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  1. Thermitrol/Klixon - 7AM Series Thermal Switch/7AM205A5-823 - 90C Switch, thermal. NC cut out.
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $8.95 As low as $2.95

    Thermitrol or Klixon (Devision of Sensata) 7AM Series Snap Action Thermal Switch. 7AM205A5-823 Normally Closed contact opens at 90 Deg C. Mount: PCB, 2 pin, Radial Leads w/1/4" nickel leads. For overcurrent and overcharge protection.

    Dimensions: 43" wide x 0.72" high (0.952 high including leads) x 0.2" deep. Current Ratings 16 VDC @20 Amps, 115VAC @ 22Amps, 277VAC @ 8 Amps, 600VAC @4 Amps. Good for several amps and 120 Volts.UL/CUL Approved

    Applications: Battery Packs, Battery chargers, Permanent Split capcitor motors, Shaded Pole Motors, HID ballasts, Florescent lighting ballasts/transformers, Vacuum cleaners, Recessed lighting fixtures, Aturomotive accesory motors/solinoids ect.. - PC boards.

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  2. Stemco - 402-396 L200H7 - Thermal cutoff Switch. Normally Closed L200, 170 Degree.
    Special Price $5.98 Regular Price $8.95

    Thermal cutoff. Normally Closed L200, 170 Degree. Male 1/4" lugs spaced 1.75" apart. Two slotted mounting holes 1.65" apart.

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  3. ANZEN DENGU CO. LTD - V086 - Fuse, thermal. 2Amp. Package of 10.
    Fuse, thermal. Voltage: 250VAC 2Amp / 50VDC 4Amp. Rated functioning temperature: 174-181F 81+/-2 deg C and below. Temperature cutoff: 86C / 187F. TM: Max temp at which no reconduction will be caused for ten minutes: 95C. Dimensions: <3mm D x 9mm long with 2 long leads, 68mm wire leads. Trademark: TAM UL CSA VDE BEAB. Package of 10. Learn More
  4. THERM-O-DISC - 36TX22 F223-45F - Thermostat, thermal cut-out. NO 230C.
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $8.95

    Thermostat, thermal cut-out. NO 230C. Closes on heat rise. 0.6" OD flange mount 1/2" Bimetal Disc switch.Please see: http://electronicsurplusblog.com/replacing-thermal-cutout-devices-with-surplus-look-alikes/

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  5. VECO - 62SC1A357/1 - Thermistor, micro. 1 Meg Sensichip.
    Thermistor, micro. 1 Meg Sensichip. Package: bead, small with radial leads. Learn More
  6. Keystone Thermometrics - 8RS22-4.5 - Thermistor. 4.5 Ohm 25 Deg C/2.96 Ohm 60 Deg C.

    Thermistor. 4.5 Ohm at 25 Deg C / 2.96 Ohm at 60 Deg C. Package: 8.2mm round bead with radial leads.

