Calrad - 75-465 - Antenna, Telescoping. 22 1/5 " Extended, Disappearing Type.

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Calrad - 75-465- Antenna, Telescoping. 22 1/5" Extended, Disappearing Type.

Brass (Copper/Zinc Alloy) is an outstanding choice for antennas and a very efficient conductor of electrical energy. In fact about the only common element that is more conductive than copper is silver. Unfortunatley Silver is cost prohibitive and quickly oxidizes making it impractical.

Status: Discontinued


Chrome Plated, Brass. (Non-Magnetic)

Eight (8) Sections

Dimensions: Closed it Nearly Disappears protruding only about 0.5"

Open it extends up to 22 1/2"

Bends to 90 Degree Angle

Outer Diameter: 0.320" OD.

With Male 0.123" Threaded Mount.

Includes Mounting Nut and Connection Lug

Color: Silver Tone

Corrosion Resistant

Length of Thread: 0.67"

Diameter of Threaded Section: 0.425"

Note: Superior in performance, durability and more envionmentally tolerant than inexpensive steel or aluminum Chinese look-a-like antennas often seen On-Line, eBay or Amazon.

New Old Stock - Made in Japan

Applications: Compatible with many Radios, Automobile/Marine, Telephone, Television, Indoor Portable Radio, FM Radio, Home Stereo Receiver, AV Audio Video Home Theater Receiver, TV Converter Box, TV Tuner Receiver, Home and Office GSM Alarm System, Wireless Security Sensor Motion Detector Alert, Remote Control Toy Model, Frequency Meter Counter.

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