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  1. ARC - A020 - 9505 - Multi-Conductor Twisted Pair Computer Cable, !0 Conductor Shielded with Drain Wire. 24AWG-10C.

    ARC  - A020 Cable, Multi-Conductor, Shielded.

    24-10C. (24 AWG 10 Conductor).

    Conductor Material: Tinned Copper (TC)

    Conductor Type: Stranded 7 X 32.

    Paired: 5 Twisted Pairs.

    Shielding: Foil with Drain Wire.

    Shield Material: Aluminum Foil/Polyester Tape

    Jacket: Semi Ridgid - Polyvinyl Chloride PVC

    Cable Diameter: 0.325".

    Rating: Type CL2 = "Class 2 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits" cable, suitable for in-wall installation.

    Low capacitance.

    Temperature: -30 to 80C

    Insulation Colors - Each Twisted: Blue/Brown, Yellow/Orange, Voilet/Gray, Black/White, Red/Green.


    Priced by the Foot, Minimum order 20 Feet. 

    Applications: For computers, communications, instrumentation, sound, control, audio, Video, data transmission and EIA RS-232.

    RS232 Applications: Computer Communications; Low Voltage Analog Signals (4-20ma, 0-10v, ...); Low Voltage Digital Control (24v, …); Line Level Audio; Panel Wiring

    Alternate/Equivalents: Beldon 9505 060100, Alpha 5475C, General Cable C0604A, Omni BEL9505, Wirexpress B9505

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  2. ARC - A022 - Cable, shielded. 24-12C.
    Cable, shielded. 24-12C. (24 AWG 12 Conductor). Shielding: foil with drain (low capacitance). Cable diameter: 0.31". Operating temp: 80 degC. Insulation: Gray PVC jacket. Minimum order length: 50'. Note: CL2/80�C, 6 pairs, stranded. Learn More
  3. Alpha Wire Co. - 55495 - Cable, shielded. 25-10C. Paired.
    Cable, shielded. 25-10C. (25 AWG 10 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded, pairs. Shielding: foil . Minimum order length: 25'. Learn More
  4. BELDEN - 1353A 010 (BLK) - 1353A0101000 - 24AWG Bonded AES/EBU Analog/Digital Audio MIC Cable, 1 Pair 24 AWG, PVC Jacket

    BELDEN -1353A 010 (BLK) - 24AWG Bonded AES/EBU, Digital Audio Patch Cable, 1 Pair 24 AWG

    Belden Brilliance 1353A, a new Cat 5edigital audio single-pair cable, is ideal for use in professional and commercial audio applications. Since it is essentially 'single pair-Category 5e,' tested to 100 MHz, its low capacitance (15 pF/ft, 49 pF/m) makes it excellent for both analog and digital audio.

    Manufacturer: Belden Wire & Cable       

    Product Category: Multi-Conductor Cables          

    Type: Digital Audio         

    Shielding: Unshielded   

    Number of Conductors: 1 Pair    

    Full Reel Length: 1000 ft               

    Wire Gauge: AWG: 24 AWG      

    Outside Diameter: 0.126 in         

    Jacket Color: Black          

    Jacket Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)              

    Conductor Material: Bare Copper (BC)      

    Stranding: 7 x 32              

    Voltage Rating: 300 V    

    Insulation Material: Polyolefin (PO)         

    Series: 1353A    

    Operating Temperature: -20 C to 60 C

    UPC 612825112594

    Proudly Made in USA

    Aditiona Information:

    Shipping weight for 1000 is Feet is 10 Lbs. 

    Note: Additional shipping cost applies to orders over 5 lbs and dependent on destination.

    Priced by the foot. Minimum order length: 100'.

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  5. Unidentified MFG - A113 - Cable, shielded. 14-2C.

    Cable, shielded. 14-2C. (14 AWG 2 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded. Paired: pair. Shielding: Belfoil with drain wire. Insulation: PVC. Minimum order length: 25'.

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  6. Unidentified MFG - A104 - 15 TW PR/SH/DR (0.405"OD)
    Special Price $0.60 Regular Price $0.75
    15 TWISTED PAIR 26AWG SHIELDED DRAIN (0.405"OD) 30 COND Learn More
  7. Unidentified MFG - A064 - Cable, shielded. 18-2C.
    Cable, shielded. 18-2C. (18 AWG 2 Conductor). Conductor type: solid. Paired: paired. Shielding: foil. With a solid drain wire. Operating temp: 90 Deg C. OD: Approximately 0.238" (6.0mm) D. Minimum order length: 25'. Note: 300V. Marked: Fire alarm. Jacket: Red, may in fact be a form of rubber, soft and flexible when stripped back. Learn More
  8. Unidentified MFG - A044 - Cable, shielded. 22-12C.
    Cable, shielded. 22-12C. (22 AWG 12 Conductor). Conductor type: solid. Paired: 6 pair, twisted. Shielding: shileded with drain wire. Minimum order length: 25'. Learn More
  9. Unidentified MFG - A032 - Cable, shielded. 22-8C.
    Cable, shielded. 22-8C. (22 AWG 8 Conductor). Conductor type: SOLID Paired: 4 pair. Shielding: Ind shielded pairs with overll all braid shield. Insulation: PVC. Minimum order length: 25'. Learn More
  10. Brand Rex - A024 - Cable, Shielded w/Drain Wire, 20AWG, Conductor, Twisted Pair, Solid Tinned Copper.

