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  1. Sarkes Tarzian - 2KV26-5A5-ZS - Diode, Selenium Rectifier, Electrical Surge Arrester, Voltage Snubber.
    Special Price $59.98 Regular Price $89.00 As low as $49.98

    Sarkes Tarzian - 2KV26-5A5-ZS Diode, Selenium Rectifier, Surge Arrester, Voltage Snubber.

    A Selenium Rectifier is a type of metal rectifier, invented in 1933. They were originally used to replace vacuum tube rectifiers in power supplies for electronic equipment, and in high current battery charger applications. 

    Type: Selenium Rectifier. 2-lead 10-wafer. Centre-Kooled - Blue.

    Description: Rectifier, 10 Plates, 1" X 1"

    Mounting Configuration: 0.164" Diameter hole

    Nominal Dimensions: Depth: 1.0”, Overall Length: 2.062”, Overall Width: 1.50”

    Breakdown Voltage: 350.0 Volts Nominal

    Terminal Type: Solder Lug

    Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

    Vintage Genuine Sarkes Tarzian Selenium Rectifier - New Old Stock - Never Used

    NSN 5920-00-892-8826 Replaces - NSN 6130-00-225-9017

    Alternates: General Electric Co: 6RS21SA5D5, Raytheon Company 710120-032, Danfoss Fluid Power Inc. 211-36710, ST-Semicon Inc: 5KV26.5A5-ZS, DLA Land and Maritime: DMS 82090B.

    Made in USA   

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  2. Laird Thermal System - MARLOW INDUSTRIES - CP2-31-10-L-1 - Peltier Junction 2.5V 3Amp ThermoElectric Cooling.
    Special Price $12.98 Regular Price $22.50

    Laird Thermal System - MARLOW INDUSTRIES - CP2-31-10-L-1.

    Ceramic Plate Series Thermoelectric Cooler - The CP2-127-10-L1 is a high-performance and highly reliable standard Thermoelectric Cooler. Assembled with Bismuth Telluride semiconductor material and thermally conductive Aluminum Oxide ceramics. 

    Thermal electric cooler. Peltier junction's 3Amp 2.5V.

    Dimensions: Approximately - 30mm sq x 5.3mm tall, (29.7mm x 29.7mm x 4.7mm).

    MFG Part Number 40655-202.

    New Old Stock. 

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  3. TYCO Potter & Brumfield - 2IO-4C - Mounting boards for 4 - Input/Output
    Special Price $29.98 Regular Price $34.50

    TYCO Potter & Brumfield - 2IO-4C - Mounting boards for 4 - Input/Output

    Mounting boards for 4 - Input/Output modules. 

    AC Input/AC output, DC Input/dC Output

    Screw terminal logic connections.

    250V 50/60 HZ, 4A

    120V 50/60 HZ, 4A

    Rare/Discontinued - New in Mfg. Packaging.

    Made in USA 

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  4. ANSELL AlphaTec SOL-VEX - 37-175 11 - 15 Mil Gloves, Green Nitrile. Size 11. Package of 12 Pr.
    Special Price $16.98 Regular Price $29.95

    ANSELL AlpaTec SOL-VEX - 37-175-11 - 15 Mil Gloves, green Nitrile. Size11. Package of 12 Pr.

    Applications: Chemical Plants and Transportation, Chemical Processing, Oil Refining and Petrochemicals, Cleaning and Degreasing, Exposure to Chemicals, Solvents, Hazardous Liquids, PVC Cements or Standing Water, Janitorial and Maintenance Work

    Gloves, Green Nitrile. Size: 11.

    Flock-lined, Straight cuff.

    Sandpatch Grip Design.

    12 - 13" Length.

    15.00 mil Thickness. ANSI/ISEA Puncture Level: 3

    Industry Standards: ANSI 0 (Cut), EN388 3101, EN374 AKL, EN374 Micro, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600   

    High performance Nitrile - Reliable chemical protection. Reduced chemical burns and caustic exposure. Puncture and abrasion protection. Reduced hand injuries. Cotton flock liner - Moisture absorption, Reduced dermatitis and increased comfort.

    Component Materials Comply with 21 Cfr 177.2600 for Food Contact

    Marked: For protection against OTTO Fuels.

    USDA Accepted. FSN: 8415-01-147-6263.

    Package of 12 Pr.

