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  1. ELECTRONIC SPECIALITIES - 10001-2580934 - Relay, power. DPDT 5A 26.5VDC.
    Relay, DC. Contacts: 5A. Coil: 26VDC 500 Ohm. Large crystal can, hermetically sealed. Connection: Solder hooks. Electrical conf: DPDT. Mech: Flange mount. Body: 0.5 x 1.0 x 1.53"H. Weight: 1.5 oz. Note: Alt P/N: 93GB71-4-AB-500(2)P. Learn More
  2. MATSUSHITA - JC1A-TM-DC24V - Relay, DC. NO 24VDC 10A.

    Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: 1 Form A. Contact Ratings: 10A/250VAC Resistive, 7.5A/250VAC, @0.4 PF, 10A/30VDC. Coil Voltage: 24VDC. Coil Current: 38 mA. Coil Resistance: 630 ohms. Connections: 0.187 quick-connect tabs. Mech Mtg: Mounting Flanges (1.5" centers) integral to plastic housing. Packaging: Plastic. Size: 1-1/4" x 3/4" x 1-9/16" (hgt including connection tabs). Weight: 1 oz.

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  3. GOLDSTAR - VS-48MB - Relay, DC. SPST. TV-5, 16Amp 48VDC.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.95

    General Purpose Relay, PC Mount. Input: DC. Contacts: SPST NO. Contact Ratings: 16Amp. Coil Voltage: 48VDC (48 VDCTV-5). Coil Resistance: 3120 Ohm. Mech Mtg: pcb. Packaging: 4 Pin Dip, epoxy enclosed. Size: 0.50 x 1.14 x 1.0" above board. Weight: 0.6 oz. Note: Slimline. Equivalent NTE R22-5D16-48.

    ● UL, CSA, VDE, SEV, SEMKO, FIMKO, IMQ recognized
    TV-5, TV-8 rated
    ● Working class: C
    ● UL class B (130°C) insulation
    ● Type of service: continuous duty
    ● Heavy duty miniature slim type power relay
    ● High isolation in small package
    —Insulation distance: 8 mm
    —Dielectric strength: 5,000 VAC
    (between coil and contacts)
    —Surge strength: 10,000 V
    ● Standard and high sensitivity types available
    ● Flux free type and plastic sealed type available


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  4. CLARE - HGSR-51111-T01 - Relay, mercury. Coil: 24VDC 2600 Ohm.
    Relay, mercury. Coil: 24VDC 2600 Ohm. Connection: 5 pin. Electrical conf: SPDT. Mech: PCB. Wetted contacts. Alt P/N: R-HG6. Learn More
  5. AROMAT - NL6EBX-6M-L2-DC24V - Relay, DC. Coil: 24VDC.
    Relay, DC. Contactor: 2A. Coil: 24VDC. Connection: 22 pin. Electrical conf: 6PDT. Mech: PCB. Body: 1 x 1.27 x 0.43". Dual coil magnetic-latch. Alt P/N: R-A128, RD0428, NL6EX-L2-DC24V. Learn More
  6. American Zettler - AZ424-D-07-40L - Relay, DC. DPDT 5Amp 24VDC. Hermetically Sealed
    Special Price $7.98 Regular Price $12.50

    American Zettler - AZ424-D-07-40L, AZ424, 07-40L Control Relay, Input: DC. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 5 Amp. Coil Voltage: 24VDC. Coil Resistance: 1K Ohm. Connections: Solder or Socket. Packaging: KHS-style, Hermetically Sealed. Size: 0.952" wide x 0.736" deep x 1.212" high, plus connections. 

    Solder or Socket (10 Pin) 24mm x 19mm x 36mm tall DPDT Shielded 1.3oz

    Replaces Potter Brumfield R10E.

