DYNAPAR / DANAHER - 3106001010 - Encoder, rotary. Incremental 600-PPR, 5 - 26V.

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Encoder, rotary. Incremental 600-PPR. Unidirectional. Power requirements: current sink: 5 - 26VDC at 100mA max. plus load: line driver: 5 to 15VDC at 200mA max plus load. Output current: open collector: 40mA sink at 0.5V; line driver: 40mA source/sink. Environmentally sealed enclosure. Shaft: 3/8" single ended. 7406 Open collector with 2.2k pull-up. MS3102E-14S-6P, 6 pin male connector. Note: Qube. Complete with manufactures wiring instructions and guidelines.