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  5. Dwyer Instruments / Mercoid Control - AS-9 - Pressure Switch 4 AMP, Adjustable Pressure Control 0-15 PSI "New"
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $49.50

    Mercoid Controls - Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Love Controls, Mercoid Controls AS-9 Pressure Switch, Adjustable 0-15 PSI Pressure Control. Normally Open Contacts 4 AMP with Internal Mercury Switch (Circuit closes on pressure rise). Visible Setpoint Adjustment, Calibrated scale.  

    Industrial Enclosed sealed housing Diaphram Operated Control.

    New Old Stock in Manufacturers Box.

    Similar to following Mercoid Control Pressure Switches:

    AP-153-36, AP15336, AP153R36, AP153RG36, AP-7012-153-36, AP-7021-153R36, AP-7041-153-36, AP-153-37, AP-2-36, AP236, 721G,

    Confirm Pressure requirements, contact ratings and material compatibility before substituting.

    Mercoid Controls produces a broad range of pressure, temperature, and level controls for use in heavy industrial, petrochemical, and electrical utility plants. Established in 1916, Mercoid has been serving industry for over 80 years. 

    Proudly Made in the USA.

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  6. Sarkes-Tarzian - S-490C - Rectifier, Selenium. Surge Arrester, Snubber
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $14.50 As low as $7.98

    Sarkes-Tarzian - S-490C Selenium Retifier, Surge Arrester, Snubber.

    Rectifier, 8 Plates,

    Nominal Dimension: 2" X 2" Plates X 1.045" Stack 

    2-lead 8-wafer 2" square.

    Centre-Kooled - Blue

    Marked 2A

    Additional Information: http://www.tubebooks.org/Books/srhbst.pdf

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  7. Philips - XQ1073X - Plumbicon camera tube, 1".
    Special Price $349.99 Regular Price $475.00
    Plumbicon imaging tube, 1". Military NSN 9300-849-50144. Plumbicon tubes manufactured by Narragansett Imaging. Learn More
  8. Lightwave - EB-1025-01 - LW20EB20-120 - EC030- Electronic Fluorescent Light Ballast, Rapid Start, 120VAC 25 watt 0.33Amp.
    Special Price $8.98 Regular Price $10.95

    Lightwave Ballast LW20EB20-120, Lamp ballast.

    25W, Rapid start,

    Input 120V 50/60 Hz., 0.33A,


    Output V=60V @ 400mA,

    Class P, Type 1,

    Sound rating: A. "RS" Electronic Ballast.

    Over Temperature Protection.

    Dimensions: 106.7mm with mounting flange x 45.7 mm x 25.4 mm tall. (4.20" X 1.80" X 1.0")

    Power leads 285mm long, blue wires 400mm long, red wires 1-meter long. UL Listed 89XK.

    Manufactures catalog number LW20EB20-120.

    Applications Include Honeywell UV sterilization duct lamps.

    Lamp type: G25T5, TUV18, GPH287.

    • Normal Power Factor, Open Circuit Voltage: 600V, D/C
    • Class P, Type 1, Sound rating : A
    • UL listed
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  9. ZF Microsystems - 9400-0029-01 - Board. 5MX Z-Chipset.
    Board. Embedded system card based on the 5MX Z-Chipset. Complete with specification sheets and CD. Learn More
  10. CTI electronics corp. - 6-075 - Silicon Rubber Keypad / Actuator, Waterproof Membrane.
    Special Price $2.49 Regular Price $3.00 As low as $1.98

    Silicon Rubber Keypad / Actuator.

    The technology uses the compression molding properties of silicon rubbe to create angled webbin around a switc center. On depression of the switch, the webbing uniformly deforms to produce a tactile response. When pressure is removed from the switch, the webbing returns to its neutral position with positive feedback. To make an electronic switch, a conductive pill is placed on the base of the switch center which contacts onto a printed circuit board when the web has been deformed.

    12 Conductive contacts. 0-9 plus * and #.

    Watewrproof Membrane.

    Conductive Contact is secred to backside of each button.

    Material: Translucent Silicon Rubber.

    Dimensions: 1-1/2" x 2" high.

    Applications of silicone rubber keypads include remote controls, gaming, robotics, controls for Industrial, Medical, Hobby Projects.


