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  1. KYORITSU ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WORKS - 1348-1 - Meter, edgewise. 50-0-50 uADC.
    Meter, edgewise. 50-0-50 uADC. Zero-center, 10 divisions, 5 each side of center. Material: plastic, clear. Dimensions: 13mm high x 41.3mm wide x 56mm deep. Galvanometer. Model EW-20. Learn More
  2. General Electric - 50-185112CYCY2AAP - Edgewise meter. 50-0-50uA DC.
    Meter, DC edgewise. 50uA. Type 185. Mount: panel, horizontal. No mounting bezel. Magnetically shielded, stackable. Note: 50-0-50uA DC, either side of center zero, 2% accuracy. Scale reads: 0 - 100, with a red dot and the meter arrow-indicator at the center "50" until your Microamps move it either right or left. ANSI C39.1 Dimensions: 0.92" (23mm) high x 2.258" (57.3mm) long x 3.44" (87.2mm) deep. Learn More
  3. Triplett Corp - 3109G16 - Meter. 0-20mA DC. "X-RAY Tube". Model 582.

    Meter. 0-20mA DC. "X-RAY Tube". Marked 0- 20, and "5, 10, 15". Mount: Panel. Requires 2.75" round hole. Dimensions: 3.5" round bakelite. New. Note: Model 582.

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  4. International Instruments - 1136VC 200uA-DC EDGEWISE - Meter, edgewise panel. 200-0-200 uADC zero-center.
    Meter, edgewise panel. 200-0-200 uADC zero-center. Plus or Minus 200uA. Scale Reads: 0-100 Zero(50)Center Verticle Reading - with mounting hardware - 2.5" wide x 0.75"hi x 3.8"deep - stackable 200-0-200uAmp-DC. Learn More
  5. Weston Electric - 131 - Meter. 0-10 Pounds per hour. 200 MicroAmp Edgewise DC.
    Meter. 0-10 Pounds per hour, with 0.2 increments. FS-200dcua. White scale with black numerals and red pointer. Dimensions: 3.35" wide x 0.67" high, mounting bracket included, original box. Learn More
  6. Unidentified MFG - HA-30-50 - Shunt, external. 30ADC 50mV.

    Shunt, external. 30ADC 50mV. On 6" long x 1.25" wide plastic frame. Note: Used/Removed from equipment.

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  7. General Electric - 50-185114CYCY1ACH - Edgewide meter 25-0-25 uA DC.
    Meters. Edgewise 25-0-25 uA DC, 0-100 vertical. Zero center. Sensitive. Special transparent plastic face plate extends 1.3" to the right of the meter. Scale reads 0/20/40/60/80/100 from bottom to top - emergency red indicator, light green at 50 (50% safe zone), extends 3" behind panel. Overall dimensions: 0.95" wide x 2.25" tall. No mounting hardware. Learn More
  8. General Electric - 50.188121JHPK1 - Ammeter, 0-100 DC AMP.
    Ammeter, 0-100 DC AMP. Requires a 200MV Shunt (not included), 200 mV movement requires 5 mA for full-scale deflection, internal resistance is 40 ohms. Miniature scale 1-1/2". Learn More
  9. Triplett Corp - 450-145 - Bargraph indicator. 4-20 mADC 110VAC. Model TB101.
    Bargraph indicator. 4-20 mADC 110VAC. 101 Segment LED. 0-100%, four (4") bar length. Relay output. Dimensions: 1.76" wide x 5.68" high x 7.0" deep. Complete with hardware. NIB. Model TB101. Learn More
  10. API INSTRUMENTS - MODEL 907B - Control module, optical meter relay.
    Control module, optical meter relay. Resistive load 5Amps at 115VAC. 5Amps at 26.5VDC. ALT P/N: 89-0907-0003. Label 1200-622. Complete with 3 foot cable for connection to meter/relay. Learn More
    Special Price $129.95 Regular Price $149.00

    4-20mA DC PROCESS INDICATOR 0-100.0% 3-1/4digit RED display 115VAC TX SUPPLY 24VDC Option:US 3.5"X1.7" behind panel 4"deep

