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  1. Measurement Specialties Inc - MSP-300-1K5-P-2-N-C - Transducer, pressure. 1500psi No-housing.

    Transducer, pressure. Range:0-1,500 PSI. Electrical Output: 0-100mV. For any gas or liquid compatible with 17-4 pH stainless steel: contaminated water, steam or mildly corrosive liquids. Pressure port 1/4" NPT SS. Isolated pressure transducer requires 5V@10mA. NEW ISO9000. For pumps or compressors, hydraulic / pneumatic systems, automotive test, energy and water management, refrigeration or agriculture. No Housing, see picture. OverPressure: 2X. Burst: 5X. Accuracy: 1%. P/N: 2001131 with spec sheet.

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  2. HONEYWELL Micro Switch - 26PCCFA1D - Pressure Sensor, Differential, PCB Mount, 0-15 PSI.
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $28.50 As low as $19.98

    HONEYWELL Micro Switch - 26PCCFA1D Presure Sensor, PCB Mount.

    The 26PC Series Miniature Pressure Sensors are small, cost-effective devices intended for use with wet or dry media. These sensors feature proven sensing technology that uses a specialized piezoresistive micromachined sensing element to offer high performance, reliability, and accuracy. Each sensor contains four active piezoresistors that form a Wheatstone bridge. When pressure is applied, the resistance changes and the sensor provides a milliVolt output signal that is proportional to the input pressure. The low power 26PC sensors are designed to accommodate pressures from 1 psi to 250 psi and have an operating temperature range of -40 ºC to 85 ºC [-40 ºF to 185 ºF].

    Status: Discontinued

    Pressure Range: Differential, 0-15 PSI

    Seal Material: Flurosilicone

    Pressure Type: Straight Port

    0-100MV Output.

    Non-Temperature Compensated Output

    Silicon Sensor Chip


    Dimensions: 1.35 Lx 0.5W

    Operating Temperature: -40 C to 85 C

    Gage 0.86 L, 4-leads.

    Applications: Medical, Industrial, & Commercial.

    More Information:

    Proudly Made in USA

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  3. BOURNS - 80294-2055459103 - Pressure gauge/transducer. -0.43 to +1.56 PSIG.
    Pressure gauge/transducer. -0.43 to +1.56 PSIG. Zero to 5000 Ohm in one second. Package: stainless steel. Learn More
  4. SENSOTEC - A5/744-1 - Transducers, pressure. 0-200PSI, +/ -15 or 28VDC.
    Special Price $279.99 Regular Price $355.00
    Transducers, pressure. 0-200PSI, +/ -15 or 28VDC. Learn More
  5. OMEGA ENGINEERING - PX615-200GI - 0~200PSIG 4-20mA Pressure Transducer Assembly
    20-Inch high assembly almost 8" wide with 2 ports and reservoir? -=- PX615-200GI: Excellent Long Term Stability - 0.4% Accuracy - Thin Film Design For High Reliability - Ideal for Liquid and Gas Applications - SPECIFICATIONS Excitation: 10 to 30 Vdc unregulated - Output: 4 to 20 mA (2-wire) - Supply Current: 20 mA - Insulation Resistance: 100 M� @ 50 V - Accuracy: �0.4% BFSL - Hysteresis: �0.2% - Learn More
  6. McDaniel Controls - Z160psi - Gauge, oxygen service pressure, 6".
    Gauge, oxygen service pressure, 6". Pressure range: 0-160 PSIG. 1/2" NPT port on bottom. T-joint with manual control valve and 1/2" input / outlet. 4.5" precision scientific round shelf. Dimensions: 4.0"OD x 0.53"H. 8-hole pressure mounting flange. Weight: 5.2 lbs. Stands 14.5" high. Learn More
  7. Dwyer Instruments / Mercoid Control - AS-9 - Pressure Switch 4 AMP, Adjustable Pressure Control 0-15 PSI "New"
    Special Price $24.98 Regular Price $49.50

    Mercoid Controls - Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

    Dwyer Love Controls, Mercoid Controls AS-9 Pressure Switch, Adjustable 0-15 PSI Pressure Control. Normally Open Contacts 4 AMP with Internal Mercury Switch (Circuit closes on pressure rise). Visible Setpoint Adjustment, Calibrated scale.  

    Industrial Enclosed sealed housing Diaphram Operated Control.

