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  1. SDP/SI - A6R6-110012 - Hardware, timing belt.

    SDP/SI - A6R6-110012 - Hardware, timing belt.


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    Hardware, timing belt. Pitch: 0.0816" (40D.P.). Number of grooves: 110. Width: 1/8". Material: Polyurethane. Tension Member: Fiberglass. Pitch Length: 8.98". Single Sided. Learn More
  2. UNMARKED - 5330-01-340-6853 - Gasket seal.

    UNMARKED - 5330-01-340-6853 - Gasket seal.


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    PlainA pliable rubber or composition ring-shaped element, split or jointless (solid) not encased in a metal shell, but having a spring, spreader and/or molded-in reinforcement. It is designed to be pressmounted between fixed and movable or moving parts to form a tight and effective seal. Learn More

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