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  1. QUORUM - QU-004 Cabinet Guard - Cabinet Guard Alarm - Key Operated
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $18.95 As low as $9.98

    QUORUM - QU-004 Cabinet Guard - Cabinet Guard Alarm - Key Operated

    Cabinet Guard Alarm - Attention Moms! We think it's the most efficient alarm for keeping Children away from Dangerous Chemicals because it can not be turned off without a key. ". . . designed to provide reliable security for cabinets, especially those containing firearms, hazardous materials or other materials with restricted useage." Actually better made than most alarms coming from our friends in China. KEY OPERATED (Two provided) When the unit is turned to the ON position, the alarm will be triggered automatically when the magic sensor is moved away from the control - Once the sensor has been triggered it can only be disarmed using one of the keys. The PZT alarm is Not as loud PAAL alarms but noticeable. If you want to attract a LOT of attention use the PAAL. Low battery Indicator (9V batttery not included) and Sensor Bar. Finely printed instructions in 4 (Four!) languages.

    Great for liquor, medicine cabinets, firewarms and/or refrigerator.  

    When activated, alarm emits a loud siren sound alerting you of entry.

    Only the key can turn off the alarm.

    Includes: Alarm. 2 keys, latch, mounting hardware, instructions.

    Power: 9V Battery

    Dimensions: 12cm X 4.5 cm X 3.5 cm)

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  2. QUORUM - PD-105 Remote Strobe & Siren - Strobe & Siren Alarm for Panic Dialer.
    Special Price $26.98 Regular Price $48.50 As low as $19.98

    QUORUM - PD-105 Remote Strobe & Siren - Strobe & Siren Alarm for Panic Dialer.

    Weather-resistant 105dB Siren and Strobe Light, meant to be Triggered By the PD-100 PANIC DIALER's 418MHz signal. So we know it has a small 418MHz RECEIVER attached to the Telescoping Antenna, and an expensive plastic case with steel mounting bracket and hardware.

    We're just selling them as "Alarm Projects" - we can't, at the present time, tell you how to trigger the Siren (2 large PZTs) or Strobe with Large 5.25" Dia REFLECTOR.


    Requires and Includes a nice 15VDC 800mA Adapter. Not the (6)AAA batteries used for power outages.

    The DC Adapter retails for 12.95

    is worth the price.

    Dealer price for Remote alarm was $129.00+each - original instructiuons included.

    Dimensions: 10"High x 2.8"Deep x 6"Wide.

    Weight: 6 Pounds 

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  3. OSLO Switch - S206A-2 - A Series Key Lock Switch, 2 Position Off/On. DPST, 4A@125VAC or 2A@250VAC.
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $12.50 As low as $4.98

    OSLO Switch - S206A-2  - A Series Key Lock Switch, DPST 2 Position Off/On.

    DPST 2NC & 2NO Contacts

    4A@125VAC or 2A@250VAC.

    Dielectric Strength: 1,000 rms at Sea Level.

    Static Resistance: 20,000 VDC Static Resistance at Sea Level, Lock Body to Terminals.

    Zinc Alloy Die Cast Housing and Cylinder.

    Bright Chrome Plated Standard.

    High Security 7 Pin Tumbler Mechanism.

    Steel, Nickel Plated.

    Switch Housing: 6/6 nylon (UL94V-2).

    Complete with 2 Tubular Round Barrel Keys

    Key can be Withdrawn in Both Positions.

    Silver Plated Contacts and Terminals.

    Rotation: 90 Degrees

    Recommended Hole Size: 19mm

    Connections: 4 Solder Terminals.

    Hex Nut Screw Thread: 3/4"-27 or Speed Lock Clip

    10000 Combinations Available.

    Electrical life: 10,000 cycles min. at Full Load.

    Alternate/Equivalent: C&K Y20112VF03NQ 

    Applications: Automation Control, Communication Systems, Fire and Security Alarm, Power Distribution, Automatic Door Controls. 

