ISKRA FERITI - FP15G100 51-00 - Ferrite Rods. 10mm D x 50.8mm long. Amateur & Crystal Radio.

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ISKRA FERITI - FP15G100 51-00 - Ferrite Rod. Perfect for Amateur and Crystal Radio.

The Iskra Feriti (Iskra Ferrites) company has more than 40 years’ experience in the production of ferrite materials and products.

Ferrite Rods, Bars, Plates and Tubes. Ferrite rods, bars, slugs, plates and tubes are primarily used as magnetic cores in radio antennas, chokes, inductors and filters. In radio antennas, ferrite rods are useful from VLF spectrum to VHF spectrum. The advantages are small size, high Q and compactness. They are used for their properties of high magnetic permeability coupled with low electrical conductivity (which helps prevent eddy currents).

Ferrite Rod Core is a cylindrical ferrite core, can be easily assembly with a spring coil or wind wire directly. It's widely used for radio antenna, LF/HF RFID antenna, choke coil, inductor, DC power filter, DC signal filter and transformer. Due to the open magnetic structure, the core can accept large DC bias before saturate. The rods are design to use for MW and shortwave antenna coils; in high frequency applications they have low loss characteristics.

Large ferrite rod made for radio "Loopsticks"

Authentic Vintage Iskra Ferite - New Old Stock

Dimensions: 10mm D x 50.8mm long. (0.394" X 1.969")

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