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  1. Harris Corp - 100453 - PLCC DTC200 DGTL SET REV-O
    Special Price $6.71 Regular Price $8.95
  2. Western Electric - 2564C - Telephone Transformers 8-Pin PC-mount
    Telephone Transformers 8-Pin pcb mount.18.8mm wide x 16.1mm deep x 15.3mm above board. Learn More
  3. TELLABS - 81.2301 Rev A - Shelf, Channel bank assembly with connectors
    Shelf, Channel bank assembly with connectors. New in box. Rack Mount Cablespan 2300 System Universal Telephone carrier. Learn More
  4. ADC - JB4/24M - JACKFIELD for 3/16" phone plugs
    24-Channels = 3 rows of 48 phone jacks on standard 19" rack panel only 1.75" tall. Removed from telephone comm cabinet. Excellent condition, precious metal contacts. Has A GROSS (144) Wire-Wrap connectors in rear, with wires wrapped.(See also 5215B-22 for ones with 4 Amphenol 157-72500-3 50-pin jacks) Learn More
  5. Western Electric - 723A - Telecom. Telephone receiver earpiece.
    Telecom. Telephone receiver earpiece. For operator's headsets. Size: 2.25" D x 1.25" and has two mounting holes on either side of black WE plastic. Accepts two wires or lugs to gold terminals inside the replaceable 4IN81 element . Learn More
  6. Western Electric - 464A - DUAL 1/4" 2-COND PHONE PLUG
    Special Price $5.21 Regular Price $6.95
    DUAL 1/4" 2-COND PHONE PLUG 1 PER BAG. Learn More
  7. Western Electric - L4BY-03-10C - Telephone patch cord.
    Telecom. Telephone system, stretch phone patch cord with with WE-464A dual 1/4" plugs and 8' coiled stretch cord to WE-240A belt clip with locking switch with another 3' cord with four conductors, black. No phone or headset included. Learn More
  8. Western Electric - 440-201 - Telephone earpiece. Magnetic low impedance.

    Telephone earpiece. Magnetic low impedance (Low-Z). Genuine (WE) Western Electric replacement for handsets. Dimensions: 52mm D x 20mm deep with two screw terminals. Color: black.

    Learn More
  9. Western Electric - 241A - Connector. Dual 1/4" mono plugs.
    Special Price $6.71 Regular Price $8.95
    Connector. Dual 1/4" mono plugs. Material: solid brass. Screw terminals - Brass "T" cable clamp. Complete with hardware. Learn More
    Special Price $249.99 Regular Price $295.00

    COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY DEVICE 5 x 10-86 KEYS NEW with Handset - general Instructions and for installation to Scientific Radio's SR-380 included. This goes to a scientific radio model SR-380 radio (rack-mounted with handset hook switch).

    Learn More
  11. POLYPHASER CORP - IS-NEMP-C2 - Nuclear Blast/Lightning strike Protector 0.2-1GHz
    High Altitude Nuclear Blast / Lightning Strike Impulse Suppressor 0.2-1GHz Type N Female connectors, 125-220MHz@200W, 700MHz-1GHz@50W, DC-blocked, wilkl Not show a continuity path. this series is capable of 50,000A IEC 1000-4-4 8/20uS waveform surges. The turn-on voltage is 330VDC. NEW w/ spex. Unit must be properly grounded to low impedance (R&L) ground. Learn More
  12. LENKURT INC - 5215B-22 - JACKFIELD 24-Channel 144 3/16" jacks
    24-Channels = 3 rows of 48 phone jacks on standard 19" rack panel only 1.75" tall. Removed from telephone comm cabinet. Excellent condition, precious metal contacts. Has 4 Amphenol 157-72500-3 50 pin jacks at rear. for 3/16" phone plugs Learn More
  13. CONAIR - PR5001H5 - Trim-Line Hand Set Telephone (no base included)
    Trim-Line Hand Set Telephone (no hang-up base included). No Cord, Large White Numerals on Black body - Neat !!! Learn More
  14. AMPHENOL - RJMG-B312-71-01 - RJ45 8-Cond PCB Mount telephone jack
    RJ45 8-Cond Printed Circuit Connectors / telephone jackModular Jacks GRN/YLW LED, 4X75 OHM 125V 1.5Amp Learn More
  15. USI - 126-101717-0002 - HYBRID, LONG LOOP, ISC,TYPE REV.A. 9-SIP
    Special Price $2.96 Regular Price $3.95
  16. LOCKHEED - 10001760G01 LIGHTWAVE - Fiber optic transmitter & receiver board
    Special Price $189.95 Regular Price $244.77
    Multi-layer PC board with fiber optics. AT&T #1227L Transmitter and 1310L LIGHTWAVE Receiver modules. Plus 3' cables, in shipping container. 10001761P01N1 w/ Actel A1280A-2 Learn More
  17. BOWMAR-HAROWE - 273B-1 - Digital Carrier Analysis Test Set
    Special Price $164.95 Regular Price $195.00
    Digital Carrier Analysis Test Set Learn More
  18. BOGEN - CM200X - Remote station intercom.
    Remote station intercom. For open voice intercom systems. Has a single push-on/push-off call button to call master station. Privacy feature allows master to call remote but prevents listening in on remote. Any combination of masters and remotes permits multiple simultaneous conversations. Requires RF12A or other master. New. Learn More
  19. AMPHENOL - RJLSE-6206-101 - Connectors, telecom. Jack 6 pin modular.
    Connectors, telecom. Jack 6 pin modular. Gold-plated phosphor bronze contacts. LAN Cat3. Rohs compliant. RJLSE6206101T. Learn More
  20. AMP INC - 2-406549-5 - Connector, jack. RJ45 8 contacts.
    Connector, jack. Circuit count: 8 Position RJ45. Mounting type: PCB, RA. Note: Inverted modular ethernet connector 1X1 8/8 SE LED(G/G). Category: CAT 5. Features: Two green LEDS. Connector Preloaded Single Port Configuration 1 x 1 Jack Configuration Jack Type = RJ45 Learn More
  21. Advanced Fibre Comm - SBTCH15BAA - T1X-XCVR - AFC 0120 0123 REV1A - T1 Transceiver Card T1X 1002720
    Special Price $59.98 Regular Price $129.00

    New T1 Transceiver Card, AFC T1X-XCVR Card SBTCH15BAA  AFC -120 0123 Rev1A for UMC1000 Boards,

    Advanced Fibre Communications, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of telecommunication access solutions and services. Its solutions and services enable the connection between the central office switches of telecommunications service providers and their end users for voice and Internet, data, and video communications. The company’s products include integrated multiservice access platforms, multiservice central office switching platforms, optical add-drop multiplexers, integrated access devices, network element management systems, and cabinets. Advanced Fibre Communications serves independent operating companies, local exchange carriers, and international carriers.

    Model: 4HR7d76n-27150238-564220472

    Learn More
  22. Western Electric - 13N - Factory New Resistance lamp glass
    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.00
    Factory New Resistance lamp glass 3.204" (81.3mm) tall x 0.918" (23.2mm)dia.2-heavy wire leads 20.8mm long x 2.0mm wide Each leads is 0.9mm thick.Made in the USA Learn More
  23. TELLABS - 81.4831C - Aggregate link interface module.

    Aggregate link interface module. Used/Removed from equipment. With 10 day R of R.

    Learn More
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