    Made in Taiwan by Jin Tay Industries

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  4. QUORUM HOME SECURITY - QU-017 KNOBLOCK - Home Security Knob-Lock for Deadbolt Fastener
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $16.50 As low as $7.98

    QUORUM - QU-017 KNOBLOCK - Home Security Knob-Lock for Deadbolt

    A locking device for the knob of a reciprocating dead bolt latch for a door having a head portion and downward extending spaced apart leg members. The head portion has an aperture adapted to engage the dead bolt latch knob in locking fashion. The leg members define a slot which engages the door knob shank or the door handle.

    Prevents anyone with a key from unlocking the deadbolt including: Landlords, Managers, Former Roommates, Former tenants, etc

    Prevents Bump Key Intruders!

    Thumb Screw Keeps Locking Device Aligned on Deadbolt Latch

    Door Remains Locked Even if the Intruder has a Key.

    Universal Mount attaches to nearly any dead bolt locks in seconds. 

    Also works with may hotel/motel room locks.

    Provides a high level of extra protection at minmal cost.

    Deadbolt Fastener Dimensions- 10.25" Long x 2.5" Wide x 0.5" Thick

    Material: Tough Nearly Indestructible Dark Gray Nylon.

    Perfect when left on seldom used doors or during vacation.

    Sleep better knowing dead bolt can not be forced open.

    Deadbolt cannot be opened from the outside with a key, lock pick or a team cops with a battering ram and artillery.

    Law Enforcement Endorsed and Recommended. 

    New In OE Box.

    US Patents # D334,703 & 5,052,202

    Stronger and More Reliable than expensive "Super Grip Lock"

    Proudly Made in USA

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  5. MEDECO SECURITY LOCKS - 46840 STYLE 72S - Switch, Key. 4 Position/Key Lock.
    Special Price $18.98 Regular Price $24.99

    MEDECO SECURITY LOCKS - 46840 STYLE 72S Switch, key.

    Contacts: 4 Position/Key Lock.

    Note: High security lock.

    Keys are removable in only one position.

    Complete with 3 keys and mount nut.

    Keys can not be duplicated.

    No rear attachments.

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  6. Fort Lock Co - 8-037 - FCC 130 - Cam Lock, High Security Lock Hardware .
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $7.50

    Fort Lock Co- Cam Lock, High Security Lock Hardware.

    Key is only removable in one position.

    Complete with 1 keys and mount nut.

    40 Pin Lock 

    Diameter Size: 25/32" (0.735")

    Tubular Barrel Key

    Ace Key Security.

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  7. QUORUM - QU-011 SECURASPACE SIREN - Housing w/ mount for Micro Video Camera.
    Housing w/ mount for Micro Video Camera. Little loudspeaker housing, but requires a warbling frequency to be heard. Has a 1" dia PZT element and an audio transformer on a pc board and a 30' two-conductor cable, but would be more useful as adjustable wall or ceiling mounts / enclosures for some of those new Micro Video Cameras. Dimensions: 2.5" long x 1.75" square in front on nice swiveling mount. Unobtrusive beige. Batteries not included. Learn More
  8. Talk-A-Phone - K-SM-L - Intercomm box, complete.
    Talk-A-Phone intercom box. NIB. Note: The K-SM-L is a surface mounting box for Talk-A-Phone intercom sub-station models K-LR-3W and TAP-LR-3W. Suitable for outdoor use. Dimensions: 4.81(122) W x 7.19(183) H x 2.13(54) D in(mm). Painted cold rolled steel. Weight: 2 lbs. (0.9kg). Complete unit with Press to Call on front. Learn More
  9. Calrad -95-896 - Home security. Ultrasonic control.
    Home security. Ultrasonic control. Input: 12V. Designed as a general purpose unit for activation of alarm systems, whenever motion or entry into a controlled area takes place. Desk top. Dimensions: 10-9/16" long x 3-1/4" deep x 3-1/4" high. Learn More
  10. Calrad - 95-866A - Photo Electric Relay System.
    Photo Electric Relay System. Transmitter and receiver. Complete with instruction sheet. New Learn More
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