alternate: BELDEN 83337E 0091000, B83337E



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  2. Habia Power Limited - A060 - Cable, Multi-Conductor NEC 725-2b Signal Cable, Plenum. 22-20C, 150 C FEP.

    Habia Power Limited - A060 - Cable, Multi-Conductor NEC 725-2b Signal Cable, Plenum.

    Habia Power Limited designs and manufactures thousands of specialized cables and harnesses for leading businesses every year. From satellites to submarines, they can build the right solution for any application, no matter how demanding. Whatever it is you need to conduct safe, reliable and efficient operations, they will make it happen. Specializing in high quality Custom cable applications. 

    Habia Power Limited Cable is since 14 October 2022 fully owned by HEW-KABEL Holding GmbH.

    22-20C. (22 AWG 20 Conductor).

    Conductors concentrically cabled on a common axis with clear mylar binder tape 

    100% Aluminum/Polyester foil shield facing in with continuous contact to helically served tinned copper drain wire one AWG smaller than insulated conductors for maximum shielding from electrostatic interference

    Conductor Type: Stranded Tinned Copper 7/30 (7X0.32mm).

    Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Insulation provides superior cut-through and abrasion resistance

    Paired: 10 Pairs.

    Shielding: Foil with Drain Wire for exceptional protection against EMI.

    Cable Diameter: 0.372".

    Conductor Temperature Rating: 150 Deg C. Extended Temperature

    Impedance: 50 Ohms Nominal

    UL Fire and Smoke Rated

    National Electrical Code NEC 725-2b.

    Voltage Rating: Class 2 (150V).

    Note: This Tightly Wrapped Multiconductor Cable is stiff 

    Applications: Security Systems, Intercom Systems, Sound/Audio System, Power-Limited Controls, Point of Sale Systems, Remote Control Circuits, Process Control and Instrumentation, Power Limited Control Circuits. Multiconductor cables can be found in thousands of common applications including medical electronics, computer peripherals, communications, audio and sound, instrumentation and control, and data transmission.

    Additional Information

    Note: Priced by the Foot, Minimum purchase 20 feet.

    Removed from 250 Foot Reels  - Approximately 25 lbs per Reel. 


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  3. Unidentified MFG - 2605EMC3S - Cable, Spiral Curly Coiled Electrical Cord. 26 AWG, 5 Conductor.
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $12.98 As low as $6.98

    2605EMC3S Retractable Cable, Coiled Electrical Power/Signal Cord.

    Coil cords are recognizable for their spring-like shape, but that coiled design provides the cord with a lot more benefits than just aesthetics.  Not only is the cord able to extend further when in use while being able to retract to take up less space when not in use, but that flexibility of design can also create a lot of benefits.

    26-5C. (26 AWG 5 Conductor).

    Copper cores ensure good signal transfer and clear smooth communication.

    Shielding: Overall foil shield.

    Current Rating: 4 Amps. 

    Cable Diameter: 0.156"

    Coil Diameter: Approximately 0.734"

    Retracted length measures 22 inches and expands to over 5 feet.

    Color: Grey.

    New Old Stock

    Applications: Instrumentation, Chargers, Medical, Automotive, Audio, Robotics.

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  4. U.S. Tsubaki - 48666 - 20AWG/7C Shielded Cable, 600 Volt, PVC Jacket, Continuous Flex.
    Special Price $1.19 Regular Price $1.89 As low as $0.98

    U.S. Tsubaki 48666 20AWG/7C Shielded Cable, 600 Volt, PVC Jacket, Continuous Flex.

    Cables for Motion - Continuous Bending, Hi-Flex Electrical Cable. Continuous Flex for Dynamic Applications

    20-12C. shielded Cable (20 AWG 7 Conductor).

    Conductor type: Copper

    Operating Temperature: -5 to 80 C.

    Voltage Rating: 600 Volt

    Max. OD: 9.3mm

    Weight kg/m: 0.137

    Cu index kg/m: 0.066 

    Insulation: PVC Jacket

    UV-resistant, RoHS compliant, CFC-free, Silicone free, flame-retardant, ozone resistant

    Approvals: UL, cUL

    Applications: Crane and conveyor equipment, Monitoring , measuring and controls, Medium to Heavy Loads.

    Priced by the Foot, Minimum Order Length: 25'.

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  5. Alpha Wire Co. - 1299/9C - Cable, Foil Shield. 22-9C.

    Alpha Wire Co. - 1299/9C - Cable, Foil Shield .032" (.81mm). 22-9C. (22 AWG 9 Conductor).

    Conductor type: Stranded Tinned Copper 7/30,

    Cable diameter: 0.250" OD (6.35mm).

    Insulation: PVC .010 (.25mm). 80ºC 150V.

    Rope polymer filament.

    Ground wire.

    RoHS Compliant.

    Jacket color: gray.Colors: Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown. Note: Marked Alpha 1299C.

    Applications: Audio systems: speakers, microphones, intercoms, Broadcast and studio, Data transmission: RS-232, 422, 485, CAD/CAM, Computer peripherals, Business machines, Security systems: alarms, cameras, sensors, Control systems, Instrumentation systems, Point-of-sale systems, Banking systems

    Priced by the foot. Minimum order length: 20'. 


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