General Electric - SSL-140 - LED Displays Red 0.16" 7-Segment, Solid State Lamp (SSL) 

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General Electric - SSL-140 - LED Displays, Solid State Lamp (SSL) 

One of General Electric's most well-known displays, the SSL-140 is an early seven-segment LED in a tiny surface mount package. The SSL-140 is a single die device, in that all of the segments are constructed on the same lump of silicon. The display's decimal point is a separate small cubical die located in the right side of the display area. The SSL-140's dies are bonded to a ceramic wafer with gold leads, with an enclosing plastic cover to protect the fragile dies and bond wires.

Red 0.16" 7-Segment with Decimal Point

Common Cathod

20mA Max.

One of the Very First LED displays - built in Cleveland by General Electric at the original Nela Lamp Plant. Nela Park was the first industrial park in the world being home to most of the lighting breakthroughs of the last century. 

10 Gold Plated Leads

Standard 10 pin display. Long leads also serve as a heat sink to prevent damage to the plastic enclosure. 

The earliest LED’s, light emitting diodes, were produced in the early 1960’s. General Electric was one of the first companies to offer a visible light emitting diode in 1967. SSL LED Prices back than where between $4 and $32 apiece.

Genuine Vintage General Electric - New Old Stock - Very Rare - Own A piece of American Lighting History 

Proudly Made in USA

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