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  7. Vishay / Dale Electronics - NTHS1012N01N1002JF - Thermistor. 10K ohm. SMD NTC 1012.
    Thermistor. 10K ohm. SMD NTC 1012. Tolerance: +/-5%. Number of Pins: 2. Beta:3964K. Beta lower temperature: 25C. Beta upper temperature: 75C. Leaded process compatible and RoHS compliant. NTHS-1012N01 10K 5% E06 e3. Learn More
  8. TDK - 901P52E14OYP13 - Switch, temperature.
    Switch, temperature. Thermistor - temperature dependent resistor, which measures 12-14 ohms resistance at room temp 68 Deg F. Package: 12mm disc, radial leads. Learn More
  9. Minco Products - S25FAY36B - Thermal ribbon. RTD Ni-Fe 604-Ohm 0.75"Square.
    Special Price $6.98 Regular Price $15.95
    Thermal ribbon. Resistance Thermal Device, Ni-Fe 702-Ohm@34degC., element for temperature sensing / control, 100degC to +130degC. Material: nickel-iron. Dimensions: 3/4" square flat element with mylar insulation and 55", 30AWG teflon wires. Learn More
  10. GE/XEROX - 103S124 - (E53) THERMISTOR 1380-OHM
    Special Price $1.31 Regular Price $1.75
    Switch, thermistor. THERMISTOR 1380-OHM (E53) DWG# 9RT1H266 (which we don't have) Learn More
  11. UNMARKED - 6-174 - Temperature Sensor with cable
    Temperature Sensor with cable, used on digital thermometers on boats & RVs - Learn More
  12. MINCO PRODUCTS - S3082N80Z36 - 8"Long 0.188"OD SS 650-Ohm
    Temperature probe. Resistance: 650 Ohm (670 Ohm at room temperature PTC), (Res raises with temperature). Material: stainless steel. Dimensions: 0.188: OD (4.7mm) x 8" long. Learn More
  13. UNMARKED - 8-143 - Switch, thermal. Thermistor 40 Ohm.
    Switch, thermal. Thermistor 40 Ohm. Resistance increases with temperature rise. Dimensions: 11mm D x 4mm thick. Learn More
  14. NSC - LM335AH - IC. Precision temperature sensor.
    IC. Precision temperature sensor. Package: TO-46 metal can. Learn More
  15. XAVIER - 393-06621 - Switch, thermostatic. 130 Deg F.
    Switch, thermostatic. 130 Deg F. Tolerance: 1%. Package: glass cylinder with 2 radial leads. Note: Thermostat. Learn More
  16. Vishay - 2381-640-63333 - Thermistor. NTC 33K Ohm 5%.
    Thermistor. Resistance: 33K Ohm. Tolerance: 5%. Type NTC. Series 2381. Package: radial leads. Dimensions: 3.3mm D x 24mm long x 3mm high. Learn More
  17. UNMARKED - N10SP025M-5 - Thermistor. NTC. -40 Deg C to 170 Deg C.
    Thermistor. NTC. -40 Deg C to 170 Deg C. Tolerance: 20%. Resistance: 25 Ohm @ 25 Deg C. Thermal time constant: 56s. Package: radial leads. Dimensions: 10mm D x 5mm. Learn More
  18. THERM-O-DISC - 36T21-11040-L85-40 - Thermistor. Bimetal snap-action thermostat.
    Special Price $5.95 Regular Price $8.95

    Thermistor. Bimetal snap-action thermostat. Contacts open on temperature rise. Mount: panel/chassis suface mount bracket. Contacts are 2 axial crimp lugs. The 36T series of 1/2'' bimetal thermostats from Therm-O-Disc� offers proven reliability in a compact, versatile, cost-effective design. The snap action of the bimetal disc provides high-speed contact separation resulting in excellent life cycle characteristics at electrical loads up to 15 amps at 120VAC and 10 amps at 250VAC. The quality, reliability, affordability, versatility and world-wide agency approvals of the 36T Series makes it the snap-action thermostat of choice for a wide variety of temperature control applications.

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  19. QUALITY THERMISTOR INC - QTLC-14C3 - Thermistor. NTC.
    Thermistor. NTC. Resistance: 10,000 Ohms at 25 Deg C. Curve tracking: 0.2�C (0�C�70�C). Material: epoxy bead. Package: radial 3" long, #32 Awg. (.0075") bare leads. Rohs compliant. Learn More
  20. National Semiconductor Corp - LM34CH - Sensor, precision temperature.
    Sensor, precision temperature. Calibrated directly in degrees F. Linear +10.0mV/deg F scale factor. 1.0F accuracy guaranteed (at +77F). Range: -50 to +300F. Suitable for remote applications. Package: TO-46 metal. Learn More
  21. Honeywell International Inc - L7092A1015 - Transducer.
    Duct mounted temperature to period transducer with 18" probe. Learn More
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