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  1. Alpha Wire Co. - 5241 - Cable, unshielded. 22 AWG, 14 Conductor, Stranded 7 Pair, Control and Instrumentation Cables.

    Alpha Wire Co. - 5241 Cable, Unshielded, Control and Instrumentation Cables.

    Special Features

    • Tinned conductors provide excellent corrosion resistance
    • Also greatly improves soldering connections
    • Ease of termination handling due to flexible stranding
    • Applies only to stranded conductors
    • Industry Approvals
    • UL STYLES as indicated
    • CL2/CM /CMG rated as indicated
    • OSHA acceptable

    22-14C, (22 AWG 14 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: Stranded, 7 Pair.

    Cable Diameter: 0.384" OD.

    Operating Temp: -20 to 80 C (-4 to 176 F).

    Insulation: PVC Gray. Polyvinyl Chloride

    Note: Working voltage: 300V.

    Applications: Public address systems, Intercom systems, Remote control circuits, Satellite actuator controls

    Alternate: Unitronic FD 890 Series 892214

    Sold by the Foot -  Minimum Order Length: 25'.

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  2. Manhattan - 2343 - A152 - Cable, Unshielded. Multi-Pair 24-30C, 15 Twisted Pairs.

    Manhattan - 2343 - A152 - Cable, Unshielded. 24-30C. (24 AWG 30 Conductor).

    Paired: 15 Twisted pairs.

    Cable Diameter: 0.435".

    Voltage Rating: 300 V

    Operating Temp: 80 Deg C.

    Insulation: PVC, Poly-Vinyl Chloride.

    Applications: Process instrumentation, Computer peripherals, Internal or external wiring of OEM equipment

    Alternates/Similar: Alpha 5269/15C, L8024-15P

    Priced by the Foot, Minimum Purchase Length 10 feet.

    Note: Standard $9.90 Shipping/Handling applies up to 5 Lbs. Afterwards actual shipping cost applies dependent upon weight and destination.

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  3. BELDEN WIRE - 8753 - Cable, unshielded. 22-22C.
    Special Price $0.79 Regular Price $1.00

    Cable, unshielded. 22-22C. (22 AWG 22 Conductor). Paired: 11 twisted pairs. Cable diameter: 0.350". Operating temp: 80 DegC. Insulation: PVC. Note: 150V. Minimum purchase length 10 feet.

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  4. BELDEN WIRE - 8442 - Cable, unshielded. 22-2C.
    Cable, unshielded. 22-2C. (22 AWG 2 Conductor). Conductor type: stranded 7/30. Paired: 1 twisted pairs. Minimum purchase length 10 feet. Learn More
  5. Alpha Wire Co. - 5243 - Cable, unshielded. 22-30C. Direct burial.

    Alpha Wire Co. - 5243 - Cable, Unshielded.

    22-30C. (22 AWG 30 Conductor).

    Conductor type: Stranded 7/30, 15 twisted pairs.

    Cable diameter: 0.510" OD.

    Insulation: PVC.

    Note: Working voltage: 300V. UL-1061

    Alternate: 1181/30C

    Priced by Foot, Minimun Order Length 20 Feet.

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  6. Alpha Wire Co. - 5002C - Cable, Unshielded. 22-2C.

    Alpha Wire Co. - 5002C - Cable, Unshielded.

    22-2C. (22 AWG 2 Conductor).

    Conductor Type: stranded 7/30 TC, 1 pair.

    Operating Temp: - 20 to +105 DegC.

    Insulation: PVC gray.

    Note: 300V.

    Priced per Foot, Minimum Order Length 20 feet

    More info:

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  7. Alpha Wire Co. - 1323C - Control & Commications Cable, Unshielded. 22-18C.

    Alpha Wire Co. - Communications & Contol 1323C Cable, Unshielded.

    Low capacitance cables for improved transmission distances and signal integrity.

    22-18C. (22 AWG 18 Conductor - 9 Twisted Pair.

    Conductor type: stranded 7/30 TC, 9 pair, each pair has one black wire.

    Shielding: -20 to +80 DegC.

    Conductor Strand: 7/30

    Conductor Material: Copper, Tinned

    Jacket (Insulation) Material: Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

    Jacket (Insulation) Diameter: 0.371" (9.42mm)

    Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 80°C

    Jacket (Insulation) Thickness:0.0350" (0.889mm)

    Conductor Insulation: Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

    Voltage: 300 V

    Priced by the foot - Minimum Order Length: 25'.

    Note: More info:

    Typical Applications: Audio systems: speakers, microphones, intercoms, Broadcast and studio, Data transmission: RS-232, 422, 485, CAD/CAM, Computer peripherals, Business machines, Security systems: alarms, cameras, sensors, Control systems, Instrumentation systems, Point-of-sale systems, Banking systems.

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  8. AT&T - IG-PC4P24W - Cable, multiconductor. 24-8C. 4 PR. Plenum.
    Cable, multiconductor. 24-8C. (24 AWG 8 Conductor). Conductor type: solid. Paired: 4 Paired. Insulation: Plenum. Minimum order length: 50 Feet. Note: White jacket. Learn More
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