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  12. Triplett Corp - 327-T - Meter. DC microamperes. 0 - 50 DC Microammeters.
    Meter. DC microamperes. 0 - 50uA DC Microammeters. Panel 3". Scale: 2.25". "Pivot & Jewel" glass window. Case: black phenolic plastic. Mount: 4 stud. NIB. Learn More
  13. STERLING MFG - 100950-200 - Meter. Edge wise. 0-25 Amps DC.
    Meter. Edge wise. 0-25 Amps DC. Dimensions: 46mm wide x 19.3mm high, with built in shunt. Probably made for battery chargers, etc. Extends 41mm behind panel. Marked Progressive Dynamics Inc. Two 1/4" faston male plugs at rear. Red Indicator, Black lettering on white face. Learn More
  14. SIMPSON - 377-2 - Meter. 0-25 (50) and (100) DC Volts.
    Meter. 0-25 (50) and (100) DC Volts. FS=1mA. 1000 Ohm/V. Handheld or Desktop. Dimensions: Enclosed, 3-1/8" wide x 2-1/4" deep x 6" high. Note: Cat No. 12361. Volt-meter Micro tester. This model 377 Series 2 is a ten range instrument capable of measuring DC voltages to 1000V. Missing one knob. Looks New. Learn More
  15. SIMPSON ELECTRIC - 1327 - Meter, panel. Scale: 100-0-100 50mV.
    Meter, panel. Scale: 100-0-100 50mV. Wide-vue. �2% Accuracy F.S. Package: Rugged and Durable. Dimensions: overall 3-1/8" square x 5/8" in front of panel, plus 1-3/4' behind panel including contacts. Note: Pioneer Instruments Model 38 28 10. Rated: UL. Note2: The meter movement measures both polarities of a �50mV input. The scale indicates �100 DC Amps. The meter is intended to be used with a 100A/50mV external shunt. The required shunt is a very precise 4-terminal resistor with a resistance of 0.05/100 = 0.0005 ohm. Such standard shunts are readily available, but not always from us. Note the print in the lower right hand corner of the meter dial: ES = 50mV. [ Note: A 50mV source capable of driving the meter to full scale deflection must be capable of sourcing 2.5 milli-amps or higher. The internal resistance is 20 ohms. Any DC meter movement that has a full scale deflection of 50mV has an associated current requirement of anywhere from 25 micro-amps to 5 milliamps or more depending on the physical specifications of the movement. This particular movement is more robust than a microammeter because a 100A shunt can easily spare 2.5 mA and it is intended for use in a demanding environment. It should not be characterized as a mV meter.] Learn More
  16. SHURITE - 8102Z - Meter. 0-3DCV Model 850/250.
    Meter. 0-3DCV Model 850/250. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 2-9/16" wide x 2-1/3" high, face 9/16" deep. Behind panel: 1-1/2" deep. Learn More
  17. PRIME - DC METER - Meter. DC Amperes. With shunt!
    Meter. DC Amperes. Scale: 0-250. Face: 3" w x 1-1/3" high. Dimensions: 3-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" high, mounted in a steel frame with 4 mount holes, 4" centers. Complete with a plexiglass shield to protect the meter. Also included is an Empro100mV 250Amp shunt. All products are Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
  18. PSE&G - 1151A2030BD0992 - Meters. Edgewise. 10VDC panel meter.
    Meters. Edgewise. Face reads 0-100%, but is 0-10VDC Full scale. FS:10DCV. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 1-3/4" wide x 5-9/16" high x 5" deep. Learn More
  19. Newport Electronics Inc - 205-PV3R,C0 - Meter, voltage. DC. Digit/Alpha 3-1/2.
    Meter, voltage. DC. Number of Digits/Alpha: 3-1/2. Range: 1V to 5V. Supply voltage range: 97.75VAC to 132.25VAC. Digit height: 14.2mm. Panel cutout height: 22.1mm. Panel cutout width: 68.07mm. Made in the USA. Learn More
  20. MODUTEC - 2133-3405-04 - Meter. Digital.
    Meter. Digital. Universal selectable process meter. Input: 1-5VDC. Power: 115VAC. Learn More
  21. LFE CORP - CF-4301-0900 - Digital panel meter, Model 4500.
    Meters and gauges. Digital panel meter, Model 4500, range 0/19.99vdc. Learn More
  22. LIDL STIFTUNG & CO KG. - DT-830B - Meter. Digital Multimeter. 3-1/2 Digit DVM.
    Meter. Digital Multimeter. 3-1/2 Digit DVM. DC Volt ranges: 200mV, 2000MV, 20V, 200V, 600/1000V. AC Volt ranges: 200V, 600/750V. DCA ranges: 200uA, 2000uA , 20mA, 200MA, and 10Amp. Resistor ranges in Ohms: 200, 2000, 20K, 200K and 2000K. Diode tester and HFE Transistor range. Palm Size/Handheld. Complete with test leads and instructions. Learn More
  23. KEITHLEY - N5-0233-0000 - Model 7045 1MA DC Meter
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $77.00
    -13 to -6 amperes Model 7045 1MA DC Meter 4.6" wide x 4.042" tall with face of meter movement 4.199" wide and 2.095" high. Manuf bx's. Learn More
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