BIRD - 5-1357-3 - Connector, Electronics Solder Eyelet, Rivet/Eyelet/Terminal. Package of 100.

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BIRD - 5-1357-3 Connector, Electronic Solder Eyelet, Rivet/Eyelet/Terminal.

Electronic eyelets are flanged tubular metal conductors inserted into a printed circuit board. They make electrical continuity between the circuitry on both sides of the board, and are an attachment point for soldering component leads.

Type: Solder.

Appears to be Silver Plated Brass (High thermal and electrical conductivity)

Metric Dimensions: Outside lip is 6.1mm OD, 2.9mm ID with a shaft 3.5mm round and 6.7mm tall under Lip.

Inch Dimensions: Outside lip is 0.240" OD, 0.114" ID with a shaft 0.138" round and 0.264" tall under Lip.

Applications: Secure High Current Electrical and Ground Connections or repairs to chassis and PWBs.

Chose the proper eyelet keeping the following in mind:
LUF The length of the eyelet barrel under the flange should be 0.020-0.035”/0.630-0.890mm greater than the thickness of PCB(this allows the for the right length after the flange is formed)
ID Eyelet inside diameter should be 0.003-0.020”/0.075-0.500mm greater than the component lead diameter for proper fit of  the eyelet through-hole component lead.
FD The flange diameter should be sized so that it does not protrude out onto other pads or conductors in the vicinity
OD The clearance in the PCB hole should allow the eyelet to be inserted without undue force but, but should not exceed 0.125mm greater than the eyelet outside diameter.

Additional Information:

Genuine Vintage Bird Electronics Hardware - New Old Stock

Package of 100.

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