ITUWA - N-110-2 Resistive Neon OptoIsolator, Photoconductor, Photoresistor, or Vactrol

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ITUWA - N-110-2 Resistive Neon OptoIsolator, Photoconductor, Photoresistor, or Vactrol. Resistive Opoto-Isolator (RO), also called photoresistive opto-isolator, or Vactrol. Analog opto-isolator or lamp-coupled photocell, is an optoelectronic device consisting of a source and detector of light, which are optically coupled and electrically isolated from each other. An Opto-Isolator is an electronic component that transfers electrical signals between two isolated circuits by using light. Opto-isolators prevent high voltages from affecting the system receiving the signal. Status: Discontinued, New Old Stock High Isolation Voltage Optocoupler Radial Leads, PCB Mount Also known or referred to as an Optical Coupler or Transistor Relay. Neon 2K Ohms ON, 10Meg Ohm OFF, Slow Decay. Resistance Slowly Increases after 110V (100KRes) Power Removed Case: Radial 4-lead upright, similar shape as a radial capacitor. Approximate Dimensions: 0.4” Diameter, 0.7” Height. Made in Japan – Rare - Difficult Component to Find. Similar VTL and Clairex CLM Series Applications include: TTL logic control of AC power, Direct relay substitutes for AC drive, Power line circuit Isolation.
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