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  1. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - EFR-OHB40K24 - Transducer, Ultrasonic. 40kHz 100dB PZT.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $4.50 As low as $2.98

    PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - EFR-OHB40K24 - Transducer, Ultrasonic Transmitter.

    Ceramic disc/bimorph type piezoelectric-pzt ceramic vibrator used for sensing and transmitting ultrasonic vibrations thru the air. Used in burglar alarm systems, flow rate and personnel detectors and remote control / mind control systems.

    Status: Discontinued

    Frequency: 40kHz 100dB PZT.

    Housing: 2 Pin Metal Can.

    Marked HB40 on Bottom Surface

    Dimensions: 0.500" (12.5mm) Diameter x 0.370" (9.4mm) High.

    Applicatioins: Ideal for remote control systems, burglar alarms, flow rate detectors etc.

    Note: Matched Receiver EFR-RUB40K25 purchased separately under SKU 9850

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  2. PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - EFR-RUB40K25 - 40KHz New Ultrasonic Transducers /Receiver
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $4.50 As low as $2.98

    PANASONIC/MATSUSHITA - EFR-RUB40K25 - 40kHz New Ultrasonic Transducers Receiver

    16mm, 45db Ceramic Receiver / Microphone.

    Dimensions: 0.63 Diameter x 0.48" High

    Center Frequency: 40 KHz.

    Band width: 4Khz +

    Connection: 2 Pin Solder

    Note: Mating Transmitter EFR-OHB40K24 purchased separately see SKU 9849.

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  3. ZENITH - 49-1267-02 - Ultrasonic Transducers Pick-up
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $3.00 As low as $1.49

    ZENITH - 49-1267-02 Ultrasonic Transducers

    In the early 1960s, solid-state circuitry (i.e., transistors) began to replace vacuum tubes. Handheld, battery-powered control units could now be designed to generate the inaudible sound electronically. Ultrasonic remote control lasted through the early 1980s or a quarter century from its inception. More than 9 million ultrasonic remote control TVs were sold by the industry during the 25-year reign of this Zenith innovation. By the early 1980s, the industry moved to infrared, or IR, remote technology.

    Genuine Vinatge Zenith Pick-up Transducer.

    Dimension: 0.65" Diameter

    Used with Vintage Zenith Remote Controls (i.e. Space Command).

    Additional Information: 




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  4. LUNDAHL INSTRUMENTS - DCU-5WG - Transducer Xmtr-Rcvr

    Transducer 60mm D x 133mm long. Near-Far-gate and Dist pots on rear with mating cable and connector. New.

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  5. Logan Lundahl Instruments - DCU-A - 6-Wire Ultrasonic Transducers
    Special Price $184.98 Regular Price $248.95

    Logan Lundahl Instruments - DCU-A - 6-WIRE ULTRASONIC SENSORs with Adjustable Trip-point and Sensitivity.

    The DCU series sensors use ultrasonic technology to provide a non-contact method of determining distance or level measurements.

    Dimensions: 2" Square x 3.6" Long.

    A Division of EZRA C LUNDHAL, INC 

    Note: California-based Scientific Technologies Inc aquired Logan Lundahl Instruments.

    New Old Stock - Made in USA

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  6. Unidentified MFG - 6-255 - Ultrasonic / Audio Transmitter & Receiver Probe
    Special Price $18.98 Regular Price $38.50

    Commercial Ultrasonic / Audio Transmitter & Receiver Probe

    Transducer Receiver consist of a piezoelectric ceramic disc mounted with-in a probe.  A conical metal resonator bonded at the center of disc acting as a rigid piston. This special construction provides high sensitivity, wider bandwidth and excellent durability in wide temperature and humidity ranges and high stability in electrical and mechanical characteristics. Due to its free vibration character the open type transducers are very suitable for continual wave driving, such as Doppler motion detector.

    High Quality Distance Ultrasonic Sensor Head

    Marked in Red: "2-5-10cm. 3-8 Vol. 1-2 Inch & 2 - 12 Feet.

    Has two DIN Male connectors, a 5-pin and a 3-pin plug attached to the special microphone with a 5 foot long flat cable with widely separated conductors.

    Specific Application and Specifications Unknown - Great for Hobbyist/Experimenters/Inventors 

    Typical Ultrasonic Probe Applications: Measurement, Motion, Sensing & Instrumentation, Automation & Process Control, Robotics, Security, Power Management, Leak Detection. and Inspection In Industrial, Aerospace, Medical, and Manufacturing.

    Vintage - New Old Stock

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