Maxwell - BCAP3000 P270 K04 - Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors 2.7V 3000 Farads

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Maxwell Technologies, Inc. was an American company that specialized in the design and manufacture of energy storage and power delivery solutions. In 2019, Maxwell Technologies was acquired by Tesla, Inc., and its products are now part of Tesla's energy storage and power delivery solutions. Ultracapacitors are the technology of choice for high energy and high power applications because of their longer operating lifetime, low maintenance requirements, and superior cold weather performance when compared to batteries. Batteries usually connected in series for higher voltage applications. Type: Maxwell Technologies K2 Series - Electric Double Layer Capacitor – BOOSTCAP Termination Style: Stud Threaded (M12 X 1.75) Capacitance: 3000 Farads Tolerance: 20 % Voltage Rating DC: 2.7 VDC Absolute Maximum DC Voltage: 2.85 VDC Absolute Maximum Current: 1900 Amps Short Circuit Current (Typical): 9,300 Amps Leakage Current Typical at 25 C: 5.2 mA (5.0 mA Max.) ESR: 290 uOhms Operating Temperature: - 40 C to + 65 C Dimensions (Minus Terminals): Length 138 mm, (5.43”) Diameter 60.7 mm (2.39”) Life: 1500 Hour, 1,000,000 Cycles Part # Aliases: 108387-1 Unit Weight: 1.124 lbs Package Includes: 1 Supercapcitor, 2 M12 X 1.75 Nuts, and Shorting Cable. Approvals: UL810a, RoHS, Reach, Lead Free Typical Applications: Automotive Subsystems, Wind Turbine Pitch Control, Hybrid Vehicles, Rail, Heavy Industrial Equipment, Constructiuon Equipment, UPS & Telecom Systems, Security Systems, Solar Power Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Power Supplies, Welding, Grid, Science Projects. Condition: Used / Removed from Equipment / Tested Also see our other listings for Tecate Low-Z Busbar Straps, Tecate Capacitor Balancing Voltage Regulator Protection Printed Circuit Boards & Tecate PowerBurst 21-0030-000 Mounts for Maxwell Super Ultra Capacitors. Discounts provided for purchases of 2, 3, or 4 with “Make Offer Option limited to bulk purchases. Cautions: Do Not Reverse Polarity, Do Not Open, Do Not Put into Fire, Improper use May Result in Personal Injury and/or Equipment Damage.
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