Pulse Width Modulation

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  1. Tridelta Industries, Inc. - M292-010A001-00B - Switched Reluctance Driver
    Driver board for M132-013A001-16B SWITCHED RELUCTANCE motor - MOTORS SOLD OUT -- SMALLER VERSION AVAILABLE P/N 705B0364 Learn More
  2. Tridelta Industries, INC. - 705B0364 REV A. - Switched Reluctance Driver

    SWITCHED RELUCTANCE motor DRIVER BOARD made by Tr-Delta, now a part of Honeywell. No Spex or paperwork available.

    Learn More
  3. Post Glover Resistors Inc - H10PG - Resistor, power. 0.800 Ohm 63A.
    Resistor, power. 0.800 Ohm 63A. Low temperature coefficient stainless steel elements and stainless steel terminals for long-lasting reliability. Positive grid-to-grid connections, with no current carrying washers or spacers which can cause failure. Tig welded connections to eliminate damaging hot spots. PG Steel Grid Resistor. Learn More
  4. PC PERFORMANCE CONTROLS - DCM70/15 - PWM Servo Amplifier, 15Amp 70V.
    PWM Servo Amplifier, 15Amp 70V., Power-in and Power-out screw terminals, SubD 15 male connector for all other connections. Learn More
  5. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - PDT500-1001 As-Is - Translator Drive
    Packaged Translator Drive. I20V 10A. Condition Unknown, Sold As Is. Learn More
  6. NSD CORPORATION - Japan - VS-2-1MP-02 - VariSwitch, Variable Limit Controller.
    Motor, controller. VariSwitch, variable limit controller. 21~36VDC Input - Requires handheld control box with EEPROMs, not included. Protective wiring paper seal still in place. Gently used. Learn More
  7. Micro Linear - ML4423CP - P28N-PDIP AC Motor Controller
    Variable Speed AC motor controller Provides the PWM sinewave drive signals for controlling 3-Phase AC induction motors as well as single and 2-phase split capacitor motors. 15-150Hz OBSOLETE Learn More
  8. Leukhardt - SMU927103.08 - SMU Card, module.
    Boards. P/N: SMU927103.08 SMU card, module. NIB. Note: Losungen und Komponenten. Learn More

    Hybrid MOSFET switching module for medium sized pulse-width modulated amplifiers. H-Bridge output stage- PWM and ENABLE inputs. Minimum load resistance: 10 ohms. Physically polarized 7-pin encapsulated package with integral heat sink. 1.4" by 2" by 0.5" with PCB-style mounting pins. Schematic of internals included. Power requirements: +/-15 VDC at 3 amperes.- 2" x 1.4" x 0.4" above board - NEW W/ Spec Sheet...

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