Philips ECG - PR31 - Logic Pulser Probe / Logic Circuit Test Probe

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Philips ECG - PR31 Logic pulser probe, compatible with most logic families.

The PR-31 Pulse Generator is used to inject a signal into a logic circuit without having to remove the IC or open the circuit. Using the companion PR-21 Logic Probe you can detect component failures or wiring errors. The average power of the injected signal is limited by supply voltage (Vcc) of the circuit under test, and with its short duration pulses, will not damage circuit components. 

The PR-31 Logic Pulsar produces a 10µs signal at a 100 mA load and can be switched to either 0.5Hz or 400Hz. It is also capable of generating a square wave equal to approximately 90% of the supply voltage (Vcc) at the square wave output terminal so that an oscilloscope can be used to observe and trace signals. The PR-31 Logic Pulsar also has an external sync input, which enables the user to synchronize the pulse output with an external signal, such as a computer clock circuit.

Specifications - Logic Probe

  • Frequency Response: 50MHz
  • Detectable Pulse Width: 10ns
  • Logic Threshold: TTL Hi 3V, Lo 0.75V
  • Input Impedance: CMOS Hi 60% Vcc, Lo 15% Vcc
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 4-18V
  • Max. Input Protection: ±70VAC/DC @ 15s
  • Power Supply Protection: ±20V

Specifications - Logic Pulser

  •  Pulse Repition Rate: 0.5/400Hz
  • Pulse Width: 10µs
  • Output Current:
    • Pulser Mode @ 0.5Hz 100mA sink.source
    • Square Wave Mode @ 500Hz 5mA sink/source
  • Sync Input Impedance 1MΩ
  • Operating Supply Voltage 5-15V
  • Max. Sync Input Protection ±120Vdc @ 30s
  • Output Protection ±35VDC @ 30s
  • Power Supply Protection ±20VDC @ 30s

For use with logic probe or osciloscope.