    New Old Stock in Manufacturers Box.

    Similar to following Mercoid Control Pressure Switches:

    AP-153-36, AP15336, AP153R36, AP153RG36, AP-7012-153-36, AP-7021-153R36, AP-7041-153-36, AP-153-37, AP-2-36, AP236, 721G,

    Confirm Pressure requirements, contact ratings and material compatibility before substituting.

    Mercoid Controls produces a broad range of pressure, temperature, and level controls for use in heavy industrial, petrochemical, and electrical utility plants. Established in 1916, Mercoid has been serving industry for over 80 years. 

    Proudly Made in the USA.

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  8. Hardy Instruments - 5501-0081-03 - Load cell. 200 lb.
    Special Price $189.95 Regular Price $245.00
    Load cell. 200 lb. Shear Beam, steel plated. Single ended. 5 Wire. NIB. Note: Designed for low capacity tank and hopper scales in the compression mode. Self checking for static loads, height adjustments, sealed. Weight: 1.2 lbs. Learn More
  9. TPC Wire & Cable - CN212E15F030 REV-C - Process control power cable. 16-12C.
    Special Price $168.98 Regular Price $224.95
    Process control power cable. Super-Trex 16AWG Quick connect 12 Position M to 12 Position F. 16-12C. (16AWG 12 Conductor). Length: 30 feet. Color: yellow. Learn More
  10. Texas Instruments - 10299 - Gage, precision reference. 0-1000 MM HG.
    Gage, precision reference. 0-1000 MM HG. Capsule 10299. gage 2761. Has a mirror that rotates with change in pressure. Reflecting a light beam to various outside sensors. Learn More
  11. ASHCROFT - 1003 - 0-100 PSI GAUGE
    Special Price $14.98 Regular Price $19.95 As low as $12.98

    ASHCROFT - 1003 - 2 Inch Diameter.

    Scale: 0-100 PSI (6.9 bar)

    Commercial Pressure Gauge

    Thread Connection: 1/4 NPT Brass Back Port

    Case: Aluminum

    Dial Diameter: 2" (50.8mm)

    Accuracy:  +/-3-2-3 Percent

    Lens Material: Polycarbonate

    Made by Dresser industries, Berea Kentucky USA.

    New Old Stock

    Alternate: 662876000548

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  12. Weiss Instruments - 4PGC-1-1/4BACK-30-0 InchHg - Mercury Vacuum Gauge 4.5" 0-30 Inches.
    Mercury Vacuum Gauge 4.5" 0-30 Inches. 4PGC-1-1/4BACK Phosphor bronze, 5" diameter, 1/4NPT back fitting. DO NOT USE ON OXYGEN SERVICE. Black numerals, minor graduations 0.5InHg. New. Learn More
  13. SENSOTEC - 811-FMA/1042-17-01 - Strain Gage, 500 KPAA Pressure Transmitter
    Transducer. Bonded foil strain gage. Range: 500 KPAA. Output: 4-20mA. Supply: 15-50VDC. Outdoor and hazardous locations, Class I, II and III. Bonded Foil Strain Gage, two wire and ground. Resolution: Infinite. Temperature, Operating: 0� F to 180� F. Temperature, Compensated: 60� F to 160� F. Size: 2.26"D x 5.8"L, 7.7"L with cable strain relief. Weight: 2 lbs before packing. Learn More
  14. SENSOTEC - 41/571-07 - 0-500 pound Load Cell
    0-500 pound Load Cell - Gets Excited by 10VDC - 3" diameter [76.4mm] x 1" thick [25.4mm] - 6-pin male connector - 6 mounting holes Learn More
  15. ICSENSORS - 0083-500S - Sensor, pressure. 0-500 pounds, 100mV out.
    Special Price $64.95 Regular Price $65.00
    Sensor, pressure. Strain gauge. 0-500 pounds, 100mV out. 316SS. Span @ 1.5ma=101.4mv, n/l=0.210. Package: Threaded metal can , 6 long gold leads. Maybe threaded in or welded in. Applications: Used on hydraulics, medical equipment, process control, robotics, refrigeration compressors, and pressure transmitters. Learn More
  16. COLUMBIA RESEARCH LABS - 610TX - Piezoelectric accelerometer. Triaxial.
    Piezoelectric accelerometer. Triaxial. Typical measurements: X=3.96pC/g, Y=4.05pC/g, Z=3.61pC/g. Each in a wooden case. Used/Removed from equipment. Sold As Is. Learn More
  17. VALIDYNE - DP45-16-2114 - Gould 369500-57035- Transducer, Low Differential Pressure. 3.5CM. New
    Special Price $289.98 Regular Price $350.00

    VALIDYNE - DP45-16-2114 - Gould 369500-57035 - Transducer, Low Differential Pressure.

