General Electric - C15G - SCR, Thyristor, 8 Amp 480V TO-48 stud.

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General Electric - C15G SCR, Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Thyristor.

GE Type C15 Series Silicon Controlled Rectifiers are reverse blocking triode thyrsitor semiconductor devises for use in power switching and phase control applications requiring blocking voltages

Status: Discontinued

Imax: 8 Amp, 480V.

Umax: 150V blocking.

Lg: </= 50mA

Temp: 105 C

Case: JeDEC TO-48 stud.

Vintage Genuine General Electric C15G SCR/Thyristor - New Old Stock  - Rare & Difficult Component to Find 

Equivalent Replacement for following: (Confirm attached specification data meets/exceeds your requirements):
1850-0140, 1884-0010, 1884-0028, 1R1600, 1R1601, 1R1602, 1R1771, 1R1772, 1R1774, 2N1773, 2N1773A, 2N1774, 2N1774A, 2N1931, 2N1932, 2N1933, 2N4170, 2SF100, 2SF1089, 2SF253, 2SF254, 2SF263A, 2SF264A, 2SF546, 525BF, 561-6162-030, 561-6162-250, 5RC10G, 5RC15A, 60256, 7TB2, 8002494B, 8521692-1, 90270020, BSTC0113, C10B, C10B(SCR), C10G, C10G($CR), C11A-U, C11B, C11B(SCR), C11G, C11G(SCR), C15A-U, C15B, C15B(SCR), C15G, C15G(SCR), C20A-U, CR4U02FY, CT04C, CU01C, CXL5483, ECG122, ECG5483, F100(SCR), F1089(SCR), F13(SCR), F14(SCR), F224(SCR), F225(SCR), F253(SCR), F254(SCR), F263(SCR), F264(SCR), F324A(SCR), F325A(SCR), F546(SCR), F667(SCR), GE-X1, HEP-R1243, IR1774, M4722ORN, MCR2305-2, MCR2305-4, MCR2315-4, NTE5483, PRC10A, PRC15A, PRC20A, PRC2A, PRC5A, R1243(MOTOROLA), RE172, REN5483, RTN0220, RTN0320, SCR-02, SCR-02-C, SCR208(ELCOM), SCR520, SF5D11, SF5D12, SF5D13, SIT4/200, SK3942, SK3942/5483, SK5942/5483, T140A2, TCR1005, TCR13, TCR1505, TCR1510, TCR18, TCR2005, TCR2010, TCR23, TCR28, TCR52, TCR53, TCR72, TCR732, TCR744, TCR745, TI-132, TI-136, TI136, TI-40A1, TI-40A2, TI40A2, TIA042, TM2007, WEP6273