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  1. T&M RESEARCH PRODUCTS - F-500-2 - Coaxial load 0.0100064 Ohm.
    High power lab standard resistor. Coaxial load 0.0100064 Ohm. One end has a BNC female, opposite end teflon insulated, stud. Overall dimensions: 2.5" D x 7.5" long. Learn More
  2. Mini Circuit Labs - BHP-50 - Coaxial High Pass Filter. 41 to 800 MHz, 50 Ohm.
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $34.50 As low as $19.98

    Mini Circuit Labs - BHP-50 Coaxial High Pass Filter.

    Rugged Shielded Case

    50 Ohm 41-800Mhz,

    BNC Male to BNC Female.


    Applications: Lab Use, Transmitters/Receivers, Radio communications

    New Old Stock

    More info:

    Learn More
  3. PERKIN ELMER - HGA - Furnace Head for Heated Graphite Atomizer (HGA)
    Heated Graphite Atomizer (HGA) FURNACE HEAD, an accesory for Perkin-Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (AA). Basically, sample is placed in a graphite tube and a few hundred amps heats the tube white hot to break down the sample to atoms. Light from the AA passes through the tube and sample and the atoms are identified and measured. The tubing fittings are for cooling water and argon gas to prevent the tube from burning. Learn More
  4. Unidentified MFG - R5140 SIZE 1 - Laboratory. Number 1, stoppers.
    Laboratory. Number 1, stoppers. Code R5140. Material: rubber. Color: black. Learn More
  5. Unidentified MFG - 8-548 - Lucite 1.4"D x 1.94"L. Package of 2.
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $12.00

    Clear Lucite - Light Diffuser.

    Overall Dimensions 1.4"OD x 1.94"High.

    Coarse Threaded Outer Diameter measures 1.250" Inner  Thread Diameter 1.17"

    Threaded at bottom with large hole inside 1.5" Deep Rounded by 0.47" I.D.

    Made in Taiwan

    Package of 2

    Learn More
  6. SPEX INDUSTRIES INC - 270M - Monochromator
    MONOCHROMATOR used, appears to be in good condition IEEE-232&488 Handscan Offset 2117 Steps - Switch Position 1166.156250NN - 270AFX - with HANDSCAN Controller & cable Learn More
  7. Plus 50 Products - Plus 50 Lens - Lens, extension. Optical diffuser.
    Special Price $2.98 Regular Price $6.00

    Plus 50 Lens, extension.

    Optical diffuser.

    For X-band radar (antenna) detector.

    Dimensions: 2.45" D x 0.68", plus 2 0.33" mounting tabs.

    Learn More
  8. HEIMANN GMBH - KT17camera & A15readout - INFRARED THERMOMETER
    Special Price $799.99 Regular Price $995.00
    INFRARED THERMOMETER KT17-sensor 0-300 / 200-600degC 8-14um 100mSec 24VAC With&Including A15 3-1/2digit Readout - manufactur's demo unit - Guaranteed Learn More
  9. MSA - 7-201-1 - 460968 - Comfo II Custom Respirator Facepiece - Black, Size Medium

    MSA - 7-201-1 - 460968 - Comfo II Custom Respirator Facepiece - Black, Size Medium

    The 460968 Half Mask Respirator is constructed of Hycar rubber with an elastic band.  

    Respirator, Face Piece - New Old Stock

    Comes with 60 page manual.

    Price is for one (1) Comfo II Respirator Facepiece without filter cartridges. 

    See SKU 32215 for MSA - 459322 - Comfo Respirator Filter Cartridges P100, Type H


    Learn More
  10. YSI - 45CU - Cuvette thermometer.
    Special Price $41.95 Regular Price $47.95
    Cuvette thermometer. Battery powered portable unit. Dial selection of four temperature ranges with center points at 25C, 30C, 32C, 37C. Does not include temperature probe. Most have repair tags. Used. Non-returnable. Learn More
  11. Wheaton Tubing Products - 6250-B21A - New glass product 50ml NS-51
    Special Price $1.47 Regular Price $1.96
    New glass product. 50ml NS-51 Perma Trim tip Amp w/YBASCode=8886 Learn More
  12. MSA - 459322 - Comfo Respirator Filter Cartridge P100, Type H
    Special Price $4.98 Regular Price $8.00

    MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES (MSA) - 459322 - Type H, MSA Filter Cartridge for Respirators.