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  7. WAGO - 286-304 - 24VDC Railway Relay SPDT-7A 250V
    Relay, Railway. Contacts: SPDT-7A 250V. 1 changeover contact.. Contact Ratings: Recommended min. load 100 mA at 12VAC/DC 10 mA at 120/230VAC/DC. Coil Voltage: 24VDC. Coil Current: 16mA. Mech. Mtg.: Front-entry Pluggable Module. Size: 0.70"W x 2.88"Deep. Note: Contact material AgSnO2. Extended input voltage and temperature range for railway applications in accordance with DIN EN 50155 / VDE 0115 part 200. They can be used on vehicles operated with alternating current having a supply from the catenary via a transformer with battery charger and battery. The constant deviation from the operating voltage can, in this case, vary between �30 % and +25 %. The temperature range extended to 70 �C corresponds to the maximum air temperature range in inner rooms of vehicles and housings located unprotected in the open air. 0253714024--03 29K1456. Learn More
  8. TYCO/P&B - KUP-14D31F-110 - Relay, power. 3PDT 5A 110VDC.
    Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: 3PDT. Coil Voltage: 110VDC. Coil Current: 5Amp. Coil Resistance: 10K Ohm. Connections: 0.187" male QC terminals. Mech Mtg: Plug-in. Packaging: Enclosed, plastic. Note: Coil non-latching. (1/10HP, 120VAC, 5A, 240VAC). Gold plated contacts and one NE-2 lamp. Learn More
  9. TELEDYNE - M39016/7-023L - New Military relays J411-26WL
    New Military relays TO-5 long gold leads Double marked J411-26WL Learn More
  10. T-BAR - 901-24C-48 - 48VDC 24PDT RELAY
    Special Price $179.95 Regular Price $239.00
    48VDC 24PDT RELAY 67-OHM COIL Enclosed Gold-Palladium Precious metal contacts - NEW Learn More
  11. Takamisawa - RY24W-K - Relay, control. Input: DC. DPDT 1A 24VDC.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 1 Amp. Coil Voltage: 24VDC (0.5Amp 120vac res. 0.3Amp 60vdc res). Mech Mtg: PCB 8 pin. Note: More info: http://us.100y.com.tw/pdf_file/RY-12W-K,RY-24W-K,RY-5W-K.pdf Learn More
  12. T-Bar - 901-48C-28-S - Relay, control. 48PDT 28VDC.
    Special Price $119.95 Regular Price $140.00
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: 48PDT. Coil Voltage: 28VDC. Coil Resistance: 120 Ohm. Size: 1.765" long (plus connections), x 1.030" wide x 3.657" high. Note: Gold/Palladium precious-metal contacts. Learn More
  13. TELEDYNE - 733-12 - Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: DPDT.
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.00
    Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: DPDT. Coil Voltage: 12Amp/1Amp. Coil Resistance: 835 Ohm. Mech Mtg: 0.33"D x 0.38"H. Packaging: Hermetically sealed TO-5, 1/4" gold leads. Note: Sensitive, RF Switch to 500MHz. Learn More
  14. TELEX / AEMCO - 5945-259-6725 - 48VDC 4PDT Hermetically sealed
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $18.99
    48VDC 4PDT Herm-Sealed Relay 5Kohm-Coil 14-pin-round-plug and 3-mounting studs - Very Military 4.1oz Learn More
  15. TELEDYNE - 422D - 12VDC DPDT Magnetic Latching Relays.
    DPDT 12VDC Magnetic Latching Relays. TO-5/10-pins tiny green test dot *8540A191 10001-3249457 Military 1.5" gold leads, Factory new relays Learn More
  16. Struthers & Dunn - 219ABA118 - Relay, 28VDC 6-Pole-10A 12-pin
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $59.88
