OPTEK - TT Electronics - OHD103-00R - Hall Effect Sensor. NPN, latching.

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OPTEK - TT electronics - OHD103-00R Hall Effect Sensor, NPN, open-collector output, latching.

These Hall-effect devices contain a monolithic integrated circuit which incorporates a Hall element, a linear amplifier, a threshold amplifier, and Schmitt trigger on a single Hallogic® silicon chip. Included on-chip is a bandgap voltage regulator that allows operation with a wide range of supply voltages. This devices feature logic level output and provide of 20 mA of sink current. This allows direct driving of more than 7 TTL loads or any standard logic family using power supplies ranging from 4.5 to 24 volts. Output amplitude is constant at switching frequencies from DC to over 200 kHz.

• Designed for non-contact switching operations
• Operates over a broad range of supply voltages
• Excellent temperature stability operates in harsh environments
• Suitable for military and space applications

Operates on 4.5 - 24VDC

Output Max 20mA DC.

The latch is reset (off) in one of two ways; by aligning a South magnetic pole with the front face or temporarily removing the bias voltage supply.(off).

The back face has a 45-degree bevel. Facing the leads. with the bevel down, the three leads are numbered 1-2-3 from left to right.

Positive (+) supply connects to pin 1, negative (-) common to pin 2 and the output to pin 3.

The output completes a switch to common when it is "on."

Applications: Non-contact switching operations, Brushless DC motors, Multiple pole magnets, Non-contact reflective object sensor, Assembly line automation, Machine automation, Machine safety, End of travel sensor, Door sensor

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