    MSA Filter Cartridges for for Comfo, Comfo II and comfo Classic Respirators. Designed for easy installation by threading directly to the cartridge receptacles on Comfo and other twin-cartridges respirators.

    P100 Particular Filter (99.97% filter efficiency level)

    Permissible Respirator Filter for Dust, Fumes, Mists, and Radionuclides.

    Respirator, Air Filter - New Old Stock

    Model 815175, MSA - GGG-M-125/8, Approval No. TC-21C-135

    NSN 4240-00-084-9394 - Military Surplus

    Price is for 0ne (1) Filter Cartridge.

    Note: Sorry all sold out of MSA Respirator Half Masks for sale at SKU 177046.

    Learn More
  13. KIMBLE GLASS - A4-376 - Laboratory, glass 4-tube, water jacket 9".
    Special Price $7.46 Regular Price $9.95
    Laboratory, glass 4-tube, water jacket 9". Size: 27.5 x 222mm. Learn More
  14. FUJI SEIKI - 1032800 - Butterfly valve, manual.
    Butterfly valve, manual. 4 Inch ID x 5.25 Inch outside flange x 2.5" thick. Learn More
  15. DICKSON - THDX - 8" Circular Humidity & Temp Chart Recorder 2-pen
    8-Position DIP switch for: 1/7/14/31-day, degF or C, Wide or Narrow Range, Rh, Dew Point, Display & Keypad options - with Digital Readouts and adjustable setpoints/alarms. Battery Operated - uses Chart Nr C1601 (8" variety pack) Learn More
  16. REID SUPPLY - BZ-11 - Precision Linear Slide 1"-travel 3x2x3/4"
    Precision Ball Bearing Slide 2x3x3/4" - 1"-travel both ends - REID M-58-B-1 These pre-loaded ball slides provide an acceptable level of accuracy for most linear motion applications (.001"/inch) at a considerably lower cost than more expensive ball slides or crossed roller slides. The compliant slides use a conventional hardened steel rod raceway and balls, but also incorporate an elastomer spine and shock-absorbing back-up gib. This unique combination provides even and continuous preload, while minimizing the effects of impact and shock. This slide can also tolerate contamination and operate over many million cycles without lubrication. Learn More
  17. Honeywell/Microswitch - CRS301 - Color Recognition Sensor
    Color Recognition System. 400-800nM, 8-Channels. Color Recognition Sensor with MS-connector cable, 4 armoured 32" Fiber Optic cables: CRS-FO-25-3 (bifurcated), CRS-FO-55-TSR-3, CRS-FO-55-TSE-3, and CRS-FO-55-3 (bifurcated). 3.5" Disk CRS 301-CFG-SFT V2.10 software. Designed for the industrial environment, not just the laboratory bench. Accurately memorizes up to eight different colors for recognition on-line. Sensitive across the entire visible light spectrum 400 to 800 nanometers to characterize colors, not just red, blue & green. Internal light source. Current sink/source output provided for each channel. Learn More
  18. BECKMAN - 6519 - BUN ANALYZER 2 (As Is)
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $99.00
    BUN ANALYZER 2 - see pictures - sold as is Learn More
  19. LFE / TRAPELO - SA30B parts - Parts for SA30B Low-temperature RF Asher
    Parts for SA30B Low-temperature RF Asher. Three glass or quartz 3-opening vessels and selection of O-rings. Learn More
  20. GILFORD INSTRUMENT LAB - 3018A-1137X23 - Micro Cuvette.
    Micro Cuvette, model 1137X23B (or 1137X23C). NIB. With 1137x21 spare parts kit for 1137x23 micro sample cell. Learn More
  21. GAMMA SCIENTIFIC - 700-10-65A - Scanning Micrometer Eyepiece
    Special Price $139.95 Regular Price $175.00
    Scanning micrometer eyepiece 25u aperature Xcellent condition Learn More
  22. GAMMA SCIENTIFIC - 700-10 - Photometric Microscope stage
    Special Price $79.95 Regular Price $100.00
    Photometric Microscope stage vernier drive Good Condition Learn More
  23. GAMMA SCIENTIFIC - D-60 - Silicon detector. 300-1100nm. Used.
    Silicon detector. 300-1100nm. Note: Manufacture EG&G Gamma Scientific. Used. Learn More
    Special Price $249.99 Regular Price $300.00
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