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  1. SUPERIOR ELECTRIC CO. - 230-PTO - Oscillator Motor Drive
    Oscillator Motor Drive. DB25S I/O port. S1:6-pin DIP switch. Trimpot adjustment for Base, High, DCC and ACC. 8-pin F receptacle for motor. 115V 1A. 50/60Hz. 9 lbs. Learn More
  2. Comptrol - 59-1231 - Axis Position Controller

    Axis Position Brushless Motor Controller. Terminal blocks: P1-P2: 24V I/O. Connectors: P3: Auxiliary Encoder. P4: Feedback Encoder. P5: Serial. P6: Servo. 115V/60Hz. 11 lbs.Manuf: Comptrol.

    Learn More
  3. Advanced Digital - SS604A - Servo Amplifier "Simple Servo"
    Servo Motor Amplifier, including TB506 25-pin controller, TB504 15-pin encoder feedback, TB505 9-pin programming port, TB502 15-pin controller I/O, TB501 5-pin power I/O connectors. This has the wiring connections for TB501 and TB506. Instrument marked 4 Amps continuous. Advanced Digital. Learn More
  4. NSD CORPORATION - Japan - VS-2-1MP-02 - VariSwitch, Variable Limit Controller.
    Motor, controller. VariSwitch, variable limit controller. 21~36VDC Input - Requires handheld control box with EEPROMs, not included. Protective wiring paper seal still in place. NIB. S/N 12601242. Learn More
  5. HITACHI - HA13406W - IC. 3 Phase brushless motor driver.
    IC. Three-phase brushless motor driver. Includes hall effect sensor amps, logic, output amps and control amps. Can be used with many motors using hall effect sensors for speed control. Case: SP-23TA, power sip RA leads. Learn More
  6. Motorola - MC33039D - IC. Closed loop brushless motor controller SMD
    IC. Motor controller. Closed loop, brushless. Case: 8 pin SMD. Learn More
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