QUORUM HOME SECURITY - QU-017 KNOBLOCK - Home Security Knob-Lock for Deadbolt Fastener

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QUORUM - QU-017 KNOBLOCK - Home Security Knob-Lock for Deadbolt

A locking device for the knob of a reciprocating dead bolt latch for a door having a head portion and downward extending spaced apart leg members. The head portion has an aperture adapted to engage the dead bolt latch knob in locking fashion. The leg members define a slot which engages the door knob shank or the door handle.

Prevents anyone with a key from unlocking the deadbolt including: Landlords, Managers, Former Roommates, Former tenants, etc

Prevents Bump Key Intruders!

Thumb Screw Keeps Locking Device Aligned on Deadbolt Latch

Door Remains Locked Even if the Intruder has a Key.

Universal Mount attaches to nearly any dead bolt locks in seconds. 

Also works with may hotel/motel room locks.

Provides a high level of extra protection at minmal cost.

Deadbolt Fastener Dimensions- 10.25" Long x 2.5" Wide x 0.5" Thick

Material: Tough Nearly Indestructible Dark Gray Nylon.

Perfect when left on seldom used doors or during vacation.

Sleep better knowing dead bolt can not be forced open.

Deadbolt cannot be opened from the outside with a key, lock pick or a team cops with a battering ram and artillery.

Law Enforcement Endorsed and Recommended. 

New In OE Box.

US Patents # D334,703 & 5,052,202

Stronger and More Reliable than expensive "Super Grip Lock"

Proudly Made in USA

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