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  1. GEMCO - 404S32121YAA3 - Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T.
    Switch, rotary. Contacts: 1P3T. Actuator: momentary each side. Mech: panel, 4 contacts. Mounts in a 0.85" hole, complete with 4 metal washers, one cork and one locating pin. Note: Selector switch with adjustable cam. Learn More
  2. FUTABA - MD-4PCS - Mechanical Keyboard Switch, Push Button, Normally Open Contact, Package of 20.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $8.50
    Switch, push-button. NO Keyboard, round, spring-loaded momentary. Snaps into a 0.61" / 15.4mm dia hole, stays secure with two pop out flanges. 1.15" / 29mm long from tip of "x" plunger to two pins. Appears to be silver plated contacts inside. No tops. Package of 20. Learn More
  3. ALPS PN421 - Samwon PPL421 - Switch, pushbutton/push switch. 4PDT momentary. Package of 10.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $12.50

    ALPS PN421 - Samwon PPL421 Switch, pushbutton/push switch.

    Contacts: 4PDT non-latching momentary.

    Actuator: p/b 7/16" long x 1/8" square 

    Dimensions: 1" long x 5/16" wide x 9/16"high which includes the 3/16" long pc or solder leads.

    Package of 10.

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  4. MICRO SWITCH - UX30C10C01 - Switch, lever. SPDT-1A. Package of 10.
    Switch, lever. Contacts: SPDT-1Amp at 125VAC. Operation: Very light-26-gram force. Momentary Subminiature. Package of 10. Also sold in 100/bag, see SKU127040. Learn More
  5. JBT - 3-627 - Switch, toggle. Contacts: SPDT Center-off.

    Switch, toggle. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 6Amp 125VAC, 3Amp 250VAC . Actuator: Center-off, 1 side momentary, ON/OFF/ON. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: PCB. Miniature.

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  6. CUTLER-HAMMER - SC2GXNI - Switch, illuminated rocker. Contacts: DPDT.
    Switch, illuminated rocker. Contacts: DPDT. Contact Ratings: 125VAC/5Amp. Actuator: Momentary, On (On). Mech: snap-in. Note: Lens: red, with hidden T1-3/4 Bi-pin 5V or 6V lamp. Learn More
  7. ALPS - SPH122A50 - Switch, P/B. DPDT keyboard. Package of 10.

    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: DPDT. Actuator: momentary. Mech: 6 Pin PCB. Note: Keyboard switch, no knob. Package of 10.

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  8. UID - 3-446 - Switch, switchbank. All DPDT. 3-Interlocking and 2-Momentary.
    Switch, switchbank. Contacts: All DPDT. Actuator: 3-Interlocking and 2-Momentary. Connection: solder terminals. Mech: On 5.6"Long mounting plate. Learn More
  9. Molex - 3-242 - Panel Mount Snap-in, Pushbutton Switch, P/B. SPDT 2A, 125 VAC, Momentary
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.50

    Molex Pushbutton Switch,  Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 2Amp 125VAC. Actuator: Illuminated (Red Pilot), Momentary. Connection: 3/16" male QC terminals. Mech: Panel, snap-in. Panel hole: Snap in 1.2" to 1.29" long x approximately 0.483" wide x 1.983" deep, plus contacts. Front 1.3" long x 0.550" wide. Note: Actuator -/478" long x 0.370" wide x 0.334" from top.

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  10. LICON - 3-556 - Switch, pushbutton. SPDT Mom.

    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 10Amp 125/250VAC. Actuator: Illuminated, momentary. Mech: Panel. Note: No lamp (30V). Green actuator.

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  11. Crouzet Corp - 831613-04 - Switch, limit. SPST-N.O.-12A
    Switch, limit. Contacts: SPST-N.O. Contact Ratings: 12A. Actuator: momentary - light force, snap action. Connection: 3/16" QC terminals with solder hole. Mech: two holes 1.0" spacing. Note: Verified for nine international standards. More info: Learn More
  12. C & K Components - KC11P4CQ - Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST-NO.
    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST-NO. Contact Ratings: 12VDC or 0.6Amp 12VAC. Actuator: momentary. Mech: PCB 4 pin. Body: 6.1mm square x 3.8mm high plus non-threaded actuator 3.2mm D x 5.7mm long. Note: Tactile. Life expectancy: 100,000 cycles. Learn More
  13. ALPS - SSCJ240600 - Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: 4PDT.

