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Our high voltage components provide the energy necessary to power your devices. Whether you need high voltage capacitors, wires, or general power supplies, we have the products that will keep your device running at optimal power. Our high voltage power supply manufacturers include, but are not limited to, Aerovox, Auto Corp, and Arcotronics.  

Many of the high voltage components we distribute are brand-new and still in the original manufacturer’s packaging. Others are slightly used, and these have been thoroughly inspected by our expert team to ensure proper functionality. If the high voltage power supply that you need isn’t in stock, request the part here.  

Browse our selection of high voltage products below. 

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  1. MATSUSHITA - ECK-D4A102MDA - Capacitor, ceramic. 1000pF 10KV.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 1000pF 10KV. Tolerance: 20%. High Voltage. Package: axial. Dimensions: 1/4" x 13/16". Note: 0.001uF. High Voltage. Learn More
  2. KEMET - C052K102K2X5CA - Capacitor, ceramic. 1000pF 200V. Package of 25.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 1000pF 200V. Tolerance: 10%. Package: Radial, molded. Package of 25. Learn More
  3. CERA-MITE - CAP013 - Capacitor, ceramic. 1,000pF 3,000V. Package of 5.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 1,000pF / 0.001uF 3,000V. Package: radial disc, wire lead. Lead spacing: 6.9mm. Type: Z5U. Note: High Voltage. Package of 5. Learn More
  4. MDC - MDC1500M - Capacitor, ceramic. 1500pF 6KV.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 1500pF 6KV. Tolerance: 20%. Type: Z5U. Conformal epoxy coating. Case: Disc, radial leads. Dimensions: 1/2" Disc , 0.512" (13mm) D round x 0.231" (5.8mm) deep with 9.7mm lead spacing. Note: High Voltage. Learn More
  5. EPCOS - B32620A152J - Capacitor, MPF. 0.0015uF 1KV. Package of 15.
    Capacitor, MPF. 0.0015uF 1KV (1.5nF), 600Vrms. Tolerance: 5%. Material: Metalized polypropylene film (MKP/MFP). Package: radial leads, 2 pin. Package of 15. Learn More
  6. AVX/Kyocera - CK06BX152K - Capacitor, ceramic. 1500pF 200V.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 1500pF 200V. Tolerance: 10%. Package: molded, radial leads. Note: 0.0015uF. Learn More
  7. Mepco/Electra - 704C1FE182PJ631AX - Capacitor. 1800pF 630V.
    Capacitor. 1800pF 630V. Tolerance: 5%. Material: PS foil film. Package: axial. Dimensions: 0.193" D x 0.535" long. Note: High Voltage. Learn More
  8. Sprague - CM55E202G - 0.002UF 2.5KV CAPS
    0.002UF 2.5KWVDC 5K WVDC TESTED CAPACITORSTYPE A2 or TYPE 9 or TYPE 101-9/16 " MOUNT CTRS (OVERALL 1-3/4" X 1-5/16" X 7/16") Learn More
  9. ROEDERSTEIN ELX - MKT1818222635 - Capacitor, MPF. 2200pF 630VDC. Package of 2.
    Capacitor, MPF. 2200pF 630VDC 220VAC. Package: radial, molded. Dimensions: 9.9mm long x 2.5mm wide x 7.3mm high. Lead spacing: 7.4mm. Package of 2. More info: http://www.vishay.com/docs/26009/mkt1818.pdf Learn More
  10. EPCOS - B32620-A0222J - Capacitor. 0.0022uF 1KV (2.2nF). Package of 15.
    Capacitor, MPF. 0.0022uF 1KV (2.2nF), 600Vrms. Tolerance: 5%. Material: Metalized polypropylene film (MKP/MFP). Package: radial leads, 2 pin. Package of 15. Learn More