    Relay, control. Input: 24-28VDC. Contacts: 4PDT plus 1-NO and 1-NC. Contact Ratings: 10A Gold diffused silver cadmium oxide contacts. Coil Voltage: 24-28VDC. Coil Resistance: 240 ohms. Connections: 12-pin plug-in. Mech Mtg: socket, clear plastic case. Alt P/N 6615661-A2. Weight: 0.5 lbs. Note: The empty cases sell for $23.00+ from Newark. Learn More
  17. STRUTHERS & DUNN - MS27743-16 FCA-32516 - Relay, control. Input: DC. 3PDT-25Amp Polarized.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: 3PDT. Contact Ratings: 25Amp. Coil Voltage: 28VDC. Coil Resistance: 400Hz. Mech Mtg: Hermetically sealed Military type 1. Note: Polarized or 115/200VAC. Used/RFE. Learn More
  18. STRUTHERS & DUNN - FC-215-57 - Relay, DC. DPDT 10Amp 26.5VDC.
    Relay, control. Input: DC. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 10Amp. Coil Voltage: 26.5VDC. Coil Resistance: 400 Ohm. Connections: solder hook. Mech Mtg: Panel/Chassis. Packaging: Enclosed, hermetically sealed. Size: 1.002" long x 0.6" wide x 1.215" high, plus contacts. Mount Flange 1.721" long x 0.6" wide and approximately 0.728" below top of relay. Mount centers are at 1.44" Note: Double marked SPE490767-C. Learn More
  19. SIGMA - 32JD1200GD-SIL - Relay, DC. Coil: 24-28VDC 1200 Ohm x 2.
    Relays, DC. Latching DPDT-2Amp, two 1200 Ohm 24-28VDC Coils. Dimensions: 0.8" x 0.4" x 1.08" with 10 pins, crystal can. Made in the USA. Learn More
  20. SIGMA - 60RE2S-5DC - Relay, power. DPDT 5VDC.
    Relay, power. Input: DC. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 1Amp. Coil Voltage: 5VDC. Coil Resistance: 42 Ohm. Mech Mtg: 8 Dip. Learn More
  21. SIGMA - 11FP-1000W-BSL - 28VDC SPDT-5Amp 1K-Ohm open frame
    Special Price $3.71 Regular Price $4.95
    Relay, sensitive. Input: 28VDC. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 5A 28VDC/120VAC. Coil Current: 28mA. Coil Resistance: 1000 ohm. Connections: 0.092" male PC terminals. Mech Mtg: shoulder lug, 2 holes 0.89" spacing. Packaging: open frame. Size: 1.2" x 1.2" x 1.1"H. Weight: 1.2 oz. Designed for sliding current or on-off 50mW signals. Learn More
  22. SIEMENS - 3TH4244-0BB4 - 24VDC 4-pole NO and 4-pole NC 16Amp Control Relay
    24VDC 8P 16Amp Control Relay 4-N.O. 4-N.C.16Amps each, marked used but probably old storeroom stock, little dirty, 1.75 x 3 x 5.25"H Learn More
  23. SIEMENS / Potter & Brumfield /TE Connectivity - KUEP-11D15-24 - 24VDC DPDT-10A Enclosed with magnetic blow-out
    Special Price $13.95 Regular Price $23.99 As low as $9.95

    Industrial Panel Plug-In Relay, control. Input: Monostable DC. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 10Amp. Coil Voltage: 24VDC. Coil Resistance: 320 Ohm. Pickup/Dropout: 75mA. Connections: 3/16" QC terminals. Packaging: Clear case. Note: "Permanent magnet blow-out to assist in interrupting DC current". EU RoHS Compliant

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  24. Potter & Brumfield - KCP-11-5000 - Relay, plate. DPDT 5K Ohm 7.2mA.
    Special Price $69.50 Regular Price $119.95 As low as $54.95

    Relay, plate. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 2Amp. Coil Voltage: 36VDC. Coil Current: 7.2mA. Coil Resistance: 5K Ohm. Connections: 8 Octal plug-in. Mech Mtg: Panel. Packaging: plastic enclosed. Note: Type 216 Plate relay.

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