JOHNSON ELECTRIC - C4557-60003 / HC615LG - Motor, DC. Reversible PM 6-18VDC.

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JOHNSON ELECTRIC - C4557-60003 / HC615LG

Johnson Electric is a World Leader in Micro Motors, Reversible PM 6-18VDC Motor, 100mA, 3500 RPM no load. Torque constant: 49.4 m/Nm/Amp. Dy. Res: 6.84 ohms. Motor Regulation: 28 RPM/m-NmTorque: 126m-Nm 2.63Amp at stall. Maximum efficiency: 68%. Torque: 20m-Nm, speed: 2944RPM, current: 0.51Amp, output: 6.17 watts. Maximum power: Torque: 62m-Nm, speed: 1753RPM, current 1.37A. Output: 11.47 watt. Shaft Length: 11mm 0.435", shaft diameter: 3.1mm 0.125". Has an attached pulley: 10mm 0.39" inside diameter x 4.6mm 0.18" inside length. Motor: 38mm 1.495" D x 83mm 3.27" long overall. Rotation: clockwise when viewed from shaft output end with positive applied to positive. Weight: 8 oz. Can also be used as a Generator and operated in either direction. Two threaded (M3 x 0.5) mounting holes on a 25 mm diameter.  Used in numerous HP Printer/Copiers Note: Permanent magnet design allows use as generator.  

Compatible Printers:

HP deskjet 812c c6411e
HP Deskjet 840c Printer
HP Deskjet 840c Printer
HP color copier 170
HP color copier 270
HP color copier 160
HP color copier 260
HP officejet g series
HP officejet g95 all-in-one printer
HP color copier 190
HP DeskJet 720C Printer
HP DeskJet 722C Printer
HP deskjet 710c printer
HP deskjet 880c printer
HP DeskJet 895Cxi Printer
HP DeskJet 895Cse Printer
HP DeskJet 810C Printer
HP DeskJet 812C Printer
HP DeskJet 815C Printer
HP DeskJet 830C Printer
HP DeskJet 832C Printer
HP DeskJet 840C Printer
HP DeskJet 843C Printer
HP DeskJet 843Cxe Printer
HP DeskJet 930C Printer
HP DeskJet 950C Printer
HP DeskJet 952C Printer
HP deskjet 970cxi printer
HP deskjet 970cse printer
HP DeskJet 955C Printer
HP officejet t45 all-in-one printer
HP officejet t45xi all-in-one printer
HP officejet t65 all-in-one printer
HP officejet t65xi all-in-one printer
HP officejet r40 all-in-one printer
HP C6683A multifunctional printer
HP C6684A multifunctional printer
HP C6687A multifunctional printer
HP officejet r40 bulk unit
HP C6689A multifunctional printer
HP officejet r45 all-in-one printer
HP officejet r65 all-in-one printer
HP officejet g55 all-in-one printer
HP officejet g85 all-in-one printer
HP officejet g55xi all-in-one printer
HP officejet g85xi all-in-one printer
HP officejet g95 all-in-one printer
HP Color Copier 290 printer
HP officejet k60 all-in-one printer
HP OfficeJet K60xi Print/Fax/Copy/Scan
HP officejet k80 all-in-one printer
HP officejet k80xi all-in-one printer
HP psc 500/500xi all-in-one printer
HP psc 500/500xi all-in-one printer
HP DeskJet 841C Printer
HP deskjet 6620 color inkjet printer
HP DeskJet 6620 Color InkJet Printer
HP DeskJet 6623 Color InkJet Printer
HP DeskJet 6628 Color InkJet Printer
HP DeskJet 6620XI Color InkJet Printer
 (Also compatible with other models and brands)