  11. ARCOTRONICS - R76TI1220 - Capacitor, film. 2200pf 1600VDC. Package of 10.
    Capacitor, film. 2200pf 1600VDC. Tolerance: 5%. Package: radial leads. Dimensions: molded body 18mm wide x 5mm deep x 10.4mm above board. Note: Marked 2N2J1600. Arcotronics America. Package of 10. Learn More
  12. Vishay/Sprague - X5S/0.0025M/7.5KV - 2500PF 7.5KV RADIAL DISC CAPACITORS
  13. MDC - CAP011 - 2500pF 6KV Z5U radial disc
    MDC 2500M Z5U 6KV 2500pF 6KV radial disc high voltage capacitors.12.0mm Lead Spacing. Learn More
  14. TRW - TRW-57/0.0027UF/1KV - 2700pF 1KV Axial
    0.0027UF 1KV 5% NEW AXIAL HI VOLT CAPACITORS PAPER BODY: 26mm/1.025" x 9mm/0.355" Learn More
  15. Unidentified MFG - SVVOB330JVE - Capacitor, HV. 3300pf 630V. Package of 5.
    Capacitor, high voltage. 3300pf 630V. Tolerance: 5%. Material: polystyrene. Package: axial leads. Dimensions: 0.308" D x 0.250" long. Package of 5. Learn More
  16. SANGAMO - CD48365D2 - Capacitors, mica. 0.003uF 3KV, 1000KC, 8Amps.
    Capacitors, mica. 0.003uF 3KV, 1000KC, 8Amps. Type 655-6H military. Package: heavy molded body, 2-5/8" mt ctrs. Body 2-1/4" long x 1-1/4" deep x 1-3/4" high plus 2-screw terminals. Learn More
  17. Sprague - CAP3008 - Capacitor, disc. 0.0039uF 3.5KVDC. Package of 5.
    Capacitor, disc. 0.0039uF 3.5KVDC / 500VAC. Tolerance: 20%. Package: radial, wire lead. Dimensions: 14.5mm D x 4.8mm thick. Lead spacing: 8.3mm. Note: Marked 3900M. High voltage. Package of 5. Learn More
  18. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - ECK-D2H472KBE - Capacitor, ceramic. 4700pF 500V.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 4700pF 500V. Package: radial disc. High Voltage. Learn More
  19. MAJOR - D70U502M16.5KV - Capacitor, disc. 0.005uF/5000pF 16.5KV.
    Capacitor, disc. 0.005uF/5000pF 16.5KV. Tolerance: +/-1000pF. Package: radial, wire lead. Dimensions: 1.26" D x 0.43" thick. Lead spacing: 15.5mm. Note: High voltage. Learn More
  20. Murata Erie - DE1710E682M2K - Capacitor, ceramic. 6800pF 2KV. Package of 10.
    Capacitor, ceramic. 6800pF 2KV. Mount: PCB. Package: radial leads, disc. Dimensions: 14.8mm D x 14.8mm high. Lead spacing: 10.1mm. Note: 6800pF / 0.0068uF 2000V. High Voltage. Package of 10. Learn More
  21. EL-MENCO - MPD 0.0068 - Capacitor. 0.0068uF 400VDC. Package of 100.
    Capacitor, film and foil. 0.0068uF 400VDC. Tolerance: 10%. Package: radial. Dimensions: 16.3mm wide x 9.1mm high x 7.9mm deep. Lead spacing: 12.0mm, prepped lead. Note: 6800pF. Enamel coated. High voltage. Package of 100. Learn More
  22. Arcotronics - R75682J630BD - Capacitor. 6800pF 630V 5%. New.
    Capacitor. 6800pF 630V 5%. Material: Metallized polypropylene (MKP/MFP). Case: radial leads. Learn More
  23. CDE - 1205-6K - 0.009uf 1500V 7Amps 1000KC
    0.009uf 1500V 7Amps 1000KC Molded Body 2.228" wide x 1.229" deep x 1.789" tall. 2.6" Mt Ctrs. Military NSN 5910-184-6101 Antique Transmitting Capacitors, 2-Top Screw Terminals. Learn More
  24. WIMA - MPK10 - Capacitor, MPF. 0.01uF 400V.
    Capacitor, MPF. 0.01uF 400V. Tolerance: 5%. Material: Metalized polypropylene film. Mount: PCB. Package: radial leads. Dimensions: 13.1mm wide x 4.00mm deep x 9.6mm above board. Learn More
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