Ohmite - Kanthal Global - CESIWID - 890SP501K - Resistor, Ceramic. 500 Ohm 375W. Non-inductive.

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Ohmite- Kanthal Global - CESIWID - 890SP501K - Ceramic Tubular Resistor 500 Ohm, Non Inductive. 

800 Series Type Type SP Tubular High Voltage Power Resistor for great A-C power handling capability, whether it be at power frequency or many megahertz.

High-Power / Non-Inductive - High Voltage.

Resistance: 500 Ohm +/- 10%

Power: 375 Watt.

Maximum Voltage: 16KV.

Dimension: 1" D x 18" Length.

Weight: 0.6 lbs.

Applications: Rod and Tube style ceramic resistors are used in circuits requiring high voltage and non-inductance with surge energy. Select for higher average power, such as R.F. combiners, De-Qing, dummy loads, transmitters and modulators. These are used where the tube configuration provides more effective convection cooling. Other applications include: Anti Parasitic Elements in the grid and anode circuits of power valves in induction heaters.Impulse Voltage Generator, Electric-arc Furnace Damping, Pulse Modulator, Radar Pulse Circuit, ARC Suppression Circuit of Capacitor, High Voltage Buffer, X-ray/head Portrait Equipment and EMI/ Lightning Suppression, Ham Radio, High End-Stereo.

Ohmite formerly Kanthal Globar - CESiWID INC.

Proudly Made in USA


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