    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: 4PDT. Actuator: spring loaded, momentary. Mech: 12 Pin, with 3/16" leads. Body: 9/16" long x 1/4" wide x 3/8" high. Note: Miniature. Push button is 1/4" long x 1/8" thick and 1/4" wide.

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  14. ALPS - 3-171 - Switch, slide. 6PDT Momentary.
    Switch, slide. Contacts: 6PDT. Actuator: Momentary. Mech: PCB 18 Pin. Panel hole: Body: 38.0mm long x 5.4mm wide X 10.0mm high. Overall with slide actuator 49.7mm long. Note: Travel 2.0mm, spring loaded. Leads are starting to tarnish. Learn More
  15. UID - 3-567 - Switch, paddle. Momentary SPDT-center off.

    Switch, toggle, paddle, momentary. Contacts: equivalent to SPDT center-off. four solder terminals 0.55"L. Terminals 2 and 3 N.C. Momentary one side shorts 1 and 2. Momentary the other side shorts 3 and 4. Mounting: PCB. Size: 0.5" x 1.4"L x 1.4" behind panel.

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  16. Cherry Electrical Products - POE6930A0 - Switch, pushbutton. SPDT 3 Position.
    Special Price $2.62 Regular Price $3.49
    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 10Amp 125/250VAC (1/3HP, 125/250VAC). Actuator: 3 Position. Pull, Maintained, Momentary push. Connection: 3/16" QC terminals. Mech: Panel, snap-in. Body: For hole 28mm to 30mm long x 13.3mm min x 24.7mm behind panel plus contacts. Note: Housing material: plastic, white. Listed: UL/CSA. Learn More
  17. Cherry Electrical Products - E65-42A - Switch, pushbutton. SPST 16A 125V Snap Acting/Limit Switch.
    Special Price $3.98 Regular Price $5.98

    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST NC. Contact Ratings: 16Amp 125/250VAC (1/3HP, 125/250VAC). Actuator: momentary. Connection: (2) 1/4" male QC terminals. Mech: Panel. Panel hole: Snap-in 1.095" min x 0.53" min wide. Operating Temperature  040 - 85C,  UL, CSA approval Reach/RoHs compliant. electrical life - 6000 cycles

    More info:

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  18. C&K Components - K6BL-OG-1.5-3N-L315 - Switch, Pushbutton, Momentary SPST NO.
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $4.50

    C&K K6BL GN 1.5 3N L306 Pushbutton Switch, Miniature key, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST NO. Contact Ratings: 30V DC 100mA. Connection: Snap in pins, tinned. Mech: PCB. Body: 10.9mm long x 7.4mm wide x 6.2mm high, plus actuator and LED. Note: Spec sheet reads: Miniature Key Switch. Tactile. Complete with one orange T1 LED. Side of the switch is marked BL M 3N, ITT 2327 H. Rohs compliant.

    • Excellent tactile feel
    • Wide variety of LED’s, travel and actuation forces
    • Designed for low-level switching
    • Detector version available
    • RoHS compliant

    DIELECTRIC STRENGTH (50 Hz)1) 2): ≥ 300 V
    OPERATING LIFE: ≥ 2 x 105 operations 3)
    ≥1 X 105 operations for SMT version
    CONTACT RESISTANCE: Initial ≤ 50 mΩ
    BOUNCE TIME: ≤ 1 ms
    Operating speed 100 mm/s (3.94/s)

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  19. C & K Components - E121SD1V61GE - Switch, pushbutton. SPDT 1A 120V.
    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPDT. Contact Ratings: 1Amp 120VAC. Actuator: On-Momentary. Connection: PC pins. Mech: PCB with aluminum housing over switch. 0.770" long x 0.364" wide x 0.655" deep. Note: Miniature. With protective (splash proof) boot over (for) actuator. (C NO NC). On Sale. Learn More
  20. UID - 3-509 - 10A N.Open Momentary Flush-Mt PinballSwitch
    10 AMP N.O. Momentary FLUSH-Mount Push Button ( PINBALL) SWITCHES - SILVER CONTACTS Learn More
  21. E-SWITCH - TF1100DF160Q - Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST NO.
    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST NO. Contact Ratings: 12VDC 0.05Amp. Actuator: off-momentary. Mech: PCB. Body: 12mm square. Note: Tacticle switch. Rohs compliant. Learn More
  22. SEUFFER - 4501-M-1X - 24v 12ma P/B KEYBOARD SW

    1-NO 1-NC 24v 12ma P/B KEYBOARD SWITCH SIGMATAST/miniaturaster 645

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