TAKANAWA MFG Co - TSN304P - Motor, AC Induction. 115V 0.22A 1800RPM.

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Motor, AC. Reversible. Induction motor 115VAC 0.22Amp, 1800 RPM 50/60Hz. CW. 4 Wire. Dimensions: 3.27" D x 3.375" high. Plus - Shaft: 0.235" D x 1-1/16" long. Capacitor required: 2uF, not included. The rotational direction is based on the connections of the two windings and a 2 microfarad AC-rated phase-shift capacitor. The two windings are color-coded with black and green wires. The run winding leads are black. The phase-shift winding leads are green. There are no polarity markings on the leads. Rotational direction is trial-and-error. We have no manufacturer�s data on the motor beyond the nameplate. The following procedure works. To get the motor to run: Connect one black and one green lead to one side of an AC line cord. Connect the other green lead to one side of a 2 microfarad AC-rated capacitor. Connect the other black lead to the other side of the capacitor and the other side of the AC line cord. Plug in the AC line cord and note the rotational direction. If it is the way you want it you have the proper connections. If the rotational direction is not what you want, switch the two green leads, without changing any of the other connections. The motor will now rotate in the opposite direction.