    The Validyne DP45 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer is designed for extremely low pressure measurement in the order of ±1 inch water column. This instrument is used extensively in connection with flow measurements where dynamic response at low flow rates is required. Dynamic line pressure effects are minimized due to the combination of low internal volume, symmetrical construction, and small volumetric displacement inherent in the DP45 design.

    All surfaces exposed to the media are corrosion resistant steel. The design and construction of the DP45 permits the user to disassemble the instrument for cleaning, diaphragm replacement, or changing the transducer range. The transducer range is changed by substituting a different sensing diaphragm chosen from the Diaphragm Selection Chart on the reverse side of this sheet.

    Used with a typical Validyne carrier demodulator, pressure inputs as low as 0.6 in. H2O will produce up to a ±10V output. The exceptionally low acceleration sensitivity of the DP45 ensure accuracy under all types of mounting conditions.

    • Low range: ±0.6 to 90 in.H2O FS
    • Low internal volume
    • Symmetrical construction
    • Small volumetric displacement
    • High natural frequency


    Electrical Connector PT06A-10-6S

    Mounting: Three Holes 6-32unc-28X.20 Deep ON 1.75- Diameter.

    Dimensions: 57mm Diameter (2.24")

    Additional Information

    Alternate P/N: Gould 369500-57035.

    Made in USA - Factory New With Specifications & Installation Drawing

    Learn More
  18. Meriam - 1203-L776-11G - Transducer. Precision 0-250 PSIG. 6 Pin.
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $79.00

    Meriam - 1203-L776-11G - Transducer.

    Precision 0-250 PSIG.

    6 Pin.

    Learn More
  19. ENTRAN DEVICES INC - EPG-04001-2G - Sensor, pressure transducer.
    Sensor, pressure transducer. Sensitivity: 11.595 mV/psig. Range: 2 psig (Do not exceed 15 psig). Excitation: 12.0V. Input impedance: 772 Ohm. Output impedance: 576 Ohm. Learn More
  20. DRUCK - PMP4070 5psi - 5psi a 0.1~9.9VDC
    5psi a 0.1~9.9VDC 25mm Dia x 130mm Long. Operating Supply: 15~32VDCHIRSCHMANN B12GDM connector Learn More
  21. Motorola - MPX5100D - Sensor, pressure. 0 to 14.5psi.
    Special Price $24.50 Regular Price $30.00
    Sensor, pressure. Piezoresistive, 0 to 14.5psi range, differential type. Package: Unibody 6 gold leads. Learn More
  22. Motorola - MPX2010GS - Sensor, pressure. Piezoresistive.
    Sensor, pressure. Piezoresistive 0-1.45 psi 0-10 kPa 0-25mV 1%, differential ported "Stovepipe". Manufactures label reads: MPX2010GS. Marked MPX2010D. Mount: through hole. Silicon. Note: The MPX2010/MPXV2010G/MPXM2010 series silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors provide accurate and linear voltage output directly proportional to applied pressure. The sensor is laser trimmed for precise span, offset calibration and temperature compensation. The series includes a strain gauge and thin-film resistor network integrated on each chip. Learn More
  23. MODUTEC - MS-162 - Gauge. Blood pressure.
    Special Price $8.99 Regular Price $12.50
    Gauge. Blood pressure. Mount: panel. Dimensions: 2.648" (67.2mm) D x 1.349" (34.2mm) deep. Overall with hardware and bracket 2.633" (66.8mm) deep, (2.006" behind panel). Bracket: 0.747" wide with 3.640" centers. Learn More
  24. Kulite Semiconductor Product Inc - IPTE-1100-2000SG - Transducer, pressure. 0-2000 PSISG. Used.
    Transducer, pressure. 0-2000 PSISG, 28VDC. With a 4 conductor teflon shielded cable. Dimensions: 1" D x 3.5" long. Used/Removed from equipment. Learn More
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