Texas Instruments - TMS9928AN - IC. Video Display Processor.

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Texas Instruments - TMS9928AN - IC. Video Display Processor /Controller.

The 9928A video display processor (VOP) is a N-channel MOS LSI devices used in video systems where data display on a raster-scanned home color television set or color monitor is desired. These devices generate all necessary video, control, and synchronization signals and atso control the storage, retrieval, and refresh of display data ln the dynamic screen refresh memory. 

Key features

  • 256 by 192 Full color pixels per screen
  • 15 different colors and/or shades
  • Non-Interlaced color composite video output
  • Direct wiring to RAS/CAS type dynamic RAMS
  • Automatic refresh of dynamic RAMS
  • General 8 bit memory mapped type CPU interface
  • CPU accesses RAM via VDP (no need for DMA)
  • 32 Dynamic characters per screen
  • Thirty-two 8X8 patterns per row, 24 rows per screen
  • Text mode with forty 6X8 patterns per row
  • Multicolor mode with 64 by 48 memory mappable color squares
  • External video input and control
  • Single supply +5 volt operation
  • Standard N-Channel silicon gate technology

Provides 525 line format for US Televisions.

Supply Voltage: 20V.

Package: 40 Dip.

New Old Stock - Genuine Vintage TI Component - Not Chinese Version Copy

Additional Information: http://www.bitsavers.org/components/ti/TMS9900/TMS9918A_TMS9928A_TMS9929A_Video_Display_Processors_Data_Manual_Nov82.pdf

Applications: Video Processor Utilized on Granny, Gators, Baby PacMan, and many other consoles. 

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