ALTERA - EP1200-ES - Programmable Logic Device, FPGA, New.

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ALTERA - EP1200-ES - Programmable Logic Device

FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array

Altera EP1200 was the first high-density programmable logic device (PLD). Altera’s technology was manufactured using 3-μm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) electrically programmable read-only memory (EPROM) technology and required ultraviolet light to erase the programming, whereas Xilinx’s technology was based on conventional static random access memory (SRAM) technology and required an EPROM to store the programming.

Altera EP1200 programmable logic device was introduced in 1985. The device used UV erasable technology and could hold the equivalent of 1200 logic gates.

28 On-Board Registers

236 Product Terms, on-board Latchesfor the inputs, Programmable I/O

Operate at clock speeds above 16 MHz.

Stand-by Power: 15mW, Active Mode: 400mW.

Package: 40 Pin Ceramic 600 mil DIP Package.

Genuine Altera - Vintage New Old Stock - Rare

Made in USA

When Introduced in 1985 the cost of the EP1200-ES FPGA cost was $129.50 each in quantities of 100.

The Altera PLE-12 Master Progamming unit and similar are used to program EP300, EP320, EP1200, and EP1210 devices.

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