KEVLIN - 5089-P - Current Sense Resistor. 0.01-Ohm 4 Axial Terminal Leads, New.

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KEVLIN - 5089-P - Current Sensor Resistor. 0.01-Ohm.

Current sense resistors are often referred to as 'shunt' resistors. Shunt resistors are used to monitor the amount of current that is flowing through a circuit. Such resistors have very low resistance values, typically less than 50 milli-ohms (0.050 ohms) and often lower.

A 'Kelvin' configuration resistor features four leads or terminations. These four terminal resistors enable current to be applied through two opposite leads and a sensing voltage to be measured across the other two leads. The Kelvin configuration effectively eliminates the resistance and temperature coefficient of the leads. The Kelvin connection can also simplify board design by incorporating all terminals for the sensing circuit into one part. A Kelvin connection is essential for accurate current sensing and simplified board design.

Tolerance: 1%.

Current Sensing Resistors.

Metal Enclosure

Connections: 4 Terminal Leads, 2 Axial Leads Each End.

Dimensions: 2.25" x 1.25", 


  • General Use - Power supplies, disk drives, battery power management, control of current detection or over-current detection, motor start, high voltage and precision applications.
  • Consumer Goods - Power tools, thermostats, appliances, televisions, smoke detectors, and video cassette recorders.
  • Automotive - Anti-lock brake systems, keyless entry systems, air bags, power steering control systems, voltage regulators, powertrain, information centers as well as engine controls and modules.
  • Telecom - Telephones, cell phones, pagers, mobile radios, hand-held devices and laptops.
  • Medical and Instrumentation - Monitoring systems, pressure sensors, implant products, electronic scales, and a variety of diagnostic equipment.
  • Military and Aerospace - Satellites, missiles, surveillance equipment, sonar, and avionic products.
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