SMK - XK01 KEY SWITCH - Switch, key, SPDT, 3 access levels.

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Switch, key, SPDT, 3 access levels. See details below: Lock entrance requires a 15mm hole, mounts on two threaded holes 22 mm on center. Note: We have no factory datasheet on this custom-made high quality key switch. The nature of the switch is described as follows: The switch is provided with 3 pairs of functionally different keys: 2 are marked REG, 2 are marked X, 2 are marked Z. The switch lock cylinder has 5 rotary positions starting fully counter-clockwise numbered 1-2-3-4-5. The switch contacts consist of a SPDT micro switch. The micro switch has, a normally open contact and a normally closed contact sharing a common terminal. The normally-open contact is closed in position 2 only. The normally-closed contact is opened in position 2 only.The REG switches can only access positions 1 and 2. The REG keys are insertable and removable in both positions.The X keys can only rotate to positions 2-3-4. The X keys are only insertable or removable in position 2. The Z keys can rotate to all 5 positions, but the Z keys are only insertable or removable in positions 2 and 3.