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  1. Unidentified MFG - 159-157-RA1 - Relay, reed. SPDT Hg-wetted.
    Relay, reed. Contacts: SPDT. Packaging: Under high pressure in glass capsules. Size: 5.7mm D x 39mm long. Note: Mercury. Hg-wetted. Danger - User must assure Seller of Competency to handle these items before sale. Learn More
  2. HAMLIN - MRR-2-185 - N.O. Magnetic Reed Switch
    N.O. Magnetic Reed Switch Overall 2.25" Longswitch body 3/4"L Learn More
  3. Unidentified MFG - 3-520 - Switch, reed. Normally open (NO).
    Switch, reed. Normally open (NO). Package: glass, axial leads. Dimensions: overall 5.1mm round D x 36.2mm long. Learn More
  4. Unidentified MFG - 3-069 - Keyboard Switch. With caps. Package of 4.

    Keyboard Switch. Micro Reed & Magnet, push button Anti Bounce keyboard switch. Normally Open. Snap-in mounting. With straight slightly slanted X shaped top and partial cap with hole for LED but no clear covers for tops. Package of 4.

    Learn More
  5. Unidentified MFG - 3-570 - Normally Closed REED Switch

    Normally Closed REED Switch Black housing and white wire leads.

    Learn More
  6. COTO - FR2335 - Switch, reed.
    Switch, reed. SPST-NO, closes in proximity to magnet. Surface-mount, overall length approximately 0.75-inch, 0.085" diameter. Learn More
  7. MICRO SWITCH - 20FR5-6B - N.C. Magnet Actuated REED SWITCH
    Factory New Magnet actuated Reed switch - normally closed with No magnet Opens with magnet next to the explosion proof housingDC 500V Max, 1.5Amp Max, 20Watt Max. Learn More
  8. Hasco - P1291-12 - Switch, reed. Normally open.
    Switch, reed. Normally open. Package: glass envelope. Dimensions: 0.7" (1.7mm) D x 0.377" (9.5mm) long. Learn More
  9. TYCO/ALCOSWITCH - MSPM-101CDX - Switch, pushbutton. SPST NO magnetic reed.
    Switch, pushbutton. Contacts: SPST NO. Contact Ratings: 100VDC 100mA 10 watt (max) resistive only. Actuator: momentary. Connection: Two (2) turret post connections. Mech: Panel mount. Body: Approximately 0.530" D x 0.566" deep, behind panel. Hermetically sealed. Note: Small red actuator. No actual knob as seen in Alco MSPM-101CSDX. Magnetic reed switch. Learn More
  10. Hasco - D-1348-05 - Switch, reed. Glass envelope. N.O.
    Switch, reed. Normally open. Package: Glass envelope, 2.6mm D x 15.8mm long. Note: Hexagram D-1348-05. Hasco ALT P/N: 032-0003. Learn More
  11. HAMLIN - MDRR-4-1722 - Glass Reed Switch
    Reed Switch glass capsule, two ferromagnetic nickel-iron wires. The two wires are formed into "reeds" by flattening one end. The reed ends are carefully aligned with a small overlap and then permanently sealed inside the glass capsule. The overlap or contact area of the reeds is coated with special metals such as ruthenium. The nickel-iron leads are tin plated so that they can be soldered.The reed measures 9/16" long x 1/16" flat diam Learn More
  12. Hasco - W0207 / W0407 - Switch, reed. Magnetic. New.
    Switch, reed. Magnetic. Head: 0.352' x 0.273" oval. Overall head length: 1.076" long. New. Complete with attached 17" - 3 conductor solid wire leads (Red/Black/White). Note: Marked W0207, and W0407. Learn More
  13. MEDER ELECTRONICS - KSK-1A71/7- BV143 - Switch, reed. NO Magnetic.
    Switch, reed. NO Magnetic. Glass. Dimensions: 1.7mm D x 12.7mm long. Overall with full leads 1.809" (45.9mm) long. Learn More
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