    Brand Rex - A024 - Cable, Shielded. Twisted Pair, 20-4C. (20 AWG 4 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: Solid, Tinned Copper.

    Paired: 2 Twisted Pairs.

    Shielding: Foil 100% with Continuous Drain Wire.

    Cable Diameter: 0.184".

    Note: Black PVC Jacket (Sunlight & moisture resistant).

    From: 500 foot roll.

    Note: Levitron manufactures Brand-Rex high performance cables that are built to last and designed to stand up to sever environments, sustances and conditions.

    Applications: Industrial Instrumentation, Control, Alarm, and Energy Management Circuits.

    Alternate: Beldon 

    Priced per foot, Minimum order length: 25'.

    The standard shipping and handling charge applies to orders up to 5 lbs. Additonal charge relies on size, weight and shipping destination.

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  11. BELDEN WIRE - 7838A - Cable, Shielded, Multipair Cable, T1/DS-1, 2 Pair, 22 AWG, 300V.

    BELDEN WIRE - 7838A - Cable, Shielded. 22-4C. (22AWG 4 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: Solid T/C.

    Number of Pairs: 2.

    Diameter: 5.131 x 9.144 mm.

    Operating Temp: -20 to 75 Deg C.

    Shielding: Individual Shielded Pairs, Belfoil 100%.

    Each Pair has a 24Awg Drain Wire.

    Insulation: PVC Datalene PO w/Foam PO - Polyolefin w/Foam Polyolefin.

    Voltage Rating: 300 V.

    Rohs Compliant.

    More info:

    Priced by the foot. Min order quantity: 50 feet.

    (Note: Remaining stock one 90 Ft coil and one 175 Ft on a reel, 1/22/14).

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  12. BELDEN WIRE - 9841 - Cable, Shielded. Low Capacitance Computer Cable, 24-2C. One Twi Pr.
    Special Price $0.98 Regular Price $1.50

    BELDEN WIRE - 9841 Cable, Shielded.

    24 AWG stranded (7x32) TC conductors, polyethylene insulation, twisted pairs, overall Beldfoil® (100% coverage) + TC braid shield (90% coverage), 24 AWG stranded TC drain wire, PVC jacket.

    Low Capacitance Computer Cable

    24-2C. (24 AWG 2 Conductor).

    Conductor type: stranded 7/32 TC.

    Paired: 1 twisted pair.

    Shielding: Belfoil 100% plus TC Braid shield 90%.

    Cable diameter: 0.232" OD.

    Insulation: PVC, Polyethylene.

    Note: Impedance: 120 Ohm.

    TC drain wire. 300V.

    Priced by the foot. Minimum order length: 10'.

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  13. BELDEN WIRE - 8106 - Cable, shielded. 24-12C.

    Cable, shielded. 24-12C. (24 AWG 12 Conductor). Paired: 6 Twisted Pair (7/32). Shielding: Belfoil 100% + TC Braid, with shorting-fold. Cable diameter: 0.341" OD . Insulation: PVC. . Note: TC drain.

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  14. ARC - A006 - Wire, paired. 16 conductor 24AWG.SHIELDED

    Wire, paired. 16 conductor 24AWG. Low voltage cable. Stranded foil shielded with drain wire. Gray PVC jacket. Type CL2, 0.465" dia (11.8 mm). Call for quantity pricing. Units of measure: feet.

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  15. Belden Wire - 9734 - Cable, multi SH. 24-24C. (12 Twi Pairs).
    Cable, multiconductor shielded. 24-24C. (24 AWG 24 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded. Paired: (12Twisted pairs) (Indiv shielded pairs). Shielding: 100% Belfoil Z-Fold. Cable diameter: 0.575" D. Insulation: Datalene, PVC. Minimum order length: 10'. Note: 24 (7/32) with TC drain. Learn More
  16. Unidentified MFG - A013 - Cable, multi sh. 11 PR 22AWG.
    Cable, multiconductor shielded. 22-22C. (22 AWG 22 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded. Paired: 11 Pair. Shielding: Indiv Belfoil Shielded Pairs/With drain. Cable diameter: 0.523". Weight: 10'. Note: Gray jacket. Learn More
  17. Madison Cable Corp - A148 - Cable, multiconductor Sh. 26-4C.
    Cable, multiconductor shielded. 26-4C. (26 AWG 4 Conductor). Conductor type: solid. Paired: 2 PR Twi & Sh. Shielding: Foil & Braid. Operating temp: 125 Deg C. Insulation: CL2P. Application: IBM STP / IBM specification 6339583. Minimum order length: 25'. Note: Network cable. Learn More
  18. BELDEN WIRE - 9836 - Cable, multiconductor, shielded. 24-24C.
    Cable, multiconductor, shielded. 24-24C. (24 AWG 24 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded 7/32TC. Paired: 12 pair. Shielding: Foil 100% & Braid 65%. Cable diameter: 0.464". Operating temp: 80 Deg C. Minimum order length: 10'. Note: New, older stock. Learn More
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