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  11. RAYTHEON. - ML-322 - Diode. Ultra-high-frequency.
    Diode. Ultra-high-frequency diode of the planar-electrode type designed for use as a modulation clipper at frequencies up to 1500 Mc. Type 2 class E style. Note: Complete wil 4 page specification sheet. Manufacture - Raytheon/Machett. Made in the USA. Learn More
  12. PHOTODYNE - 1800 - Fiber Optic Attenuator 0-89dB & Dark

    Fiber Optic Attenuator 0 to 89db plus dark. In wooden box. Excellent Condition but protective case has Decaying Gray Foam.

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  13. DATA TRANSLATION - DT5712-PGH - A/D CommunicationsModule. Full Scale.
    Special Price $129.98 Regular Price $250.00

    DATA TRANSLATION - DT5712-PGH Module. A/D Conversion. Full scale.

    DT5712-PGL is a low level, wide range 12-bit data acquisition module offering software programmable full scale ranges of20mV, 100mV, 1V, and 10V. DT5712-PGH is a general purpose 12-bit high level data acquisition module offering software programmable input ranges of 1.25V, 2.5V, S.OV, and10V.

    Status: Discontinued

    Package: DIPA-5.

    Dimensions: 4.617" long x 3.005" wide x 0.394" high.

    Rear Contacts: 72 pin (36 x 2, dual row) connector.

    Applications: Medical Equipment and Industrial Process Controlls

    Proudly Made in the USA.

    additional Information: UM-00049-A_DT1742_High_Resolution_Multibus_Analog_Interfaces_May88.pdf

    Note: Used/Removed from working X-Ray Computer System.

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  14. Conbraco Industries - 38-104-01 - Atmosphere Type Vacuum Breaker, 3/4In, FNPT, Bronze, 125 psi
    Special Price $34.98 Regular Price $38.50

    Conbraco Industries - 38-104-01 Atmosphere type vacuum breaker.

    Application: Designed to prevent back-siphonage of polluted water into a potable water system. It should only be installed in areas where spillage of water could not cause damage and where it can be accessible for periodic maintenance. This device is not designed for continuous pressure application.


    125PSI @ 212 Deg F, 3/4"NPT, Brass

    Note: ALT P/N: ASSE 1001.

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  15. ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGIES INC - 105C1 220 - 135497
    The American Beauty 105C1 is a plier style resistance soldering power unit. Resistance soldering is ideal for difficult, precise applications due to the intense, localized heat. Input 22VAC, 1000 watt. 23 power settings, ring terminal connections. Learn More
  16. TREX-ONICS - 61823 - Reduced diameter power cable. 2AWG 3 Conductor).
    Reduced diameter power cable. 2-3C. (2AWG 3 Conductor), 138Amp FT1 600V. Operating temperature: 90 Deg C 194 Deg F. Connector assembly - attached heavy duty male and female connector. TOC #61823, RE51136-3P. Cable diameter: 1.16". Listed: UL/CSA. More info: http://www.tpcwire.com/images/TPC_catalog_10/Power_Cable.pdf Learn More
  17. SCHLEIFRIN - 526 320 001-C - Fiber Optic Module.
    Fiber Optic Module. Dimensions: 81 x 35 x 19mm high. Learn More
  18. REXNORD - HP7705-255 - MatTop Chain. Solid top 10-1/16".
    MatTop Chain. Solid top 10-1/16". For modular conveyer belts. Learn More
  19. RAULAND-BORG CORP. - 989M - Switch, toggle assembly. 25 - 3 Position.
    Switch, toggle assembly. 25 - 3 Position rocker switch assembly in a 19" rack mountable unit. Dimensions: 17.5" long x 1-9/16" wide x 2-1/8" deep. With 4 hole mount, 19". Note: Listed Sound Reproducing Equip. Learn More
  20. KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY - KVR-PC100/128 - Memory module, upgrade. 128MB PC100 16M64.
    Memory module, upgrade. 128MB PC100 16M64. For desktop computers. Dimensions: 5-1/4" long x 1-1/3" wide. Learn More
  21. INTEL - 80523PY400512PE - CPU/Microprocessor.
    CPU/Microprocessor. Pentium II processor with MMX technology. 80523PY400512PE SL2U5, 09100103-0286. Enclosed, single edge contact cartridge. Dimensions: 5.505" x 2.473" x 0.647" (13.98 cm x 6.28 cm x 1.64 cm). Learn More
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