SIEMENS - SAFC515CLM - Q67121-C1058 - IC. 8-Bit Microcontrollers.

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SIEMENS - SAFC515CLM - Q67121-C1058. 8-Bit Microcontrollers.

The C515C is an enhanced, upgraded version of the SAB 80C515A 8-bit microcontroller which additionally provides a full CAN interface, a SPI compatible synchronous serial interface, extended power save provisions, additional on-chip RAM, 64K of on-chip program memory, two new external interrupts and RFI related improvements. With a maximum external clock rate of 10 MHz it achieves a 600 ns instruction cycle time (1 µs at 6 MHz). The C515C is mounted in a P-MQFP-80 package.

Advance Information
• Full upward compatibility with SAB 80C515A
• 64k byte on-chip ROM (external program execution is possible)
• 256 byte on-chip RAM
• 2K byte of on-chip XRAM
• Up to 64K byte external data memory
• Superset of the 8051 architecture with 8 datapointers
• Up to 10 MHz external operating frequency (1 µs instruction cycle time at 6 MHz external clock)
• On-chip emulation support logic (Enhanced Hooks Technology TM)
• Current optimized oscillator circuit and EMI optimized design
• Eight ports : 48+1 digital I/O lines, 8 analog inputs
   – Quasi-bidirectional port structure (8051 compatible)
   – Port 5 selectable for bidirectional port structure (CMOS voltage levels)
• Full-CAN controller on-chip
   – 256 register/data bytes are located in external data memory area
   – max.1 MBaud at 8-10 MHz operating frequency
• Three 16-bit timer/counters
   – Timer 2 can be used for compare/capture functions
• 10-bit A/D converter with multiplexed inputs and built-in self calibration
• Full duplex serial interface with programmable baudrate generator (USART)
• SSC synchronous serial interface (SPI compatible)
   – Master and slave capable
   – Programmable clock polarity / clock-edge to data phase relation
   – LSB/MSB first selectable
   – 2.5 MHz transfer rate at 10 MHz operating frequency
• Seventeen interrupt vectors, at four priority levels selectable
• Extended watchdog facilities
   – 15-bit programmable watchdog timer
   – Oscillator watchdog
• Power saving modes
   – Slow-down mode
   – Idle mode (can be combined with slow-down mode)
   – Software power-down mode with wake-up capability through INT0 pin
   – Hardware power-down mode
• CPU running condition output pin
• ALE can be switched off
• Multiple separate VCC/VSS pin pairs
• P-MQFP-80-1 package
• Temperature Ranges : SAB-C515C-8R TA = 0 to 70 °C
                                        SAF-C515C-8R TA = -40 to 85 °C
                                        SAH-C515C-8R TA = -40 to 110 °C

Package: P-MQFP-80-1 Flat Package.

Ordering Code: Q67121-C1058

Note: From 3 manufactures trays of 84.

Made in Germany

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